SawGear Automated Miter Saw Measuring System Preview

The SawGear Automatic Miter Saw Measuring System (AMS) is designed to make your job easier and save time when working with wood or metal. It features a large, easy-to-read LCD display, which displays all measurements in millimeters. You can easily see the measurement of any dimension using the built-in ruler or dial gauge.

The AMS measures up to 2″ wide x 3/4″ long x 1/2″ thick. The dimensions are accurate to within 0.001″.

The AMS includes a built-in digital tape measure, which allows you to accurately measure lengths up to 5 feet. It also comes with a removable tape measure holder so you can use it without removing the main body of the saw.

It’s very easy to operate because there are no buttons or knobs; everything is done through the touch screen display. The AMS features two operating modes: Manual and Auto.

In manual mode, you turn the unit on, place it on the material you want to measure, and then tap “measure” when you’re done. The distance is displayed immediately. This mode is handy for rough measurements or when you want to see where the edge of a board is, even if only approximately.

In Auto mode, the AMS will automatically display the distance after you place it on a material. You can slide it along the surface, and it will give you the measurement for the entire length. When you’re done, just lift it up and the display will go back to 0.

To use it with metal, place it on the metal and tap “Metal.” A new screen will appear giving you several options: Thk, Edge, Thickness, and BW. Thk is the main one you’ll use; just tap it, and then place it on the material.

It will display the distance to the edge, in either inches or millimeters.

The SawGear AMS can be used with either wood or metal materials, and it can also be used as a standard tape measure. It has a 3V lithium battery that comes pre-installed and is good for about 500 measurements. You can also power it with the included USB cable, which allows you to plug it into a computer or a USB battery.

The AMS is easy to use and the measurements are fast. Get yours today!

Benefits and Advantages

The AMS is easy to use and can be used by any skill level. The tape measure is precise and can give you measurements quickly. It’s handy for a variety of things, such as finding studs in a wall or measuring furniture that needs to fit in a room.

SawGear Automated Miter Saw Measuring System Preview |

You’ll find yourself reaching for it time and time again.

And of course, the AMS can also be used as a regular tape measure. The large display makes it very easy to read the measurements.

Get yours today and start getting perfect measurements every time.

Once you know what size you want your custom table to be all that is left is to decide what type of wood you would like it made out of and what color you want the paint or stain to be.

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