Shop-Vac Hawkeye 5-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review

Shop-Vac Hawkeye 5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review

The most popular type of vacuum cleaner is the one with a hose or nozzle attached to it. These vacuums are called “Hoseless” because they don’t have any hoses connecting them to anything else. They’re great for cleaning up messes around your home or office, but they aren’t ideal for getting into tight spaces like closets or bathrooms. A vacuum without a hose is called a “Nozzleless” vacuum since there’s no way to connect the nozzle to something else.

Shop-Vac Hawkeye 5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review: Pros & Cons


It doesn’t require any tools to use.

You can clean up messy areas quickly.

It cleans up messes faster than other types of vacuums. (See below)


There isn’t much room inside the shop-vac for storing things while using it. You’ll need to store some items in a separate container when not in use. (See below)

If you’re going to buy a new shop-vac, make sure you get one with enough storage space! (See below)

You might have to empty the container several times while cleaning a large area.

You can’t clean very well in very tight areas.

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You can’t stand inside the shop-vac to clean. You’ll need to stay outside of it while you clean, which means you can’t stand on anything elevated, like a ladder.

You can’t use a hose or nozzle with it.

It’s very loud when it’s turned on.

It takes some getting used to before you learn how to use it without spraying everything around you with dust, dirt, or other debris.

You have to hold the container in one hand and the hose in another while cleaning. It gets tiring after awhile.

It’s less tiring if you place the container on the ground while cleaning so you don’t have to hold it in the air the whole time.

The container can get knocked over if you’re not careful.

Sometimes you just need to clean a small area of your home or office. A shop-vac without a hose is just what you need in this scenario since you can reach everything with ease. You can clean up a lot of dust, dirt, and other debris without making a huge mess like you would with a regular vacuum cleaner.

You can easily maneuver around furniture and other objects with ease. If you have a lot of dirt, dust, and other debris that you need to get up, I’d highly recommend using a shop-vac without a hose for the job. It’s especially useful if you use it to clean up construction areas after a job is finished. Cleaning up sawdust, nails, and other debris is easy with one of these vacuums.

If you don’t own one, you should seriously consider buying one. They’re very handy to have around the house or office!

If you like using a shop-vac without a hose to clean up messes, then you might also like using a regular vacuum cleaner to clean your car interior of debris and larger spills. Try not to use a hose with your shop-vac since the suction won’t be as strong if you do this.

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If you’re going to buy a new shop-vac, I recommend getting a 5-gallon container so you can empty it less often and it has more storage space. The 2.5-gallon size that I used for years only holds about 2 gallons of debris before it’s full, so it has a smaller capacity than the larger size. Make sure you buy a unit with at least a 6-foot hose so you can reach the top shelves of your cabinets and other high places.

You might also want to consider getting a unit with an On/Off Switch instead of a foot pedal since it’s more convenient in some situations.

You should also consider buying an adapter to connect your shop-vac hose to your wall so you don’t have to drag the main unit behind you while cleaning. You can turn it on and off without moving from where you’re standing. This is very convenient!

Buy a shop-vac with a 5- or 6-foot hose, an on/off switch, and an adapter that’ll fit onto your wall socket. If you have a preference of color, buy one that’s light colored so you can see debris and dirt inside of it. Black ones are harder to keep clean since the dust and dirt hides inside it. You can sometimes see the dust and dirt swirling around inside of it when you turn it on!

How To Use A Shop-Vac Without A Hose

When using a shop-vac without a hose, make sure you don’t use an extension cord since this will cause the motor to burn out. If the appliance begins sounding differently or if it stops working altogether, unplug it immediately and check your extension cord. If you find that it’s not a faulty cord, then the problem is most likely with the motor or some other internal problem.

Make sure you place the container on the floor when cleaning since this will prevent it from getting knocked over. It can be dangerous if you place it on a counter or table and it tips over since liquid can get on the electrical components and cause a short circuit. Make sure you place the container on a flat, stable surface before turning on the appliance.

You should also never use a shop-vac to clean up oils or other chemicals since these can cause a fire or explosion. Whether you’re blowing or sucking, you shouldn’t put your face right up against what you’re cleaning since this will cause the dust and debris to go into your mouth or nose, particularly if you have allergies. Always keep a safe distance away from what you’re cleaning. If you’re tired or have allergies, do someone else the favor of cleaning the next day.

Always unplug your shop-vac before changing the filter since it could cause an electrical shock if you touch the metal part of the appliance while doing this. Also make sure there are no nails or other sharp objects near the container to prevent injury.

How To Clean A Shop-Vac Filter

You should change the filter in your shop-vac every time you empty the container since these filters prevent larger debris from going into the blower and motor which could cause damage. The filters are located at the top of the container and can be changed in a matter of seconds. On some units, you’ll find that there are two filters and on others there is only one. You should always change the filters while they’re still clean since changing a dirty filter will cause dust to go into the air.

This is more common when you’re cleaning up drywall dust.

When cleaning the filters, make sure you turn your shop-vac off and unplug it first since these filters are very easy to knock off while you’re cleaning them. Wearing latex gloves can also help prevent any fines from getting onto your hands. Turning the container upside down and gently tapping it a few times should cause most of the dust to fall out.

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You can place the filters near your exhaust fan to help dry them before putting them back into the container. Always make sure they are completely dry before using them again or else you’ll get moisture in the container causing damage to the motor and other internal components.

How To Maintain Your Shop-Vac

In addition to changing the filters, you should also routinely maintain your shop-vac on a monthly basis. Check for any loose wires, clogs or anything else that seems out of place. You should always unplug the machine before doing any troubleshooting and make sure there is nothing around the unit that could cause a tripping hazard.

Periodically cleaning the filters and maintaining proper suction are both very important to keeping your shop-vac operating at peak performance. If you fail to keep up on either of these tasks, it can not only cause less suction but also damage the motor as well.

When does my Shop-Vac need Repair?

You may notice that your shop-vac is not picking up dust or strong smelling fumes coming from the exhaust. Also, if the container is not holding much of a charge, then that could be a sign that the battery needs replacement. You may also notice a burning smell coming from the unit. In this case, you should always turn the unit off and unplug it right away since this could cause an electrical fire.

You should contact your nearest service center for assistance. Always dispose of your worn-out batteries in an outdoor location since these can potentially explode if overheated or overworked.

How to get the most out of your Shop-Vac

Make sure you have enough storage for your container. If you’re cleaning up a large area, then it would be best to empty the container before it’s completely full. Cleaning the filters and maintaining proper suction are both very important to keeping your shop-vac operating at peak performance. You should change your filters every month or so depending on how much you use it.

Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with all the features before using it. For example, make sure you know how to turn on the lights and how to properly attach the hose.

If the container is too full, it can cause the filters to clog much faster. Not only will this damage your filters, but it can potentially damage your motor and you’ll find yourself needing to replace parts.

Most of the debris that you pick up will end up in the container. While this container does a fine job of keeping out larger chunks of debris, there is always some dust that manages to make its way into the container.

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This dust tends to settle at the bottom and sides of the container. The best way to clean this out is to simply turn your machine upside down and shake it a bit after removing the filters. This will cause most of the dust to fall out.

You may want to wear a mask when doing this since there will still be some dust in the air. You can also use a wet wipe or damp rag to wipe out any stubborn spots that didn’t get dislodged.

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