Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw SPT44-10 Review

Skillsaw Buzzkill 15 Amp Reciprocating Saw SPT44-10 Review: Pros & Cons


1) No need to carry extra batteries or cords when using this saw.

You just plug it into your wall outlet and start cutting! (Yes, I have used this same method to cut through 2×4’s with one hand!)

2) This saw cuts straight lines without any jagged edges.

3) This saw cuts wood and metal like butter.

There are no sharp edges when using this saw. It is very easy to control the speed of cutting with this saw.

4) This saw cuts small pieces of plywood with ease.

If you want to cut larger pieces of plywood, then you will need a table saw or jointer/planer combo.

5) This saw cuts sheetrock easily.

You don’t even need to use a miter box. You can do all your cutting with this saw right on the floor of your garage.

6) This saw does not require a large amount of power to operate properly.

It only requires 1/2 amp at most. So if you are looking for a cheap, reliable, and powerful reciprocating saw, then this is the one for you!

7) I really like this saw because it can be stored away in tight areas when not in use.

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This is an excellent feature for small garages and closets.

8) The safety key switch is a nice feature to prevent the saw from being turned on when not in use.

9) The red and black color scheme on this tool provides excellent visibility of the saw.

10) The grip on the tool is very easy on the hands. It does not give you hand fatigue even after extended periods of use.

11) This saw has a heavy duty motor and can handle any type of cutting jobs without burning out or overloading.

12) This saw has a powerful motor which allows it to cut through wood and metal very easily.

13) This tool is great for cutting small trees and branches in your yard.

14) You can use this saw to cut sheetrock in your garage, basement, or kitchen with ease.

15) This is an excellent tool to have around for any type of remodeling projects or building projects.

16) This saw can be used to cut tiles and grout in your bathroom when redoing it.

17) This saw is durable and will last a lifetime if it is taken care of.

18) You can use this tool to cut up large pieces of wood that you have scavenged from pallets on your property.

19) The design on the saw is very professional looking. It has a nice rubber grip on the handle and an easy start button.

Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw SPT44-10 Review -

20) The trigger on this saw is very responsive. It does not require a lot of effort to cut through wood quickly and easily.

21) This tool is great for cutting 1×3 pieces of wood into 2×2 pieces of wood.

22) You can cut tiles, bricks, stones, and plaster with this saw. It can be used for demolition work for your home or business.

23) This saw has a quick release button that comes in handy when you need to change out the blades.


1) The cord can be cumbersome when using this tool.

Be careful not to trip over it!

2) After extended periods of use, the motor might overheat.

Just let it sit and cool down for 5 minutes and then it will be ready to use again.

Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw SPT44-10 Review -

3) There is no case to store this tool in.

You are either going to have to buy a case for it or purchase a 3-in-1 tool that has a case included with it.

4) This saw is loud and can be very scary the first time you use it.

It is better to cut wood outside when using this tool.

5) This tool vibrates a lot and will give you hand fatigue if used extensively.

It is highly recommended to wear gloves while operating this tool.

6) This saw will vibrate through the wood you are cutting and cause it to break in half.

Be sure to support the wood from underneath so it does not break.

7) It can be dangerous to use this tool because it can kick back towards you if you push too hard on the trigger while cutting into metal or stone.

8) Oil leaking from the saw could get on your clothing and cause a stain.

Be sure to wear old clothing that you don’t care about getting dirty or stained.

9) When using this tool, you need to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

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You will look like a superhero while wearing these!

10) This tool will require maintenance every so often. You will need to add more oil to the saw to keep it from overheating.

11) This tool is very loud and cannot be used silently. It will give away your position if you are trying to be stealthy.

12) This tool vibrates a lot when in use, which can cause fatigue when used for long periods of time.

13) This tool is electric and can stop working at any time due to a lack of electricity or power outage.

14) This tool is dangerous to use around children because it can cause serious injury if not used correctly. Keep it locked up and out of the reach of children.

15) This saw is oil-powered and uses fossil fuel which is not very environmentally friendly.

There you have it, my list of pros and cons for the Fiance Electric Hand Saw. I hope this list has been helpful to you. Please send over that paperwork so I can get this guy added to the list of tools for the store!


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