Ridgid Gen5X Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth


The Ridgid Gen5X jobsite radios are designed to provide a wide range of features including: wireless internet access; job site control; remote power on/off, and other functions. The Gen5X includes two antennas (one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5GHz) which allow it to operate at different frequencies. These include:

2.4 GHz – 433 MHz

5 GHz – 1710 MHz

These bands are used for transmitting data, voice calls, and other communications. The Gen5X radios have built-in antennas that work with any standard antenna system. They also support external antennas such as those provided by Belkin or TP-Link. These external antennas are capable of longer distance without drop-offs or “sparkling”, making them well-suited for larger warehouses, data centers, and other large buildings.

The Gen5X supports the latest 802.11ac WiFi protocol and has dedicated WiFi chips that allow it to reach higher transfer speeds. Its multiple band support allows it to connect to the latest 5 GHz WiFi networks as well as providing support for older 2.4 GHz WiFi. This allows it to provide users with the best connection at any time and in any location without having to replace the entire system.

The Gen5X provides WiFi access for multiple devices through its powerful dedicated router, which is also connected to the Internet or your company’s network. Users are able to print, scan, or access files located on a server so that they have access to all of the information they need when working on a project in the field. With the Gen5X’s dedicated router, you do not have to rely on other people’s WiFi. You also do not have to rely on the routers of other companies or struggle with “traffic” on their system.

Ridgid Gen5X jobsite radios provide an integrated three-port switch that allows you to directly connect to your projects without having to string cables across your workspace. You can also use the integrated Bluetooth technology to connect other devices such as your cell phone or laptop and have full control over them from your jobsite radio.

Ridgid Gen5X jobsite radios have a dedicated color touchscreen display that allows you to view all of your connection information at any time. You can see who is logged into the network, what resources they are using, and how much bandwidth they are using. You can also see information about the wireless signal strength. The screen also shows you the status of the Bluetooth connections, as well as the status of your integrated three-port switch.

The integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your smart phone and other devices to your jobsite radio (such as your laptop or cell phone). Once connected, all data from these devices will be streamed directly to your jobsite radio. This allows you to see all texts and alerts from your phone on your jobsite radio. This is a great feature for anyone who needs to stay in contact with the office or home while still working in the field.

Along with cell phones, the integrated Bluetooth allows you to connect other Ridgid Gen5x jobsite radios together, creating a private network between just those devices. This is perfect for working with a partner on a project and allows you to communicate with them by voice, text, or even video chat!

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The Gen5X supports up to 20 WPA2 personal encrypted connections at a time. This allows you to connect all of your relevant devices to the network without having to worry about others on the same network interfering with your devices.

The system also has an integrated 802.11N three-port switch, allowing you to directly connect printers and other large devices to the network without any lag or connection issues.

Ridgid Gen5X jobsite radios are the perfect solution for any company that is looking for a permanent yet temporary installation. Each system comes standard with single unit mounts that can be attached directly to the wall or ceiling. Once installed, the system acts as a single unit that cannot be removed from the building, preventing theft and giving you peace of mind.

The system can be set up in less than an hour by one person and requires no tools or heavy machinery to install. The system’s software can be updated through the Internet, allowing for constant software fixes and updates without ever having to visit the job site.

If you are looking for a maintenance free, customizable, and secure Internet solution for your company, the Ridgid Gen5X is the best solution available.

System Includes:


Metal Security Cage

4x Antennas

Integrated Three-Port Switch

Wall/Ceiling Mounts


The heart of the system is the RIDGID Gen5X unit. This powerful device can act as a router, switch, access point, or bandwidth manager. The device uses four internal antennas to broadcast a strong WiFi signal that covers up to 50,000 square feet. This allows multiple users to access the Internet from anywhere within the coverage area.

The Gen5X has two Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used to connect to the Internet or a LAN. These ports allow up to 1,000 Mb/s of bandwidth for connected devices.

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The device can also act as a three-port switch, allowing you to directly connect printers, desktops, and other devices without having to use an additional hub.

The Gen5X also comes equipped with an integrated three-port switch. This allows you to directly connect additional devices to the system without using WiFi or Ethernet. If there are other devices on the same wireless network, this feature also prevents them from connecting to the network and using up bandwidth.

The RIDGID Gen5X has a customizable bandwidth manager that allows you to set a rule for each device on your network. For example, you can limit a device’s Internet usage to only weekdays between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM.

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