Skil 12V Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Skil 12V Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review: What Is It?

The Skil 12V brushless oscillating multi-tool is a very popular model. This oscillator is one of the most powerful models available today. The oscillators are capable of performing multiple tasks at once, such as cutting, grinding, drilling, tapping and many other things. They are very versatile and they perform well. Some of their features include:

12V DC motor

2-axis rotating blade (3 axis rotary if you add a second driver)

8 different blades with varying speeds, angles and depths of cut depending on what the user wants to do with it. The blades have variable speed settings from 0% to 100%. Blades can be adjusted in depth from 1/16″ up to 3/32″.

5 different types of teeth. Each tooth type has its own shape and size. There are two types of teeth – straight and round. Straight teeth are used for cutting while round teeth are used for grinding or polishing.

2 different sizes of drills, each with its own speed setting and depth setting. Drill bits come in various shapes, sizes and materials to suit every need.

Efficient chip ejection system

Soft-grip, anti-vibration technology for comfort and precision

Magnesium gear case for maximum durability

L.E.D. lighting system to help see what you are doing in dimly lit areas

This product has been described as being a workhorse. It is light and easy to handle yet powerful enough to drill through wood, plastic, metal, tile, stone and much more. The blades are easy enough to change that a child could do it.

While this tool is great for most people, it might not be right for you if you need something to use in a professional setting on a regular basis. This tool feels a little flimsy compared to other Oscillating Multi-Tools on the market and the price is a little higher than other tools of this type. This tool is best used around the house on smaller, DIY projects.

Other Products to Consider

DEWALT DWE55T1: This tool is a 12V cordless with a 2-speed/mode selector. 3-1/4 lbs in weight, it has a soft-start and an overload protection system. It can make up to 5,400 oscillations per minute at its highest speed setting.

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