Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743

RIDGID SEESNAKA Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743

The Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 is one of the most popular Ridgid brand cameras among hobbyists. This camera was introduced in 1997 and it is manufactured by the company “Ridgid” which has been around since the early 90’s. The name “SeeSnake” comes from the fact that this camera is designed with a snake body. This type of design was used in the first generation of this camera.

It features a 1/3 inch color TFT LCD monitor and it can record video at up to 30 frames per second (fps). It features a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery pack which provides approximately 2 hours of continuous operation. It supports both NTSC and PAL video signals. There are two buttons on top of the camera: a power button and a reset button.

The Reset Button resets the camera back to factory default settings. The external power socket is also located on the top of the camera. There is a T-shaped window on the side of the camera which allows you to view the LCD screen and menus while operating the camera. This window also allows you to change camera settings. There are 8 pinholes on the bottom of the camera which allow you to mount the camera to an inspection device or other device with a 1/4-20 threaded mounting hole.

The camera is designed with a durable metal casing which protects the internal components. This camera can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other devices such as a directional microphone or a light source. There are several different types of inspection cameras, these include medical endoscopes, industrial borescopes (also known as “spy” cameras), and telepresence robots.

You should also be aware that there are two different types of inspection cameras: wireless and wired. Wired cameras utilize a tethered wire to send the video signal to a display device such as a monitor or a recorder. The benefit of wired cameras is they provide a stable video signal and they don’t require batteries. However, they are less flexible than their wireless counterparts since you must deal with wires when using these devices.

Wireless cameras utilize radio waves to send the video signal to a display device. Since they don’t require wires, these cameras are much more flexible in tight spaces where you need to get around obstacles such as corners or under raised floors. The video signal of a wireless camera is less stable than a wired camera since radio waves are affected by interference from other wireless devices and obstacles in the signal path.

We utilize our cameras for many different reasons:

Inspection of Municipal Water Pipes

Other areas where we use this is to inspect water pipes underneath the road. During these inspections, we are looking for breaks in the pipe, indications of underground water, and signs of erosion. This allows us to find problem areas before they become major problems.

Right now the only way to do this is with a small camera. This may not sound safe, and it’s not. Not only is the technician in danger of being hurt or even killed should the pipe give way, but this is a very confined area where the chance of being stuck and unable to free yourself are very high.

Inspection of Municipal Sewers

During this type of inspection, we are looking for many of the same things as in a water pipe inspection. In addition, we may be looking for blockages, which can be caused by a number of different things. These blockages can range from a few paper towels and sanitary pads, to car parts and dead bodies.

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Right now, the only way to do this is with a small camera. Much like water pipe inspections, this may not sound safe, and it’s not. Not only is the technician in danger of being hurt or even killed should the sewer give way, but this is a very confined area where the chance of being stuck and unable to free yourself are very high.

Safety is always a concern when performing any of these types of inspections. No matter how safe we try to make the process, when you are working at a distance from your own body, there is always the possibility of something going wrong.

We have dreamt up a few ideas on how to solve this problem, but still aren’t sure of exactly what we will do. We can come up with several different versions of the same basic idea, but each idea has its own pros and cons.

What we need is a way to extend the arm of the technician so that they can do their job without having to put them in such a dangerous position.

This is where you come in. We need you to design a device that will enable us to do our job from a safer distance.

You have been provided with all the necessary blueprints and diagrams for all the equipment used in our Water Department. You have also been provided with a virtual tour of a water main inspection, a sanitary sewer inspection, and the Johnson-Soleau house.

Good luck, and be careful!

Part 1: Investigation

Given: You have access to all the materials and equipment from the Water Department.

Your mission is to design a device that will enable you to do your job from a safer distance. This device must meet the following specifications:

The device must be mounted to the front of a truck.

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 from our website

The device must be able to extend the reach of the operator by at least 10 feet.

The device must be able to rotate 360 degrees.

The device must be able to elevate and depress (Up & Down movement).

Part 2: Build Your Device

Once you have designed your idea, you will need to build a prototype. You can use any materials you like, as long as you can demonstrate that it works.

Remember: The goal is to create a device that will enable you to do your job from a safer distance.

Part 3: Test Your Device

Once you have built your device, you will need to test it. The City has provided you with a course that you must pass in order for your device to be deemed official.

You will be graded on the following:

The ability of the operator to control the device.

The safety of the device for the operator.

The smoothness of the devices movement along all axes.

Is your device able to pass this test?

Step 1: Choose your materials Show Step 2: Create Your Device Show Step 3: Take Your Test! Show Step 4: Submit Your Answer

Thank you so much for taking the time to build this awesome device for us. We really appreciate it!

Thanks for building a way for us to do our jobs from a safer distance; I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into this!

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 at realmanguide.net

The City of Bunnington Water Department has put you in charge of building a new series of water pipes for the city. This is the same process that we use to build new sections of water pipe when we need water main breaks or new construction. The City just wants a second opinion on your design.

Before starting this project, you should know that the city only wants the cheapest, fastest product. They aren’t concerned with the longevity of the piping or your safety while building it. Just get it done as soon as possible.

Given: 100 feet of PVC tubing, 8 90-degree elbows, 18 T-junctions, 8 caps, 8 floor flanges, and 8 inches of concrete for each foot of pipe.

The pipe will be laid 4 feet below ground.

The 8-inch thick walls of the pipe need a 1-inch gap on either side for the caps and cement.

These pipes will replace the current pipes that were installed in 1955. This is what the city of Bunnington uses for water mains.

The present diameter of the pipes is 12 inches.

You need to create a detailed blueprint of how you would lay out these pipes so that you have enough materials and can finish laying them as quickly as possible.

The more efficient your blueprint is, the better grade you will receive.

Given: Your own creativity and ingenuity.

Note: You will be graded on how well your blueprint is as well as how quickly you can complete the task.

Good luck, Builder!

Part 1: Blueprint Show Step 2: Create Your Device Show Step 3: Take Your Test! Show Step 4: Submit Your Answer

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 - Picture

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this project; I think it will really help the city of Bunnington in the future!

This is a test of your basic math skills. You will be given a simple algebraic equation. All you have to do is fill in the answer using the operations that are provided. You have a total of 10 operations that you may use and you must complete the equation with the answer of 12.

Good luck!

Given: A * B + 4 = 12


The city of Yawning is made up of several different districts. Each district has a different personality and attracts a different type of resident. The districts are: OldTown, an older part of the city with closed in streets and small buildings; Valley, the industrial center of the city where all the factories are located; Boardwalk, the main commercial street with shops and businesses; Edgemont, a residential area; and Hilltop, the affluent district with large houses and beautiful landscaping.

The main mode of transportation in the city is the bus. There are two bus stations in the city; one near the Hilltop district and one near the Edgemont district. To move about the city, you must purchase a ticket for $1.25 from one bus station to the other and then transfer to another bus.

The time between buses is 2 minutes.

You have $20 and need to get from the Hilltop district to OldTown as quickly as possible. You don’t have a watch, but know that the buses come every 5 minutes.

How do you spend your money so you are not out in the cold for too long waiting for the next bus?

Show Step 1: Solution for $1.00 Show Step 2: Solution for $2.00

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 at realmanguide.net

A man lives in a mansion on a hill in the Hillsdale district of the city with his wife and 4 children. His 5-year old son has been talking about wanting a dog. The man does not want to get a dog, he feels they are too much of a hassle. So he comes up with a solution.

He will give his son 2 choices: Either he can give him 2 Gold Pieces (which are each the size of a gold coin) Or he will give him 3 Copper Pieces (the size of a U.S. penny) for every week the son does not ask about getting a dog again. The man knows his son likes shiny things, so he is hoping the son will choose the Gold.

How much money will the father have to give the son each week so that eventually the son asking about getting a dog again?


1 Gold Piece = 20 Copper Pieces

1 U.S. Dollar = 90 Copper Pieces

Note: 1 U.S. Dollar = 1.47 Gold Pieces

Step 1: Symbolize Show Step 2: Solve for x

Suppose there are 3 girls, Ann, Becca, and Claire. They go to an amusement park where they each ride different rides. They enjoy different number of rides.

One of the rides costs $10 per person to ride, one costs $15 per person to ride, and the other costs $20 per person to ride.

The girls have a total of $60 and need to spend the least amount of money possible to have all of them ride rides and have no money left over.

Show which ride costs $10, which ride costs $15, and which ride costs $20. Then fill in what each girl did so that the puzzle is solved with the lowest amount of money spent.

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743 from our website

A man has a jar containing 3 kinds of nuts: almonds, cashews, and peanuts. There are 3 times as many almonds as cashews as there are peanuts. He gives some of the nuts to his neighbor, who promptly mix them up before returning them. The man then distributes the nuts into two jars in such a way that:

One jar will contain 2/3 of the total number of nuts – he knows this.

Both jars have the same number of peanuts – he knows this.

How many nuts were originally in the jar?

Hint The answer is not exact.

A train travels between 2 towns. The towns are 28 miles apart and the train travels at a constant speed of 42 mph. A girl gets onto the train at the beginning town and wants to get off at the other end at her friend’s house. She doesn’t know the time that the train arrives at the other end or what time she needs to be at the station in order to catch the train.

She also doesn’t know the time the train leaves the station at the other end.

What is the minimum amount of time she needs to be at either end of the trip in order to catch the train?

Note: The girl wants to be at either end at least 1 hour before the train arrives. The time that the train leaves the final town is not relevant to this problem.

An insurance claims adjuster has been sent out to investigate an accident in which two cars crashed into each other. Witnesses claim that the first car, which was driven by a bank robber, sped away from the scene of the crime and was traveling at a constant speed of 72 miles per hour when it crashed into the second car, which was going north on a road whose speed limit was 60 mph. The bank robber survived with no broken bones but was cited by police for reckless driving. The officer who investigated the accident assumed that the second car was not speeding and used the distance formula to determine that it was traveling at a speed of 44 miles per hour.

Which car was speeding, if either?

A father and son are driving on a road in the mountains when they hit a patch of ice and their car goes off the road. They crash into a tree and both are immediately killed. They are found by a game warden who promptly blames the accident on their speed. Although the accident scene was far from any road, the warden measured the skid marks, calculated the speed of the car and determined that the car was traveling at a speed of 72 miles per hour.

Which of the following could be true?

Which car was speeding and what was the speed in miles per hour? Note: The skid marks were not related to the accident. The police never determined which car was speeding.

A jeweler is buying special order diamonds of specific weights from a supplier. He gives the first diamond to his daughter and it is perfect for the ring she wanted. He knows that the probability of finding a diamond of exactly the right weight is 1 in 1000. He gives the supplier another order and this time the second diamond is also perfect.

What is the probability now that the third diamond will be perfect?

What is the answer to the problem above? Note: There is no special relationship between any of the diamonds.

A man wants to buy a motorcycle from a dealer. He looks at a used cycle and finds that its odometer reads 7609.

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