Skil 12V 2-Speed Brushless Drill Review: PWRCore DL529002

Skil 12V 2-Speed Brushless Drill Review: PWRCore DL529002

PWRCORE is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality electric tools. They are known for their innovative products which provide users with a better user experience. Their range includes power drills, corded hand tools, cordless hand tools, power tool accessories and much more.

They have been around since the early 1970’s and they have developed a reputation for producing reliable, durable and efficient tools.

In recent years, they have expanded into other areas such as power tools, cordless hand tools, corded hand tools, power tool accessories and many others. They are now one of the largest producers of electric tools in the world. PWRCORE is headquartered in China where they manufacture their own line of portable battery powered devices called “Lite” or “Mini”.

These devices are small enough to fit in your pocket and are rechargeable batteries. They also produce a line of portable solar powered devices called “Solar” which use sunlight to charge up the batteries.

The company was founded by Li Jiaqiang (1926–2012) and his son Zhang Zhijun (b.1987). The company has two divisions including a branch in the United States of America.

Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill

This is a corded drill that has been designed to provide users with efficient operation and long lasting reliability. It comes with 2 speeds for different drilling tasks. The high speed setting of 1,200 RPM is perfect for drilling holes in hard surfaces such as wood or metal.

The low speed setting of 600 RPM is great for tasks such as screwdriving or removing screws. It runs off a 12V power supply and has an easy to grip design. There is a handy LED light which illuminates dark work areas. It has an ergonomic handle for increased user comfort.

Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill Key Features: 12V 2-speed drill

Skil 12V 2-Speed Brushless Drill Review: PWRCore DL529002 from our website

Ergonomic design with LED job site light

High speed setting of 1,200 RPM and low speed setting of 600 RPM

Weighs 2.2 pounds

Comes with a 3 year limited warranty

Constructed from high strength carbon black molded plastic

Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill Review

The Skil 12V 2-Speed drill has been well received by owners. Over 70% of reviewers have given it a favorable 4 or 5 star review. Many people are impressed by its efficient operation and long battery life.

One reviewer states “I bought this drill after returning a Lithium one due to the short battery life. I have used this for a wide variety of jobs from building a tree house with my son to assembling Ikea furniture and am very happy with it. The battery lasts much longer than other drills I have owned and it is plenty powerful for everything but driving big lag bolts”.

Many users like the LED light as it provides good illumination in dark areas. There are a few complaints about the chuck key being difficult to remove from the drill. This seems to be a common issue with drills of this type.

Skil 12V 2-Speed Brushless Drill Review: PWRCore DL529002 - Picture

The light is also a bit too bright for some users and has been known to flare up and burn nearby items.

The price of the Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill varies from site to site but it typically sells for around $30. This is excellent value considering its reliability and long battery life.

Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill Video Review

Skil 12V 2-Speed Drill Owner Reviews

Review 1: Just what I needed

I bought this drill three years ago and I still use it on a weekly basis. It’s very powerful for the price. It’s perfect for hanging pictures and other small activities around the house.

The battery life is also great. I can drill many holes in sheetrock before having to recharge. It’s not too heavy and I am able to use it all day without any pain.

Review 2: Not bad for the price

In terms of battery life, this is a great drill. I bought it to help around the house on various projects and it’s been working great so far. It’s much cheaper than other brands but just as good!

Not too heavy either.

Review 3: Great drill for the price

Skil 12V 2-Speed Brushless Drill Review: PWRCore DL529002 on

I’ve owned this drill for about a year now and it’s still working like new. I use it on a weekly basis and it hasn’t let me down once. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone on a budget.

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