Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan Review

Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan Review: What Is Ridgid Hybrid Fan?

The Ridgid Gen5X is a new type of hybrid fan. It combines the advantages of both a traditional air conditioner and a ceiling fan into one unit. The result is a much quieter, energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative to your existing system.

It uses a high efficiency motor and compressor, which means it saves energy while still maintaining the same level of performance. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of both a ceiling fan and an air conditioner at the same time!

The Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan Review: How Does Ridgid Hybrid Fan Work?

In order to understand how this hybrid works, let’s first take a look at what happens when you turn on your current AC unit. Air flows through pipes inside the room, where it cools down. Cool air then moves out of the pipes and into ductwork. When the ductwork reaches your windows or doors, it blows cold air outside.

When you install a Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan, you are essentially creating two separate systems; one for cooling and another for blowing air outside. The difference between these two systems is the amount of power used to do so.

A traditional air conditioner uses a lot of energy to cool the pipes it uses. If you only open your windows during the day, then these pipes only circulate cold air around your home.

The Hybrid unit changes this so that only a small amount of energy is used to power the fan. Instead of using your central air system, it only uses power to blow air between your home and the outside world. This lowers your energy consumption without sacrificing performance.

Now that you understand how the hybrid fan works, let’s take a look at what you can do with it.

Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan Review: What Can You Do With It?

The most common use for the Ridgid Gen5X is to keep you cool during the summer months. Compared to an A/C unit the Gen5X uses about 1/4 of the energy to do so.

It also improves on your other cooling methods. For instance, a standard ceiling fan can use up to 40% of your energy bill. In comparison, the hybrid uses much less than that amount so you save money by installing it.

You can also use it to improve upon drafts in your home. If you have any windows or doors that tend to let cold air into your home, then you’re familiar with the fact that cool air rises to the top of your rooms. This top layer of air remains cool even if your entire home rises in temperature.

If you have A/C, then this isn’t really a problem since it uses enough power to keep the entire room at a comfortable temperature. If you’re trying to save money with a traditional fan then this top layer of cold air may be causing you discomfort. Your home will stay cool, but not at the same rate as the bottom of the room.

The hybrid fan can fix this issue. When it blows outside, it doesn’t just send air from the top layer of your home outdoors. In fact, it actually mixes the top layer with the bottom one so that the entire room reaches an even temperature.

This means you can keep your central A/C at a lower setting without sacrificing comfort! You also have more control over where the cool air goes in your home since you control the direction of the fan.

Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan: Other Information

If you have any other questions about the hybrid fan or how it works, then please leave them in the comment section below.

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The next sections of this guide go over how to prepare your home to use the Gen5X fan as well as reviews of other helpful products to purchase with it.

How to Prepare Your Home For the Gen5X

Installing your new hybrid fan is a fairly straightforward process. In fact, you can complete it in about a day if you have someone helping you. If not, then you may want to plan for two days just to be safe.

You’ll also need to make sure that your home is prepped and ready for installation. The following sections explain what you need to do.

What Kind of Existing System Do You Currently Have?

Before you begin installing your new hybrid fan, you need to determine what kind of HVAC system you have. This mainly involves looking at the vents in your home and seeing how they’re placed.

If you already have a central air conditioning unit then you’re all set. All you need to do is have your unit serviced every year to keep it in good condition.

If you don’t have a central unit, then you may have a window or wall unit instead. If this is the case then there’s no reason why you can’t use the hybrid fan. In fact, it will work even better since you’ll be able to place the fan in an area with good airflow already.

Finally, you may also have a geo-thermal system installed in your home. These systems are fairly uncommon, but if you do have one then you can’t use the hybrid fan. The fan wouldn’t work in this situation since it relies on air temperature to cool other objects.

What Else Do You Need to Buy?

If you’re installing your fan as part of a new HVAC system, then you may also need to buy a few extra parts. This mainly involves getting extra gauges and wiring.

The good news is that you won’t need to hire an electrician since you can do the wiring yourself. The Gen5X has detailed instructions on how to hang the gauges and run the wires outside of your home.

If you’re not installing a new HVAC system, then you just need to make sure that you have a few extra power cables running to your fan. The hybrid fan doesn’t use a lot of power, so you can tap into an existing cable without issues.

Other than that, you don’t need to buy anything else to get your new air conditioner up and running.

How to Use Your New Air Conditioner

Your new air conditioner is an intelligent system that makes it easy to use. You just need to allow it time to calibrate itself before you have it blow cold air.

After you’ve installed your fan, you just need to turn your regular AC system off. From there, the solid state thermostat will automatically turn on your fan after a few moments.

The fan is designed to blow cool air in the direction of your choosing. You can place it anywhere in the room and get the effects you desire. It’ll also shut off automatically when the temperature in the room gets back to normal.

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