Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Review

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The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Review is one of the most popular smart locks available today. It was designed by Schlage Security, Inc., and it’s based on their patented technology called “Sense”.

The company claims that its security features are better than any other product currently on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about Schlage Sense, then read on! If not, skip down to the bottom of this page.

What Is Schlage?

Schlage is a German company founded in 1849. They have been making products since that time. Their first product was a metal key holder for doors. Since then they’ve made many different types of locks including padlocks, combination locks and even mechanical locks like those used in factories and mines.

In the early 2000s, Schlage began focusing on home automation. One of their first products was a doorbell remote control which allowed you to call up your house from anywhere in the world. Later they released a wireless door lock system called DoorLink which let you remotely open or close your doors using only your smartphone.

You could even set up rules for when certain devices were able to use them. For example, you could set it up so that anyone in your family could open the door when they returned home, but no one else could. This technology was later integrated into a new product called Sense.

What Is Sense?

Sense is a type of Schlage lock with built-in sensors. It can tell whether the door is being opened or closed and even tell if someone is trying to break it. In the event of a break-in, it alerts you so that you can call the police. It’s completely wireless. No wires are needed for installation. It runs on AA batteries and can be monitored using your home’s WiFi connection. The lock itself is not unlike other smart locks currently on the market. Its selling point is its ability to sense whether someone is breaking in or not.

Why Buy a Sense Smart Lock?

The reasons why you might want to get a Sense lock are:

Remote locking and unlocking – You can lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world at any time. This is handy if you forget to lock it before you left or if you’re getting home and realize you’ve forgotten your keys inside. Sensors – The lock has an internal sensor that knows whether someone is trying to unlock it or break it.

It can tell the difference between a legitimate user and an intruder. Alarms – If someone tries to break it or if someone untrustworthy is trying to open it, the lock will send you an alert so you can see what’s going on and call the police if necessary.

How Do You Use It?

Using the Sense Smart Lock is a pretty straightforward process:

Install – First you have to install it just like any other lock. The process is pretty simple but you can follow these instructions if you need extra help. Pair with your WiFi – Next, you have to pair it with your home WiFi network.

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Open the Sense app and follow the on-screen instructions. Lock and unlock – After this, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your door using your phone or the Sense key. Check status – You can also check whether your door is locked or unlocked at any time.

What Comes in the Box?

When you buy the kit, here’s everything that should be in the box:

One Sense Smart Lock

One Set of Mounting Screws

One Key Fob with Battery

One Quick Start Guide

Warranty Information

Is It Durable?

One of the most common Sense complaints is about how easy it is to break into. There’s a bit of an infographic going around the web showing just how vulnerable this lock is. Just using a Bic pen, some scissors, and a bit of elbow grease, someone can break in within 20 seconds.

However, Schlage has reportedly been replacing the locks for free for anyone who wants one, even if they’re outside of the warranty period. The process is pretty painless and only takes a few minutes.

Does It Have Good Customer Support?

There have been some mixed reviews about the support for this lock. Some people say that it’s easy to get ahold of someone when you have a question, but others have said that getting someone on the phone is difficult and they prefer to communicate via email.

The company itself has received mixed reviews. Some people say that they’re very reliable and their customer support is helpful, but others have said that they’re difficult to get ahold of and don’t send replacement parts for faulty equipment.

Does It Work With Alexa or Google Assistant?

No, the Sense Smart Lock does not work with Alexa or Google Assistant. This means that you won’t be able to lock or unlock it using just your voice.

However, you can add smart bulbs to your home so you can control them using the Sense app. This might not seem like a big deal now, but as more and more devices get connected to the internet and become available to control from your phone, you won’t have to get up to turn off the lights or TV whenever you leave the house.

What’s the Difference Between the Regular and Premium Sense?

Other than the price difference, not a whole lot. They’re exactly the same except for the design. The premium has a more sleek appearance with rounded edges, while the regular model looks like any other lock you might see on most doors.

The smart lock is available in a bunch of different styles so you can choose one that fits with the existing décor of your home. They all have a brushed stainless steel finish so they’ll look nice no matter what you pick.

Does It Come With Installation?

When you order the Sense Smart Lock, you do get free installation. This is a benefit that not every home security company offers, so it’s definitely a big plus.

The only thing is that you might have to wait a few days for the installation technician to come to your home. If you don’t want to wait, you can try doing it yourself. This isn’t difficult but you’ll need a few tools like a drill and a screwdriver.

Does It Work With Alexa or Google Home?

No, this lock doesn’t work with Alexa or any other voice assistant. Although many people are buying these devices, which means that more and more locks are starting to support them, it doesn’t look like the Sense will ever be able to integrate with them.

How Much Does It Cost?

This lock will cost you $229 for the regular version and $279 for the premium. This might seem like a lot, but it’s considerably cheaper than comparable locks on the market right now, and given that there’s free installation and no monthly fees, it’s actually a pretty good deal.

What Kind of Warranty Does It Have?

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This means that if there are any mechanical or manufacturing defects that cause the lock to stop working within a year, they’ll replace it for free.

The warranty doesn’t cover any injury or damages caused by using the product, or any issues caused by non- Sense branded products. This means that if you try to drill your own holes in the device or use it with a non- Sense branded bulb, they won’t cover it.

It’s also important to keep your receipt and reminder emails as you’ll need them if you want to make a claim.

How User-Friendly Is It?

Most people find this lock to be really easy to install and start using right away. The instructions are really straightforward and there’s even an installation video on the website that you can watch, just incase you still aren’t sure about what to do.

You’ll need to have a smartphone in order to use this lock though. There is an available WiFi adapter, but it hasn’t been released yet and there’s no word on when it will be available or how much it will cost.

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The lock itself is really easy to use and you can give certain people access to your home in a few different ways. You can send them a four-digit pin that they’ll need to type in in order to open the door. Better yet, you could send them a digital key that will let them in without them having to enter a code or take out their phone at all.

Should You Buy It?

The August Sense Smart Lock is a really solid product that’s easy to install and starts working right away. It’s very secure thanks to the fact that you can give out digital keys instead of having to share passcodes with people, and it’s extremely user-friendly so anyone in your home should be able to use it.

It’s also quite aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t stand out like some of the other smart locks that are available to purchase. It is quite expensive though, so you’d have to really want all of the extra features that it offers in order to justify the price.

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