Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review


What is Ridgid Gen5X?

The Ridgid brand name was created in 1999 when the founders, Bob and Mike Hahn, started their own company called “Hahn Tools”. They were looking for a way to make better quality tools at a lower price point. Their first product was the “Hahn Tool” which consisted of two screwdrivers with different heads. They sold it for $10.00. After they had success with this product, they decided to start making other products such as a small table saw, drill press and many others.

In 2005, Ridgid Tools was acquired by Dremel Industries Inc., who then renamed them to “Dremel Tools”.

The new owners wanted to expand into other categories besides screws and wrenches so they changed the name again in 2009 to “Ridgid Tools”.

Why Should You Buy Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit?

1) Price: $199.

99 (Amazon) – $249.99 (B&H Photo Video).

The price difference between the two is only $20! That’s a great deal!

2) 5-Year Warranty.

This is the longest in the industry.

3) The tools are made in the U.

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review on realmanguide.net


This is one of the reasons why they’re one of the highest quality tools you can buy.

4) The battery and charger are “Made in China”.

A lot of people don’t like this, but they still hold a charge for a long time. They also charge quickly.

5) The battery can be charged over 1500 times (wow!

). It also has a fuel gauge so you know exactly how much power is left.

6) They have an “Active Response” trigger.

This means that when the trigger is pulled it is locked into place until the job is done. Other brands such as DeWalt only lock at the top and bottom of the pull.

7) These tools are very comfortable to hold.

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review on realmanguide.net

They also have good balance and aren’t too heavy.

8) Craftsmanship is great.

They are manufactured in Taiwan. Great quality control!

9) The brand is very well known and respected.

They have been around for a long time and will probably be around for many more years.

10) 2 Year Warranty. This is the second longest in the industry (Dewalt has a 4 year warranty).

11) 3 Year Product Protection. If anything happens to your tool (such as a motor failure), Ridgid will repair it for you FOC.

They will also pay for shipping! This is great because it eliminates the hassle of dealing with the warranty.

12) Great customer service. Their customer service department is in the U.S.

so you won’t have to wait 10 years for them to respond like some other brands (i.e. DeWalt).

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review on realmanguide.net

13) The warranty is fully transferable. This means that if you buy a Ridgid drill and then you break it, you can take it to a genuine Ridgid repair center and they will fix or replace it FOC.

If you were to go to a third party (unauthorized) repair center, there would be a fee.

What’s The Difference Between Gen5X And Regular Ridgid?

The main difference is the battery technology. Gen5X uses the newer battery technology (Lithium-Ion) and the regular Ridgid uses Nicad.

Even though the Nicad battery produces less power than the Gen5X, some people prefer it since it has more charges (1,700) and is less expensive ($50). I’d recommend going with the Gen5X since it’s only $50 more and comes with a 5 year warranty as opposed to 3 years for Nicad.

Another difference is the warranty. The regular Ridgid comes with a 3 year warranty which is still pretty good.

As I mentioned earlier, the new Gen5X has a 5 year warranty.

Finally, they both come with a 3 year free service policy. This means that if anything breaks or fails within that period, you can have it repaired free of charge.

You just pay for the shipping costs to get it to the service center (which I believe is in Kansas).

What About The Warranty?

The warranty is pretty good. Like all tools these days, the longer you wait, the better the deal (but of course, the cost goes up as well).

When you purchase a Gen5X it comes with a standard 3 year warranty. If you register your unit within 60 days, you’ll get an extra year (4 total).

If you register it within 90 days, you’ll get 2 more years (5 total).

After 5 years, you can get 2 more years added on if you pay for an extended warranty within 30 days of your original purchase. Keep in mind that the battery is not covered in this deal.

The average life span for an 18V drill is about 3-4 years (although I’ve had DeWalt drills last 10+ years) so that means that your drill is covered until it’s 7-8 years old! Pretty sweet deal.

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review at realmanguide.net

It’s also important to note that the 3 year free service policy is still in effect. If anything fails within those three years, you can have it repaired for free (you just have to pay for shipping costs).

What’s The Point Of A 3 Year Service Policy?

That’s a great question!

Since your average drill is going to last about 3-4 years, what’s the point of repairing it within 3 years?

Well, there are actually two answers.

The first reason is so that you don’t have to deal with sending it back to the factory and waiting 2-3 months (or longer). If it’s broke, you need it fixed now!

The 3 year service policy eliminates this problem by having your tool fixed and returned to you within 2-3 weeks.

The second reason is that you save money. Let’s say you waited 3 years to send in your drill.

It costs $50 to have it fixed at the factory. However, if you had sent it in within the 3 year period, it would only have cost you $10 (shipping included). That’s a savings of $40!

So even though your warranty has expired, you can still save money by sending it in during the 3 year period.

How Do I Register My Warranty And When Does It Start?

It’s really easy to register and all you need is the serial number which can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the tool (it’s white and blue).

Head on over to this page: Rigid 3 Year Extended Warranty Registration and fill out the information. You have from the day you buy it until 60 days to register (and 90 days for the additional two years).

If you bought it a long time ago or just don’t remember when you bought it, simply guess!

When Will It Expire?

After you register, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation number. If you click on that it will take you back to the Rigid Warranty Registration page but there will be a different banner at the top that reads “TWO YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY!” Your warranty now lasts until 3 years after your original purchase date!

Is It Easy To Repair My Drill?

Yes! Without proper calibration and adjustments, your drill won’t work properly and you’ll have decreased performance.

But don’t worry, all you have to do is ship it back to the factory (you pay the shipping) and it will be fixed within 2-3 weeks and returned to you free of charge. The repair process is very simple and all they do is check and make sure everything is running at 100%.

Can I Still Get The Two Free Batteries?

Unfortunately that is no longer part of the warranty. It was in place for a long time, but has since been discontinued. Your free batteries will now need to be purchased like everyone else.

What About My Warranty If I Buy It Used?

It’s just like brand new! The warranty transfers from owner to owner so you’re good to go.

When Can I Send My Drill In For Repairs And How Do I Do It?

You can have your drill fixed at any time during the three year period as long as it’s within the 90 day window of registering. If its past the 90 day window, you can still send it in but you’ll have to pay shipping and handling which is $20 (it’s only $5 if your within the 90 day window).

If you don’t want to pay the $20 shipping charge, you can also take it to your local tool repair shop and they will send it in for you (for free), but that will take a few weeks because they will need to receive it first before fixing it.

To send it in yourself, go here:

Rigid 3 Year Extended Warranty Shipping And Handling

It Will Be About A Week Or So Before It’s Sent Back To You.

The warranty is really easy to use. Just remember that the free batteries are no longer part of the warranty.

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review - realmanguide.net

Other than that, enjoy your drill!

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