Ridgid Cordless Trim Router Review R86044B


The Ridgid brand name was established in 1892 and it is one of the oldest brands still operating today. Their products are made from high quality materials and they have been used by professionals all over the world for years. They are known for their durability, reliability, ease of use, and price point.

In this article we will discuss about the Ridgid R86044B Octane 6 Corded Router. The Ridgid R86044B is a cordless router with an aluminum body, which comes with a metal trim ring. The router comes with two different models: a basic model and an advanced model.

There are three main features that make up the Ridgid R86044B:

1) Aluminum Body – This is probably the most notable feature of this router.

It is durable and lightweight, making it very easy to handle. It’s also strong enough to cut through wood without any problems.

2) Variable Speed – You have total control of the speed in which the bit cuts into the material.

This is very useful when making precision cuts, like with woodwork.

3) LED Lights – These lights provide better visibility when working with the router in low-light conditions.

These three features make the RIDGID R86044B a very attractive option for anyone looking for a new router.


The advanced features of the R86044B are what sets it apart from the standard model. You get more versatility and more control over the finished product. These features are:

1) Plunge Base – The plunge base allows for more precision when making flush cuts.

It is also great for reducing the size of a hole that has been previously drilled.

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2) Electronic Speed Control – This allows you to completely control the speed of rotation of the bit.

You can make precise adjustments while working on a project.

3) Two-Speed Rotational Speed – The R86044B has two speeds: 1725 RPM for more aggressive cuts and 535 RPM for lighter work such as countersinking.

The RIDGID R86044B is a very versatile tool for anyone who works with wood or metal.

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