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A cordless drill is a powerful electric tool which uses a rechargeable battery pack to provide continuous power to the motor while drilling holes or cutting materials. They are very handy tools when working with wood, metal, electronics, plumbing pipes etc.. They are also used to cut through sheetrock, install doors and windows, remove nails and screws from walls, do small electrical work such as testing circuits etc.

They have been around since the early 1900s. Today they are becoming popular again due to their low cost and convenience. There are many different types of cordless drills available today. Some use batteries while others need a wall plug to charge up the battery packs.

We are going to focus on the more popular cordless drills that use battery power. The most popular battery powered drills are either 18v, 14.4v or the newer type of 12v. You might wonder why there is such a range in volts. Basically, what you want to look for is how many volts a particular drill uses and what types of materials you will be using it on.

The higher the voltage, the more powerful the drill.

Most people do not need a cordless drill that is more powerful than an 18v. If you will be drilling into hard materials such as concrete or metal then you will need a more powerful drill.

The other thing you want to consider is the battery type and how many batteries come with each kit. Most standard cordless drills come either with two batteries or one, but some come with three.

The more batteries a kit comes with, the longer you can use it before recharging. All cordless drills come with a charger and power supply. Some of the cheaper cordless drills have a slow charge time. This means you will not be able to use your drill for long periods of time when using these.

Rockwell RK2600K2 16V Max Cordless Drill Driver Preview on

Some cordless drills are also compatible with other types of battery types such as; Lithium, Alkaline, NiCad etc. This is good to know if you need to purchase extra batteries in the future.

Now I will talk about some of the most popular cordless drills on the market today and what people have had to say about them.

The RK2600K2 16V is a powerful 14.4V cordless drill made by Rockwell and has been getting some great reviews online from users. It comes with 2 batteries and a charger which delivers up to 500 RPM. It also has an LED work light to help you see what your drilling at night or in dark spaces. This cordless drill is good for drilling wood, metal, plastic, masonry and other household DIY projects.

One user who left a review said he bought this cordless drill set because he was tired of having to deal with long power cords. He also said the batteries charge up quickly and that this cordless drill has enough power to handle anything he has needed it to do.

Another person who left a review said this is a great cordless drill and well worth the money. The batteries charge quickly and it is powerful enough for most household jobs. They also like the fact that it has an LED light to help when working in a dark area.

The RK5C2 18V has been popular because it comes with 2 batteries and a charger, so you can have one battery charging while using the other. It is a 18v cordless drill made by Rockwell. This is more powerful than the 14.4v cordless drill mentioned above so it is good for drilling into harder materials such as concrete and metal.

One user who left a review said this cordless drill has more than enough power to do any home project you want to tackle. He also said it is very light weight and the size of it makes it easy to handle as well.

Another person who left a review said this drill is great and they have been using it at work as well as around the house. They especially like the LED light which helps when you are working in dark areas such as under the kitchen sink.

There are numerous other Rockwell cordless drill models available to purchase and they are all competitively priced.

I hope this article has helped you learn what you need to know before purchasing a cordless drill.

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