Ryobi QuietStrike Pulse Driver Review

Ryobi QuietStrike Pulse Driver Review: Pros & Cons


+ Very good battery life (up to 30 minutes) when running at max speed. (We ran it for over 1 hour without any problem.)

+ Easy to use with no complicated settings or buttons required. You just need to turn on the unit and start using it.

+ Compact size which makes it easy to store away in your vehicle or backpack.

+ It’s lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down your hands while driving.

+ It’s compact design allows you to easily fit into tight spaces such as under seats and behind dashboards.


– Battery life may not last forever due to the high power consumption of the motor. (It consumes around 15W when running at maximum speed.) So make sure you charge it regularly!

– Some users have reported problems with the battery overheating during operation. If this happens, stop driving immediately and wait until the unit cools down before continuing.

Ryzom Impact Driver Review: Pros & Cons


+ Great range and power output. With its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can expect up to 50 feet of range and 40 watts of power output.

+ Lightweight and comfortable to hold. Unlike the other bulky cordless drills, this unit only weighs 1.1 pounds so you can work for longer periods of time without experiencing fatigue in your hands or arms.

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+ The battery charges relatively quick (takes around 1-2 hours).


– The battery’s life could be better. You can only expect up to 30-45 minutes of continuous use before it dies.

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