Skil PWRCore20 Heavy-Duty Brushless Hammer Drill Review – HD529501

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Skil’s new 20V high torque motor is now available at the price of $249.99. With this new model, it will be possible to get a powerful drill with a much higher power output than its predecessor, which was only capable of producing up to 15W of continuous power.

The new 20V motor is made from aluminum alloy and comes with a steel gearbox. The drill uses a high-torque DC motor (3A) and a belt drive system. It can reach speeds of up to 30 rpm, which makes it suitable for drilling holes into concrete or brickwork.

The drill can also be used to cut through wood, plastic, sheet metal and other materials.

The new 20V motor is capable of delivering up to 10A of current when operating at full speed. This is a huge increase when compared to the previous 15W model, which was only able to deliver up to 2A of current.

When compared to other cordless drills with brushless motors, the 20V high-torque motor delivers much higher power and outperforms them in all areas. For example, the top model from Makita produces only 6.5W of power, while the popular Dewalt DCD991B delivers 7.2W of power.

Skil 20V Heavy-Duty Brushless Drill Features

The new drill from Skil is designed to be as light as possible, weighing only 3.3lbs without the battery. It also features a rubber grip on the side and a comfortable handle to reduce fatigue while working for long periods of time.

Similar features have been seen in other cordless hammer drills from Black & Decker and DeWalt.

The drill has two illuminated buttons above the handle. The top button is used for turning the tool on and off, while the bottom one is used for selecting the appropriate function.

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When the trigger is pressed, the drill starts delivering rotational power to the chuck at a maximum speed of 2,600rpm. This allows it to easily tackle most types of wood and metal. For drilling holes into wood, the drill can be turned on without using the clutch.

This is not possible when working with metal or masonry.

The clutch features 11 different settings, labeled from 0 to 10. Using the clutch when working with wood helps to prevent splinters and reduce wear on the material. With a higher number, the clutch delivers more torque and makes it easier to drive screws into hard materials.

For drilling into softer materials, the lower numbers should be used. Using the wrong setting can either strip the head of a screw or break the material.

The clutch settings can be adjusted using the selector on top of the tool. When the trigger is pulled, the clutch engages and begins delivering rotational power to the chuck. The clutch has a soft start feature that helps prevent the drill from jumping off the screw when starting to drill.

The chuck itself is keyless and allows for rapid bit changes. It is made from S2 steel and can grip bits with a maximum diameter of 5/8 inches. The chuck can hold standard drill bits, wood bits, metal bits and other accessories up to this size.

The Skil 20V cordless drill has a built-in battery charge indicator that consists of five LEDs. For a fully charged battery, all the LEDs light up. During use, one LED goes off every hour, indicating the remaining power level.

When all the LEDs are gone, the battery needs to be recharged.

The drill uses lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5Ah. These batteries can be quickly connected to the tool using the built-in battery connector.

No external charger is needed; just plug in the battery and leave it to charge for 7 or 8 hours. For long and heavy jobs, an additional battery can be purchased separately and used to prolong the working time.

The kit includes a belt hook and a built-in level that can help users make sure their work is completely straight and level. The belt hook can be attached to a tool belt or the top of the battery for easy access.

Using the belt hook is optional; the drill can also be used without it. The only thing you need to remember is to turn off the tool before removing the belt hook, otherwise it might get jammed.

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The 20V cordless drill can be used for a large variety of tasks. It can handle wood, metal, and masonry materials with ease. The powerful motor and adjustable clutch setting are just some of the features that make this tool so versatile.

Weighing only 3.6 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to use. Unmatched portability combined with great power make this tool a great choice for any occasion.

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