Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Power Stereo with Bluetooth Video Review

Ryobi P746: A Good Radio For Your Home?

The Ryobi P746 is a good radio for your home. If you are looking for a reliable radio that will work well and provide you with all the features you need, then the Ryobi P746 is definitely worth considering. You can read our full review of the Ryobi P746 here.

What Is The Difference Between The Two Models Of The Radio?

The difference between the two models of the radio is quite minimal. Both radios have a built-in speaker and are capable of receiving AM/FM radio stations. However, there are some differences in how they function when it comes to other functions such as music streaming services or internet radio services.

P746 Manual: How To Set Up And Use The Radio?

How To Turn On & Off The Radio?

Bluetooth Audio Streaming Services Supported By The Radio?

Roku – Yes (HD Radio)

Google Play Music – No (No HD Radio)

Amazon MP3 – Yes (HD Radio)

iTunes Store – No (No HD Radio)

Spotify – Yes (HD Radio)

Deezer / Slacker / Napster / Grooveshark / DeeeepPlanetMusic / Rdio – No

Pandora – Yes (HD Radio)

Aha! – Yes (HD Radio)

If The AM FM Stations Don’t Offer What You Want To Listen To Then You Can Use One Of The Music Streaming Services Or Internet Radios As All Of These Are Supported By The Radio.

We Have Used The Radio For A While Now And Can Confirm That It Is Very Easy To Navigate Through The Music Libraries Of These Different Music Streaming Services. The Various Buttons On The Radio Make It Easy To Access Different Music Genres And Then Find The Music You Want To Listen To. The Buttons Are Also Large Enough To Be Easily Accessible. The Display Is Very Bright And Easy To See Even In A Well Lit Room.

The Radio Is Quite Easy To Use And After A Short Time Of Using It You Will Have No Trouble Accessing Your Favorite Types Of Music. The Sound Quality Of The Radio Is Great. The Volume Can Be Turned Up Quite Loud Without Any Distortion Being Detected.

Is The Radio Portable?

The Radio Does Have A Carry Handle And This Makes It Easy To Move Around With The Radio While Listening To Music. The Handle Is Fairly Comfortable To Hold While Carrying The Radio Around.

Can The Radio Be Used As A Speaker For Your Smartphone, Tablet Or Computer?

The Radio Does Have A 3.5mm Headphone Jack That Can Be Used With Most Smartphones, Tablets Or Computers As A Alternative To Using The Built-In Speakers On These Devices. The Quality Of The Sound Is Good And It Is Much Better Than Using The Built-In Speakers On These Devices.

Can You Use This Radio To Charge Your Cell Phone Or Tablet While It Is Connected?

There Are No Charging Capabilities With The Radio. The Radio Is Not Designed For This And You Can Only Use It To Play Your Smartphone’s Music Or Other Media.

What Kind Of Audio Cables / Adapters Are Included With The Radio?

There Are Four Different Types Of Audio Cables (3.5mm Jack) That Are Included With The Radio.

Spiral Cable (0.55 Meters)

Short Cable (0.35 Meters)

Extended Cable (1.7 Meters)

Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Power Stereo with Bluetooth Video Review from our website

Angled Cable (0.7 Meters)

Can The Radio Be Used With A Headset?

The Radio Has A 3.5mm Headphone Jack That Can Be Used With Any Standard 3.5mm Audio Cable (Such As The One That Comes With Most Headphones Or You Can Purchase Your Own).

Can I Use The Radio’s Bluetooth Function To Make Phone Calls?

No, The Bluetooth Is Only Capable Of Streaming Music From Another Bluetooth Device. For Making Phone Calls You Will Need To Use A Second Device (Such As Your Cell Phone).

Can I Record From The Radio To My Computer?

The Radio Does Not Have A Recorder Built-In And There Is No External Recorder That Is Compatible With The Radio That We Are Aware Of.

Can I Play My Own CDs In This Radio?

No, This Radio Is Not Capable Of Playing CDs.

Can I Use The Radio To Play Music From My Old Cassette Tapes?

No, This Radio Does Not Have A Cassette Player.

For How Long Can I Run The Radio On A Full Recharge Of The Battery?

This Will Vary Based On The Volume Level And How Long You Are Playing The Radio. A Recharge Should Last Long Enough For Most Users Needs.

Can I Use This Portable Radio In Other Countries?

The Radio Can Be Used With A Different Power Supply Adapter (Not Included) That Corresponds To The Electrical Outlet In That Country, Or The United States Plug That It Comes With Should Work For Most Countries As Well.

Can The Radio Sit Upright On It’s Own When It Is Charging?

Yes, There Is A Horizontal Hold Feature That Can Be Enabled While The Radio Is Charging. This Allows The Radio To Sit Upright By Itself While It Is Charging Without Any Support.

Can I Play My Smartphone’s Music Through This Radio?

Yes, The Portable Radio Can Be Used To Wirelessly Stream Music From Your Device To The Radio. The Volume Will Be Controlled By The Smartphone (This Feature Is Only Compatible With Apple IOS And Android Devices).

Can I Listen To My Television Or Other Audio Device Through The Radio?

Yes, You Can Use The 3.5mm Audio Cable To Connect The Radio To A Television, CD Player, Tape Deck Or Other Audio Device To Play The Audio Through The Radio.

Is There An Auxiliary Port So I Can Connect My Phone Directly To The Radio?

The Portable Radio Does Not Have A Universal Auxiliary Input Port. It Does Have A 3.5mm Jack That Can Be Used To Wirelessly Stream Audio From Your Apple IOS And Android Device As Well As Play Audio From Your Smartphone Via The Included Audio Cable.

Does The Radio Come With Batteries Or Do Those Need To Be Purchased Separately?

The Rechargeable Battery Comes Fully Charged And Is Ready-To-Use When You Unbox It.

Are The Batteries Rechargeable?

Yes, There Is A Rechargeable Battery Inside Of The Radio.

Can This Be Charged By USB?

The Radio Comes With A Charging Cable That Needs To Be Connected In Order To Charge.

Can You Answer A Phone Call Via The Radio?

Yes, This Radio Can Be Used To Take Calls Incoming Or Outgoing (If Your Phone Supports It).

What’s The Range Of The Bluetooth Feature?

The Bluetooth Feature Has A Working Range Of 32.8 Feet.

Does This Radio Offer Any Sort Of Privacy Feature So That I Don’t Have To Allow Others To Stream Audio To My Device?

No, There Is No Privacy Feature.

Can I Use The Radio To Make Phone Calls?

The Radio Does Not Support Making Or Receiving Phone Calls.

Can I Use This As A Standalone Device, Without Connecting It To My Phone?

Yes, You Can Use The 3.5mm Audio Cable To Connect To Another Device (Such As A CD Player, MP3 Player, Etc…) And Play Audio Through The Radio.

Are The Buttons On The Radio Backlit?

Yes, The Button Panel Lights Up When You Turn On The Light.

Does This Offer Any Sort Of Rechargeable Battery Option?

No, This Device Comes With A Rechargeable Battery And Charging Cable.

Does The Light On This Radio Ever Turn Off?

The Light On The Radio Is Constant And Will Not Turn Off (Except If You Are Connected To A Smartphone Device And Activate The Night Mode Feature).

Can I Use This Radio To Make Phone Calls?

No, This Device Does Not Support Making Or Receiving Phone Calls.

Does The Radio Offer Multiple Color Options?

No, The Light Is Green.

How Is The Quality Of The Sound?

The Quality Of The Sound Is Better Than Average.

Is There An FM Option On This Device?

Yes, You Can Listen To Radio Stations Via The Radio’s FM Feature.

Does This Come With A Warranty?

Yes, This Item Comes With A One-Year Limited Warranty.

What Are The Dimensions Of This Radio?

The Dimensions Of The Device Are: 2.75″ In Diameter, 2.5″ In Height, And 1.5 Ounces In Weight.

Can This Be Charged With A USB Port?

No, You Must Use The Charging Cable That Comes With The Item.

Does This Device Offer Any Other Features?

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