Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review:

The Ridgid R8408 is a new model of the Ridgid R820C which was introduced in 2009. The Ridgid R8408 is similar to the previous models but it has some improvements over them.

For example, it uses a newer chip called RTL2832U instead of RTL2832B, which means better performance and lower power consumption.

The Ridgid R8408 is manufactured by Toshiba and it supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) wireless technology.

It’s capable of transmitting data at up to 867 Mbps with a maximum data rate of 1 Gbps. That’s way faster than the older RTL2832B chips used in earlier models such as the Ridgid R820C or the Ridgid R830C.

The Ridgid R8408 is compatible with iOS 4.0 and above and Android 2.3 and above.

The device can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to have any special software installed on your computer or phone to use it. You just need to pair the two devices using the free Bluetooth Pairing App available from Apple’s iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

A free app called Radio Browser is also available for both iOS and Android. The app allows you to browse, search, and organize radio stations by a variety of criteria.

As of the time of this writing, the Radio Browser app has been downloaded over 5 million times, so it’s quite popular. An Internet connection is required to use the app.

The app is not required for using the device, but it’s a nice bonus feature. Some people might find it fairly useful.

There are also several third-party apps available which can be used to stream music from your computer or phone to the radio. The only thing you need is a URL for the music source, such as a Shoutcast link or a songs directory on an MP3 host site.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review from our website

The device seems to be compatible with IceCast, Windows Media Player, Sound Cloud, Spotify, and a variety of other popular streaming sources.

In addition to all that, you can also listen to the most popular AM and FM stations as well as NOAA weather radio right from the device. If you live in the USA, you’ll probably get good reception of most local AM and FM stations.

If you live in a larger city, you should be able to receive at least several local stations. In my area I was able to receive about a dozen AM and FM stations, some of which are quite a long distance away. The NOAA weather radio is nice to have when you want to check for updates on a storm that might be coming your way.

The main downside of this device is the speaker — it isn’t very loud, even at maximum volume. You’ll probably want to connect it to an external speaker, such as the one that comes with most MP3 players or a set of desktop computer speakers.

Also, the battery life isn’t very good — you can only expect to get about 3 hours of use per charge if you’re just listening to local AM and FM stations. If you’re streaming online content or using the app, then the battery will drain much faster. If you want to listen for extended periods of time, then you’ll definitely want to plug it into an AC outlet or auto cigarette lighter adapter.

The main advantage is that it’s a super cheap and simple to use software defined radio with FM reception, and the ability to stream online content and audio directly from your WiFi network and the internet. It can receive shortwave (SW) frequencies as well as standard AM/FM broadcast bands.

If you live in a big city or near a military base, you may even be able to receive some shortwave stations from other countries.

The R8408 is powered by the USB port on your computer, and it uses WiFi to stream internet content directly to your ears. It can play music files stored on your computer or tablet or phone via a simple Bluetooth connection, and even supports AirPlay for Apple devices.

There are several devices similar to this one on the market, such as the Amazon Echo or the XM Skyfi 3 . I bought a couple of these devices a while back to test them out, and I was so impressed by their abilities that I bought another half dozen for Christmas gifts.

They make very cool gifts for people who like to tinker with electronics and software, or who like to listen to music or radio programs.

January 31, 2017

Happy 2017!

It’s been an interesting year so far. I started the year off with a new job, and after some initial difficulties I feel like I’m adjusting well.

It’s certainly an adjustment getting used to a much more hectic work schedule — I spend all week stressed out and exhausted from work, then come home and collapse on the weekends. I’m getting much less done around the house because of it. For example, our upstairs bathroom sink is currently leaking water because I haven’t had time to fix it, and I’ve been meaning to clear the weeds growing around our back porch — we can’t even use that area anymore because of it.

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I’ve been doing a lot of yard sale hunting with my brother Steve lately. I find that spending a few hours every weekend looking for old toys to sell on eBay really helps take my mind off of work.

I’m currently trying to complete my Italian comic book collection, as well as looking for cheap 1980s electronics toys such as my previously mentioned Robosapien V2.0. I’ve gotten pretty good at bargaining with the yard sale folks, and I always drive hard deals because most of what I’m selling is stuff that I no longer have any use for. If I don’t think I’m getting a good enough deal at a yard sale, I simply don’t buy it, even if I need the money.

I’m still doing okay money-wise. I’m not getting rich off of it, but I suppose that I’m making enough to help supplement my income at work.

Wish me luck at work today, and happy bargain hunting at the yard sales this weekend!

February 28, 2017

Happy March!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this page. I can honestly say that March has been a really exhausting month due to some major life changes that have been going on in my life at work.

It’s a good kind of exhaustion though, as it’s the kind that keeps you on your toes and makes every day spent at work something new and different.

I can honestly say that I really love my current job. There’s always something to do, and I’m constantly learning new things every day.

This current busy spell that I’m going through has really caused me to appreciate my job even more.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review at realmanguide.net

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or holiday season, and I wish everyone the very best for 2018!

May 22, 2018

Happy May!

It’s been another interesting month at work. I will say that I’m glad that things have finally started to settle down a bit, as in the beginning of the month we had about a week or so where we were extremely overworked due to multiple people calling in sick.

I was putting in some pretty long days during that time.

I’ve also been having fun exploring the local area during my downtime at work. The city has this great website called DC.gov that has a lot of neat information about local events, entertainment, and parks.

I’ve been taking full advantage of all the hiking trails in the area. The scenery is beautiful, and it’s also a great way to clear my head after a long day at work.

I’m starting to really like this area more and more.

June 8, 2018

Happy Half Year Anniversary at my new job!

Whew! What a month!

A lot has happened, both good and bad. I’ll start with the bad news.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review - realmanguide.net

I found out not too long ago that David, one of my fellow co-workers and friend, is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He’s going to be starting treatment soon, and he may possibly have to take a leave of absence if his conditions worsens.

I hope he gets better.

On a more positive note, I’ve been doing really well at my job. In fact, I got a raise last week!

Not too big, but it’s a raise nonetheless. If things keep going this well, maybe I’ll be able to move out of my aunt’s house sooner than expected!

My walk to and from work is still pleasant. I almost feel like I’m in a small town rather than a big city most of the time.

I’ve also been keeping up on my daily walks and hikes as well, and I’ve actually gotten pretty good at finding even more secluded trails that are less traveled. I came across this super small lake the other day that was so picturesque it looked like it belonged in a painting.

I’ll definitely be going back there when the weather is a little bit warmer.

Until next time.

July 2, 2018

Still going strong!

This weekend was very fun. I got to go on another hike in addition to spending time with family.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review from our website

My aunt, who has become more comfortable with me being here over the weeks, told me that I could invite friends over if I wanted to. Though she doesn’t really know the kind of people I’m acquainted with, so I declined as I wouldn’t want to impose.

I think I’ll try and get another hike in tomorrow before work. It really helps me clear my head.

Just got word that David is going to have to go on medical leave for the next few months. I really hope he gets better.

July 16, 2018

David passed away last night.

I didn’t go into work today.

July 30, 2018

A new month brings a new streak! Two months in a row!

I went on another hiking trip over the weekend with my cousin. He wanted to do something a little closer to home this time around since he felt like he needed to spend more time with his girlfriend. I didn’t mind going somewhere closer since it was really nice out and I really enjoy spending time by nature. I can’t wait to go on another trip next weekend.

David’s death really made me think. I’ve been putting off doing this for far too long.

I need to make a big change in my life. I’m going to move out of my aunt’s house soon, even if it means I have to live in my car for a little while. I’m done living off of others.

I looked up the requirements for becoming a park ranger, and you have to either have a degree in biology or you have to have several years of work experience in a job related to the environment. Since I’m lacking the former, I will be focusing on the later.

I’ve always loved nature. Growing up in the city has always limited my exposure to it, but I’m convinced that I want to dedicate myself to promoting and maintaining its beauty.

I’m going to become a park ranger.

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August 6, 2018

Due to my last entry, I’ve been asked if I’m feeling better. I told them that I was, and that I’m just being my usual introverted self.

I really don’t think they bought it, but as long as I’m not making any big complaints, they’ll leave me alone. Still, I plan on moving out soon.

I’ve been looking at potential apartments and such, and I should be able to afford something soon. The only thing left to decide is where I want to live.

There are plenty of places in the city, but I think I’d prefer something a little more quiet.

Perhaps one of the suburbs?

It would still be relatively close to my work and the city, so I could still come in for any major events and whatnot.

I’m also starting a new job soon. A friend of my mom’s owns a local bakery, and she’s been having trouble with her assistant who just quit today.

She says she would be willing to give me the position if I can learn all the recipes and everything by next week. It would definitely help a lot with moving expenses.

I’ve still been hiking as well. The nature is really relaxing for some reason.

I’ve been trying to take long walks whenever I can. It’s funny, I think I’m learning to appreciate nature more than ever now that I’m moving further away from it.

This weekend is going to be the last time I visit my parent’s house. There’s really nothing for me there anymore.

I might take one last walk by their grave before I leave for good. Just to say goodbye.

August 12, 2018

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review - realmanguide.net

Well, today was the day.

I said my goodbyes to my parents and left the city to go to my new home. I have to say, it feels really nice.

I thought I’d miss the old neighborhood and everything, but after leaving it all behind and not looking back, I feel a lot better. I know the house is small and not quite as nice as my parent’s home, but it’s still pretty nice. I have a lot of plans to redecorate some of it too.

I was able to redo the bedroom and living room the day I got here. Of course, my aunt and uncle were a little confused when they called and I told them I had no plans on packing any boxes for them ever again.

They seemed happy for me though. My aunt was even asking if I wanted any of the old decorations from the basement from their old house.

The job is great as well! My aunt said that the assistant who quit didn’t do much except mix the dough and count out the money, so I won’t have to worry about learning too much at first.

She says once I get comfortable with everything, I’ll be able to learn more. I really do like her a lot, so I’m looking forward to working with her every day.

The only thing that could make this moment better is if my sister was here. I know she’s out there somewhere, hopefully doing as good as I am now.

I would want to share this moment with her. Still, I know she’d want me to be happy, so I’ll try to keep this moment as special as I can for the both of us.

I’m here now, in this lovely home. Most importantly, I’m free.


A New Path

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review | realmanguide.net

A New Path

August 12, 2018

So you’re leaving tonight then?”

My aunt says from the doorway. I look up from the box of things I packed earlier today. I had planned on leaving it all here and forgetting about this house completely, but I guess since my aunt ended up buying it before it got demolished, some part of me still wanted to keep at least a couple of these things.

Maybe I just wanted to prove that I once had a life before all this happened.

“Yeah, I guess it’s time to leave.” I stand up and walk over to the doorway.

Are you sure you can’t stay a little longer? At least until you find a new place?”

“No, it’s alright. You’ve done so much for me already, besides, I don’t want to delay your wedding any longer than I have to.”

She sighs a bit.

“It’s not just the wedding, I…I’ll miss you.

You know you can always stay here.”

“I know, but I want to do this on my own. I need to do this for myself.”

I haven’t been the best aunt. After all, I left my sister and never looked back.

It was all for myself that I did what I did. Maybe this is my punishment, I don’t know.

“Alright then, but at least let me drive you to the station.” My aunt says.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review - realmanguide.net

Actually, can you take me to the museum?

I want to see it before I go.

She nods and we leave the house. I don’t have much luggage to speak of, just a single bag.

I didn’t have many possessions to begin with, so it was easy to pack.

We get into the car and drive off to the museum. We don’t say much on the way there, and I keep looking out the window at the city I’ll be leaving behind.

I remember when I first came to this city and it seemed so much larger than I was used to. Now after having lived here for nearly a decade the city almost feels small.

Too small.

The museum isn’t all that busy today, just a few families and some high school kids on a field trip. I walk past them all and head straight to where the exhibits of Egyptian history are located.

I stand in front of the section dedicated to the Egyptian dark age. The curator of this section was actually one of the few people I got along with while working here.

When he found out I was an orphan originally from Ka-Dun, he offered to help me get my history of art degree and even helped me get this job at the museum.

I don’t think he ever knew how much I appreciated his help. Instead, I just focused on my studies and kept my head down, as usual.

“It’s alright. You can go in.” I say to the families and high schoolers blocking the entrance to the section.

They look at me a bit surprised that one of the museum’s actual curators is letting them in, but they quickly move aside.

I watch the kids as they enter the exhibit. Young minds ready to be molded.

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review at realmanguide.net

They’ll grow up believing that all the cultures and creatures of lore that exist in their video games and movies are real, not realizing that those things once were real, and could be again.

Maybe it’s because I grew up with it, or maybe it’s because I’ve always had a bit of wanderlust, but I’ve never been content with staying still. I’ve always wanted to go see what was over the next hill or what was past the next river.

That’s why I became a traveler and went all over the world. Unfortunately, that’s also what got me into trouble and eventually led to me being stuck in that lab for five years.

My scientific knowledge makes me a target, but my desire to explore makes me an anomaly.

I turn my head when I see kids pushing each other.

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