Ryobi P795 18V One+ Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light

Ryzom P745 18V One+ Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light

Ryzom P745 18V One+ Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light is a high quality and reliable product from Ryobi. It’s a high quality and reliable product with good price tag. Its power consumption is low and it provides enough output for all your lighting needs. You can use it for outdoor or indoor applications.

The design of the product is simple and easy to operate. It comes with a sturdy carrying case which makes its transport easier.


· High efficiency, long life Lithium ion battery (4-6 years)

· Low voltage alarm prevents overcharging/over discharging of batteries; prolongs battery life and reduces wear and tear on the system components.

· Built-in safety shutoff protects against damage caused by short circuit or overheating.

· Automatic cut off protection prevents the lamp from being turned on when the internal temperature reaches dangerous levels.

The Good

1. All in one solution: This work light can be used as a flood light or a spot light or as a work light all at the same time, you do not have to switch from one mode to another.

You can quickly change the settings and light the entire area, or focus on a smaller area, depending on your requirement.

2. The light is very bright and not at all glaring.

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You can use it for hours together without any eye strain. You can even work comfortably with this light on, in fact this is a great improvement from the usual outdoor lights. The battery life is also impressive and you do not have to worry about stopping your work midway just because the light went off.

3. It comes with a sturdy and compact carrying case which makes it much easier to carry around.

There is also a shoulder strap included in it for your convenience.

4. It is very powerful and yet extremely energy efficient.

The light can be easily focused on smaller areas without wasting too much energy.

5. The price of this work light is very reasonable and you are getting a lot more than what you are paying for.

The Bad

1. The only problem with this product is that it can get really hot after a long period of usage.

It has a great design and the ventilation is also good but it can still get pretty hot after a long time.

2. Sometimes the on/off button tends to get stuck, you will have to keep pressing it lightly until it responds.

It is not a huge problem but can be very annoying at times.

3. It gets really dirty very fast.

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The entire casing of the work light is made out of rubber which attracts dirt very easily. Cleaning it can be a real hassle but you can always get around this problem by keeping it in its carrying case when not in use.

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent lighting solution for people who work outdoors a lot. Whether you are doing some repair work in your backyard or looking for something under the hood of your car, this light will provide you with all the illumination that you need. It’s also great for camping, hiking or even fishing trips. The price is very reasonable and it can last for years if used and taken care of properly.

Workin’ Man’s Light Review

Working outside in the dark or in poorly lit areas can be very dangerous and even deadly at times. You can’t always count on the weather to be ideal and when a storm hits or it gets really dark out there, you need to be 100% alert and ready for anything. Whether you are repairing your roof, checking the electrical wiring or putting together some furniture that was delivered, you need to be able to do it safely and with the right kind of lighting.

Fortunately there is no need to rely on torches or flashlights anymore. Now you can get a reliable outdoor/work light that will always come in handy when you need it. The Workin’ Man’s Light is an awesome new product that provides you with the kind of bright illumination that you need. This light is very durable and will stand up to all kinds of weather and adverse conditions.

The light itself is also very versatile, you can fix it to any kind of stand, clip on or tool bar that you might need it to be attached to. It is also designed to swivel so you can direct the light beam exactly where you want it to go. The possibilities are endless with this lighting solution and it will definitely come in handy no matter what you need it for.

Benefits and Features

The Workin’ Man’s Light is an extremely durable, weather resistant bright flashlight that is perfect for outdoor activities or work in dark or poorly lit areas. It can be easily mounted to any kind of stand, clip on or tool bar and the beam can be swiveled in any direction for maximum illumination.

Three light modes: High, Low and Strobe.

Two non-slip rubber rings allow you to firmly mount the light to any stand, clip on or tool bar.

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High quality metal casing is cold resistant, water resistant and impact resistant.

Bright white LED bulbs provide up to 5,000 hours of illumination.

Two included AAA batteries allow you to use this light right out of the box.

Long Lasting

The Workin’ Man’s Light is made out of durable materials that are resistant to heat, water and even sudden impacts. This allows you to work for extended periods of time without worrying that your flashlight is going to stop working halfway through a job. Even the LED bulbs inside are designed to last for up to 5,000 hours of continuous use. This means you can use this flashlight every single day without ever having to worry about changing the bulbs or carrying around extra sets of batteries.

Versatile Design

The Workin’ Man’s Light is one of the most versatile pieces of lighting equipment on the market. Its metal casing makes it strong and durable while the rubber rings on either side ensure that it stays securely attached to whatever you need it to. The swiveling head allows you to direct the beam of light wherever you want it to go and the three different light settings (high, low and strobe) allow you to adjust the brightness depending on your needs.

Convenient Lighting

The Workin’ Man’s Light is a perfect example of convenience and portability. The extremely lightweight design allows you to carry it around with ease and the included belt clip allows you to easily secure it to your pants so it is within easy reach whenever you need to use it. The long lasting LED bulbs emit an impressive amount of light while only using a small amount of energy so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing the batteries. Plus, you can use this product for thousands of hours without ever having to worry about replacing the bulbs!

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