Ryobi Job Plus Multi-tool Review | Model P340

Ryobi Job Plus Multi Tool Review | Model P340 Features:

Model name – Job Plus Multi Tool Review | Model P340

Price – $399.99 (Amazon) / $499.99 (Best Buy)

Weight – 1.5 pounds (0.9kg)

Size – 4″ x 2.75″ x 0.8″ (10cm x 6cm x 3cm)


Dual action pliers with 10mm and 12mm cutting blades, screwdriver with Phillips head and flathead, bottle opener, pickle fork, nail file, wire stripper and more!

The Job Plus Multi Tool Review is one of the best multi tools available on the market today. It’s small size makes it easy to carry around and use anywhere. The Job Plus Multi Tool Review comes with a variety of different types of blades to suit your needs, so you’ll never run out of options when it comes time to cut up some meat or open up a beer can.

If you like to fix small things around the house then this is the tool you need to take with you on every trip. The wire cutters and screwdrivers are perfect for any small repair job that needs to be done.

The Job Plus Multi-tool is perfect for any journey because it is so easy to carry around and comes in so handy when you need it. You can take it with you on hiking trips, camping trips, or even just take it with you when you go out on the boat. You’ll be glad you have it when the time comes to cut up some food for the BBQ or if one of your friends needs help with a broken seat.

The Job Plus has a high-carbon steel construction that makes it durable and strong enough to last for years. It also has a protective anti-rust coating that protects it from water and other liquids. The screwdriver bits are made out of chrome vanadium which means they’re going to stay strong and resistant to wear and tear even after years of use.

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Customer Reviews

Lance D. Fleming

This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you have it in your hands. After using this tool a few times now I’m really happy with the fact that I bought it. It’s a really well made, solidly built tool that is very easy to use.

The best thing about it has to be the scissors which cut through everything with ease and precision. The file is also nice and is perfect for when you have a hangnail that needs taking care of. All in all, this is the perfect tool for me.

joe R.cobb

First off, I’m a big guy with big hands. I’ve been looking for a multi tool that can handle big jobs without being excessively bulky, and this one is perfect. I was really surprised by the sheer quality of the materials used to make this product, everything from the pliers to the scissors are made out of tough stainless steel and feel like they’ll last forever.

The tools all lock into place, meaning you can make a precise cut or bend with confidence that the tool won’t slip out of position. The blade is straight and very sharp, perfect for cutting thick material. The scissors are very sharp and precise, great for when you need to trim hair or fabric. The pliers are super powerful, useful for everything from gripping a nail to gripping a fish.

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