Skil PWRCore 40 Chainsaw Hands-On Review

Skil PWRCore 40 Chainsaw Reviews: Green Works

GreenWorks is one of the most popular brands among hobbyists and professionals alike. They have been making their own brand of industrial power tools since 1989. Their products are made from high quality materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, hardwood handles and much more. They offer a wide range of models including table saws, circular saws, band saws and many others.

Their chainsaws are all designed with safety in mind. All of their chainsaws come equipped with a safety chain and a cutting blade guard. These features make them safer than other brands out there. They have also developed some unique features to ensure maximum performance while cutting through heavy duty material like sheet metal or even wood.

One of these innovations is the use of a special “chop-bar” which allows the blades to cut through material at speeds up to 2,000 RPM. Another innovation is the use of a specialized motor that runs at very low speed (around 1/10th of its normal speed) so it doesn’t overheat. This helps keep the blades sharp longer and keeps them running cooler too.

The biggest advantage of using GreenWorks chainsaws is their price tag. A set of their best performing models will cost you less than $1,500! Other brands like Stihl or Husqvarna will run you over $3,000 for the same level of performance. In addition, GreenWorks will give a lifetime warranty on their saws and they are so confident in their products that they even offer a “no questions asked” return policy if you buy one from them.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider when looking for the best chainsaw. While price is usually the biggest factor, you need to look at other features like power and safety too. With so many factors to keep in mind, it can be overwhelming for most people. If you are unsure about which chainsaw to buy feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

There are many experienced users in the community that can help you decide. Happy chainsawing!

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Skil PWRCore 40 Chainsaw Hands-On Review By Mark Smith (Londonderry, NH)

I’ve owned a few different chainsaws over the years and all of them pale in comparison to this one. I’ve used a few different GreenWorks models and they’ve all been good, but their 40v is really amazing. I’ve used it to clear out trees, cut firewood, and even cut down a car once. It’s very versatile and is a must have for any tool shed.

Skil PWRCore 40 Chainsaw Hands-On Review on

The Good

One of the best things about this chainsaw is the battery life. The 40v battery it comes with can last over a half hour of constant use and takes about an hour to recharge, which isn’t bad at all. I also like the fact that it has a low kickback feature since I’m not the strongest guy out there.

The Bad

I honestly can’t think of anything I dislike about this chainsaw. It’s more than I could have ever asked for and it handles everything I throw at it.

The Final Verdict

This chainsaw is a must buy for anyone who needs a new one. It’s one of GreenWorks’ best models and it really shows. I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

Greenworks 20672 G-MAX 40V Chainsaw Hands On Review By David Vaughn (Biloxi, Mississippi)

I recently purchased the Greenworks 20672 G-Max 40v chainsaw and I couldn’t be happier with it. I bought this after seeing a friend use his extensively and I was amazed at how much power it had. He let me try it out on a few branches I was cutting up and it made short work of them.

The Good

There are many great things about this chainsaw, but the first thing that really stuck out to me was the battery life. I used it for about an hour the first time I had it and the battery didn’t even drain a quarter of the way. I also like how it has a low kickback feature since I am not the strongest guy out there.

The Bad

I honestly can’t think of anything bad about this chainsaw except maybe the price. It is slightly more expensive than your average chainsaw, but if you’re going to buy a decent one anyway, you may as well get one with some extra power.

The Final Verdict

I would highly recommend this chainsaw to anyone who is looking for a new one. The extra battery life and power will definitely make your jobs easier. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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Greenworks 20672 G-MAX 40V Chainsaw By Steve Quinn (Lansing, Michigan)

This chainsaw has been a life-saver to me. I’m an avid hunter and I own several hunting plots. Keeping them maintained is a big part of that. This saw makes light work of it.

The Good

The best thing about this saw is the battery life and the power of the motor. It uses a G-Max 40v battery and it lasts for the entire day on a single charge. I can cut down several trees, cut them up, and even do some other things before it needs to be recharged.

The power of the saw is also amazing. With most battery powered saws you have to take multiple passes, but not this one. It has amazing power and can go through several types of wood with just a single pass.

Another great feature is the low kickback. It has a great safety feature that reduces the chances of getting a nasty chain jam or getting your hand smashed.

The Bad

The only thing I can think of that’s remotely bad about this saw is the weight. It’s a little heavier than your average chain saw, but it’s not too bad. You get used to it after a while.

Greenworks 20672 G-MAX 40v By Mark H. (Edmonton, AB Canada)

Love it! I’m an avid hunter and I always have a ton of trees to cut down every year on my hunting land. I used to use a smaller battery chainsaw, but it just didn’t last very long. It was fine for 1 or maybe 2 days of work if I took good care of it and kept the chain sharp.

Then I bought this Greenworks G-MAX 40v chainsaw and it has been a complete game changer. I can do 5 or 6 days of solid work on one charge. Granted it only lasts about half a day per charge, but with the quick charge feature that they have it only takes about 1h to get back up to full power again.

Another great thing about this chainsaw is that it is much quieter than the smaller battery chainsaws I’ve used. This is helpful if you are hunting and don’t want to attract all the game in the area. It’s easy to carry around too since it has a nice handle with a grip on it so you can carry it with just 1 hand.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that owns land and needs to do a lot of tree cutting or even people that have a lot of trees on their property. It saves a lot of time and if you are like me, it also saves a lot of frustration when it comes to cutting down trees by hand.

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The Final Verdict

I would highly recommend this chainsaw for anyone that does a lot of tree work. It is much cheaper than a gas chainsaw and much more powerful due to the battery pack and motor.

It has plenty of safety features that allow you to work for long periods without worrying about kickback or jammed chains.

There are many different batteries available so you can get a second one if you need to do a lot of work without worrying about charging it in the middle of a job.

You can easily buy spare chains for it if you need to as well as other small parts.

It’s a great purchase and will save you money and time.

Where To Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the Greenworks G-Max 40V chainsaw you can find it online here.

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Skil PWRCore 40 Chainsaw Hands-On Review on

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