Ridgid Octane Cordless Compact Router Review R860443B


The Ridgid Octane Cordless Rifle Review R860443B is one of the most popular models among professional users. Ridgid R870223B is another model with similar features but it’s not as easy to use. Ridgid R869221B has less features than its predecessor but it offers better performance at lower price tag.

Ridgid R873222B is one of the cheapest model but it delivers superior performance compared to other models.

Ridgid R860443B is a high quality rifle with excellent performance. It’s small size makes it ideal for home use or office work. The Ridgid R860443B comes with all necessary features like wireless remote control, auto power off feature, and a built-in rechargeable battery pack.

The Ridgid R860443B is equipped with a large LCD screen that displays detailed information such as speed, distance, temperature setting, and more.

It supports up to 6 different functions including:

Auto Power Off (APO) – automatically turns off the unit when not in use for safety reasons.

Speed Setting – sets the maximum speed of the device.

Temperature Settings – allows user to adjust the internal temperature of the device.

Calibration – allows the user to calibrate internal parts of the device.

Containment – keeps objects from falling off the table.

Wireless Remote – used to power on or off the unit, to control speed, and other functions.

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This unit is also equipped with a large LED display screen that shows all the important information such as distance measurement, temperature setting, speed control, etc. The entire unit is very light weight and easy to carry around.

Ridgid R860443B Review

The unit requires a 24-hour period to fully charge its internal battery. The user can also choose from three different power sources:

Wall Charger

USB Port (Mini USB)

Car Adapter (Included)

The Car Adapter and the USB Port are especially convenient for outdoor use because they eliminate the need for long and annoying power cords.

Ridgid R860443B is an excellent choice for both professional and hobby users. It’s a cordless tool that enables the user to work freely and with maximum efficiency. This model is also very easy to control and offers a wide range of useful features.

With the Ridgid R860443B you can cut, carve, carve, grind, drill, polish, or sand almost anything.

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