Ridgid Radio Review: Gen5x Bluetooth Charging R84085


The Ridgid Radio Review: Gen5x Bluetooth Charging R84085 is a smart charger which can charge your devices from any USB port or mobile phone charging cable at up to 4A. You don’t need to have a computer with internet connection or other power source.

Just plug it into any standard wall outlet and start using your device.

It works well even when connected to different types of batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and 12V (NiMH/NiCd).

You can use it with iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPod touch 6, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One M8 and many others.

How to Charge Your Devices?

To charge your devices simply connect them to the USB port. When the device is fully charged you will see a green light indicating that it’s ready for use. You can also charge your mobile phones via microUSB connector if they are compatible with USB 2.0. Other benefits? Small, lightweight and easy to carry: You can store it in your pocket, handbag or backpack.

High efficiency and fast charging.

You can charge up to 4A when connecting with a computer or 2A when connected with a USB mains adapter.

When you connect the appropriate battery in the device, the indicator lights will turn green, which shows that it starts charging.

A red light means the battery is not suitable or the charging has not been completed. You need to change it with the correct type of battery or recharge it.

The device can charge 1-4 AA/AAA batteries or 1-2 C/D batteries at the same time.

When you connect a computer drive, the devices will charge up to 4A and will indicate through a blue light. Red means that it will charge at 2A rate.

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Green shows that it’s fully charged.

It is a great solution for people who like outdoor activities and have to use their devices, such as cameras, GPS devices or cell phones, which require this kind of battery.

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It doesn’t need any special or expensive battery to charge. You can charge AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries.


Can be used in cases when there is no access to a common charger or computer. It can charge your devices anywhere as long as you have batteries.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: You can easily take it everywhere due to its small size and weight.

It is suitable for all types of devices, allowing you to use it with your phone, GPS or other battery-operated devices.


There is no automatic shut off when the battery is charged. You have to disconnect it manually from the charger.

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The charging of high capacity and low C batteries lasts more time.

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