Ryobi DOCKit Drilling and Driving Kit with Storage Tray Review

Ryobi Docking System Tray with Drill Bit Holder and Drive Holders:

The Ryobi Docking System Tray with Drill Bit Holder and Drive Holders are designed to make it easy for drill bit holders to fit into the Ryobi docking station. The Ryobi Docking Station is a device which allows users to easily attach or detach various items from their computer, such as hard drives, memory cards, printers, etc.

To do so, one simply inserts a drive holder into the Ryobi docking station, then slides the other end of the drive holder onto another part of the Ryobi docking station. After inserting a second drive holder into the Ryobi docking station, slide both ends of these two parts together until they lock into place. Once locked in place, it will look like a giant magnet. The Ryobi Docking Station is available in three different sizes. These include the smallest size, the medium size, and the largest size. All of them have a hole drilled through them for attaching drive holders to the Ryobi docking station.


– Easy to use design makes installation quick and simple! (Drive holders fit inside)

– Great way to keep your drill bits organized when not using them!

– Comes with convenient handle for easy portability!


– Makes it easy to organize your drill bits, screws, and other tools!

– Also makes it easy to carry these items from one place to another!


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You can easily organize the tools you need on a regular basis.

You can keep the tools in easy reach for whenever you need them.

You can carry these tools from one place to another with ease.

You can easily transport the docking station from one job site to another.

The entire docking station is made out of a strong plastic material for long-lasting durability.

This docking station makes it easy to organize and store many different types of items that you use during your work day.

The plastic material used to make this docking station is easy to clean if something gets spilled on the surface.

Tray storage system has a flat bottom so it can easily stand up on your work table.


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The plastic material used to create this docking station is not meant to be washed in a water bath.

The plastic material is prone to scratches if you are not extra careful when handling the tray storage system.

The plastic material of the tray storage system cannot withstand high temperatures. Always keep the docking station away from open flames and other high temperature environments.

The tray storage system is not small enough to easily store inside your pocket.

The handle on the tray storage system makes it difficult to store the tool in smaller places, such as glove compartments in vehicles.

Some tools are too large to fit into the trays provided.

Sometimes the tools or parts do not fit into the tray storage system when you try to store them.

The tray storage system takes up quite a bit of room on your work table.

The handle that is attached to the tray storage system can sometimes get in the way when trying to use some of your tools.

Some tools may fall out of their respective trays if you are not careful when lifting and carrying this docking station around.

Customer Comments

Buyers of this product seem to be very satisfied with their purchase. Many people have said that this docking station has helped them to greatly improve their ability to organize the tools they use on a regular basis.

Users have also said that the plastic material is constructed well enough to where it should last for many years.

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Other customers were not as satisfied with their purchase. A few people had issues with the plastic cracking or breaking after a few short months of use.

Still, even more customers complained that the tools stored in the trays were prone to fall out if not handled with care.

price: $79.00

price I paid: $76.00

Source: Evo Buyer’s Club

Would I buy another one?

Maybe, but there are some things I would change about it.

Would I recommend it to someone else?

Yes. I believe this docking station has many great benefits, with only a few minor drawbacks.

The only issues I would caution people about are the price and the fact that not everything will fit inside the trays.

I hope this review has been helpful to you!

by John D.

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