Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave Bits and Accessories

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

The second generation of Milwaukee Shockwave bits are manufactured from high quality materials. They have been designed with the best design and manufacturing techniques to ensure long lasting durability.

These bits are made up of 74 pieces which include:

• 1/2″ Hex Bit – The most common size used in construction sites, road work, etc.

• 3/8″ Hex Bit – Used in some industries such as mining, drilling, etc.

• 5/16″ Hex Bit – Used in many other industries such as oil & gas exploration, shipbuilding, etc.

• 7/32″ Hex Bit – Also known as a “T” or “Triple T”. A very popular size used in automotive parts production.

It’s also used for small electrical components like switches and relays.

• 1/4″ Hex Bit – Used in various industries such as logging, agriculture, etc.

• 1/2″ Flathead Bit – Used for cutting through wood and plastic. This is the most commonly used flathead bit for drilling holes into metal.

The company has recently upgraded the packaging of these bits. This has been done to improve the portability and storage capabilities of the Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave bits.

The new case is now made up of a durable plastic material which is much lighter than the original carrying case. A molded insert has been integrated into the case to hold all the bit securely in place.

These bits are manufactured by one the most prominent names in power tools – The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. They are based out of United States and are one of the biggest competitors in power tools manufacturing industry.

Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave Bits and Accessories - Picture

Being in this business for so long, they have had the time to build a solid reputation for themselves by providing high quality power tools.

The Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave bits are designed to be used with the Second Gen of the Milwaukee Shockwave Hammer Drill (2763). It is equipped with a powerful short-stroke mechanism which produces fast drilling and driving speed.

It can rotate at up to 3,000 rpm and deliver a torque of up to 700 in.lbs. These are more than enough power for drilling holes into any type of material. The inbuilt vibration control system makes sure that the bits are precise and accurate even when working for extended periods.

About the company

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was founded in 1924 by Raymond E. Christie in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They started off by manufacturing automobile electrical components.

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