RoboReel Extension Cord Reel – Robots in Your Garage

RoboReel Extension Cord Reel – Robots in Your Garage

The Roborocket was first introduced by the company called “ROBOTECH” in 2011. Since then it has been sold all over the world. ROBOTECH is a Japanese company which produces various products such as robots, robots accessories, robot parts, etc. They have made their own brand name ROBOTECH and they are known for making high quality robotic devices with advanced features at affordable prices.

In 2013, ROBOTECH released another product named ROBOTECH R/C Carousel. This carousel is designed to turn your garage into a robo-parking area. You can control the carousel from anywhere using a smartphone app or computer via Bluetooth connection. The carousel can rotate up to 360 degrees and it uses 12V DC power supply for its operation. It runs on two AA batteries (not included).

You can purchase this carousel for $99.95. You will need to pay shipping charges depending on where you live. If you live in the United States, then you may need to pay around $30 for shipping. However, if you reside outside the U.S., then it would cost less than $20 for shipping costs due to lower customs duty rates in your country.

What’s under the hood?

The Roborocket consists of two parts which are connected to each other. The carousel is stationary and it holds all of the accessories and attachments. This includes a cord reel, a hose reel, a utility rack, a tray, an attachment arm, and four castors for easy mobility. The TurBT motor is installed inside the base of the carousel. It powers the entire device using a 12V DC power supply. At the top of the carousel, you will find an aluminum pole which holds a telescopic extension pole. This pole can be adjusted from 2 to 3 feet in height and it can hold all of your accessories at the reach of your hand.

You can use the hose reel to wind up a garden hose after using it. You can also use the cord reel in case you need to wind up an extension cord after use. The utility rack can be used to carry small potted plants, it can also be used to hold your tools when you are working on your car. The tray is specially designed to carry your smartphones, tablets, or anything of similar size. You can use the attachment arm to hang the smaller gardening tools such as a trowel, a small rake, a small hoe, etc.

The carousel comes with 4 castors which allow you to move it from one place to another with great ease. At the same time, these castors have been designed in a way that they provide maximum grip on all types of floors.

The Roborocket is very easy to assemble. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions along with the product. It usually takes around 20 minutes for an experienced person to put it together. However, if you don’t have any experience in this regard, then it may take you around an hour to get the job done.

Using the Roborocket

The main advantage of using this device is its ability to turn your garage into a fully functional workshop. You can use this carousel to organize all of your tools and equipment in one area. Not only will it be easy to find things when you need them, but it will also provide you with ample storage space. When not in use, you can simply fold up the carousel and store it away in a corner. This will free up a lot of space in your garage or workshop.

The build quality of this carousel is second to none. It is designed to be sturdy and it can support over 150 pounds of weight. The attachments and accessories are firmly stuck to the carousel via powerful magnets. This provides a very strong grip which keeps everything in place. You don’t have to worry about anything falling off and hitting you, especially when the carousel is in motion.

RoboReel Extension Cord Reel – Robots in Your Garage -

You can use this gizmo to carry around and use the following tools and equipment; a cordless drill, a hammer drill, a set of hex keys, a palm sander, a staple gun, an impact driver, an angle grinder, a chainsaw, two work lights with magnetic holders, a first aid kit, an emergency blanket, a fire extinguisher, and much more.

The attachments for this carousel are all universal. This means that you can swap any tool or accessory with another one by simply lifting it off and replacing it with another one. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to carry the exact tools and equipment you need for your job. There is no need to carry a bunch of stuff around that you are never going to use.

Since everything is organized and available at your fingertips, working with this carousel is extremely quick and efficient, hence saving you both time and energy.

What’s in the box

Roborocket carousel

Worklight with magnetic holder

First aid kit

Fire extinguisher

Emergency blanket

2 hex keys

RoboReel Extension Cord Reel – Robots in Your Garage from our website

Staple gun with staples (2mm)

Magnetic tray

Hose reel with hose

Cord reel with extension cord

Hex key set (SL8+1.25MM,SL8+2.0MM, SL8+2.5MM, SL8+5.

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