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Close Quarter Pex Crimpers are used to open up small holes or crevices in walls, doors, floors and ceilings. They can also be used to cut through wooden flooring when they have been properly installed. These tools are ideal for opening up a door that is locked from the inside and need to be opened with a key.

The most common uses for these tools include:

1) Opening up a hole in a wall to access a hidden room.

(For example, if you were looking for your lost keys.)

2) Cutting through wood flooring to reach hidden areas behind it.

3) Making a temporary entry into a building where the main entrance is blocked off by furniture or other objects.

4) Open up a gap between two pieces of furniture so that you can get under them without having to lift each piece.


When you want to close up a hole in the wall, you use a pneumatic nail gun. You simply place the nail gun on top of the hole and push down on its trigger until it fires. This will fire up to 40 nails into the drywall, instantly filling up the hole.

To prevent the weight of the drywall from pulling off the nails, you use small pieces of duct tape to secure them in place before you place down the drywall. You then push a putty knife between the drywall and nail gun to force the nails out of the wall.

Cutting through flooring is almost exactly like closing up a hole in the wall. You simply place the tool on top of the flooring and push down on its trigger.


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As mentioned earlier, these tools can be used to open up a door that is locked from the inside. You do this by making a small hole in the door with a normal drill bit to access the door knob. You then remove the pin that holds the bolt in place with a screwdriver.

When you turn the knob, the bolt should slide out of its place and the door will be wide open. When you are done, you simply put the pin back in place with your screwdriver.

Opening up a closed floor: In some cases, you might need to cut through wooden floors to gain access to an area underneath it. This is ideal when you need to access a crawl space area that is inaccessible from other directions.

You can also use this method to hide something in a crawl space that you do not want other people to find. In order to cut through a wooden floor, you must first remove all furniture and other objects that might be in the way.

You then place the tool on top of the flooring and turn on its trigger. As it cuts through the floor, you can then use a flathead screwdriver to push down on the nails that pop up from the cutting process.

These tools are typically used by locksmiths, home owners, maintenance personnel, plumbers, and government agents.

The tools themselves are fairly large and bulky. They can’t be easily concealed and must always be carried in a toolbox. Because of this, they can only be used when you have the freedom to move about and carry them around.

If you are trying to enter an area that is heavily guarded or has high security measures in place, these tools will definitely set off any security alarms in place. When this happens, you will have to quickly disable the alarm system (using your lockpicking kit or computer skills) or else security personnel will show up to investigate.


It is unlikely that any area in your local town or city is NOT being video taped by at least a few cameras. Many businesses as well as government and law enforcement buildings have video surveillance systems in place.

Most video surveillance systems are hooked up to a television monitor so that the person watching the screen can easily see what is going on. Many times, they actually sit and watch live video of whatever is being taped. If this is the case, you can easily be spotted if you try to do something illegal or suspicious.

However, in most cases, the person watching a video monitor simply reviews whatever was taped during the past few hours. If you are sneaky enough, you may be able to break into a building or some place and not be detected while the security guard simply watches a video playback on his screen.

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In some cases, the person watching the tape isn’t even in the same building! They may very well be sitting at home where they have hooked up a television or computer monitor to the video surveillance system. You would be able to see a video camera hooked up to a monitor, but unless you were looking for it, you probably wouldn’t even think that it was part of a security system.

When you are trying to figure out if an area is being monitored by video cameras or not, keep the following details in mind:


Are there any windows in the building?

If not, then there is a good chance that it is being video taped.


How detailed is the interior?

The more items, like computers, boxes, furniture, etc. there are in a room, the more likely it is being video taped.


Does the room have one door or two?

If there is only one door in and out of a room, then there is a greater chance that it is under video surveillance than a room with multiple doors.


What type of business is located in this building?

If the building contains a business that deals with money or is run by a security conscious person, then it is very likely that the place is being video taped.

Of course, some people are tape paranoid. They believe that their place of business or residence is under video surveillance even if it isn’t! If you find yourself in this type of situation, you will have to use your best judgment on whether or not you are actually being watched.

If you do accidentally step into a place that is under video surveillance, you can still escape without being detected. All you have to do is wait for the security guard (or whoever is watching the tape) to look away from the screen and then make your move.

Escape is slightly more difficult if there is a live guard actually watching the person on the screen. You may have to knock the guard out, or in rare cases kill him if he won’t let you pass.

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Remember that security guards and video surveillance systems can be foiled just like any other enemy. The first way is to simply avoid areas that are under heavy video surveillance. For example, most banks and jewelry stores have extensive video monitoring systems in place. A small business that deals in cash, however, is much less likely to have the same types of security.

The other way to defeat video surveillance is to gain access to the monitor itself. If you can, turn the monitor off. If you can’t turn it off, there may be a way to cover it so that the person watching the tape won’t be able to see what is going on. Paper and tape come in very handy in these situations.

Something else you can do is jam the signal. Most video surveillance systems use a wireless signal to transmit the tape. If you can locate the signal coming from the camera or recorder, you can very easily create a jamming device out of common items found in your bag. To do this, just open up your tin can and take out the bag of soy nuts. From there you need to tear open the bag and empty out the soy nuts.

If you don’t care about them getting smashed, you can just crush them with your shoe. The bag should look like this.

You now need to turn the bag inside out and tie a knot in the small opening. From there all you need to do is move the bag in front of the camera lens when no one is watching. Be careful not to get caught!

If you ever get access to the video surveillance computer itself, you can erase or destroy the tape. This is probably the best solution to avoid any heat, but it’s very difficult to get to the video tapes themselves.

You can usually find video surveillance equipment in the security office of banks, or sometimes in small retail stores. In other places you might have to improvise.

You have several options if you don’t find any surveillance equipment in your target location. You could blow up the video camera with a small explosive, or you could just destroy the tape.

If you can, get someone to take the tape out of the recorder and bring it to you so you can get rid of it. If they won’t, then you’ll have to do it without getting caught. (See “How to disable tape from a surveillance camera”, Part II)

Once you have the tape, you can destroy it in any one of a number of ways. The first way is to just smash it with a hammer and break it into several pieces.

If you don’t want to get that violent with the tape, you can always set fire to it, or expose it to sunlight for several hours (which will eventually lead to it breaking down). Be creative!

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How to Identify a Person of Interest

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I’ve found that people are just as unique as their fingerprints or DNA. There is always something just a little bit different about them compared to everyone else. You just need to learn what that difference is (or at least what you think it is) and you’ll be able to tell if someone is genuine or not.

A person of interest in this case could be anyone. It could be someone you’re interviewing for a job as an assistant, a new friend of your sister’s, or even a potential date for a lonely night.

You need to take extreme caution when trying to figure out whether or not someone is telling the truth. If you get it wrong, then it could have dire consequences.

When you’re meeting with someone for the first time, start by asking some basic questions about themselves. You don’t need to ask anything too personal right away. Just try to determine whether or not the subject has a good sense of logic and reasoning.

Next, start asking some personal questions. These should be things that the person shouldn’t readily share with someone they just met. Don’t press the issue if they get defensive and don’t push too hard if they seem to be hesitant about a particular subject. Just move on to another topic.

Once you’ve gathered enough information from this person, try to compare what you have learned about them with what you already knew about them (if anything). You can then start making an assessment of whether or not they’re telling the truth.

This type of identification can take several meetings to complete. Be patient and don’t rush it. Take a break if you have to.

Always try to keep an open mind and don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. There is always a possibility that what you think you know about someone is wrong.

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How to Disguise Yourself Quickly

There are times when you might need to disguise yourself quickly in order to avoid unwanted attention. Perhaps the people chasing you have described what you’re wearing and need to do something else to avoid them. Maybe you just need to blend in with the crowd at a concert or sporting event.

Whatever the reason, there are some simple ways to alter your appearance that can make a world of difference.

Note: These are meant to be temporary solutions only. None of these are likely to hold up under serious scrutiny.

Ridgid Close Quarters ASTM F1807 PEX Crimp Tools - realmanguide.net

Wear a hat – A ball cap or other style hat can change your entire facial appearance if it’s pulled low enough to cast shadows on your face.

Add glasses – Glasses, especially older styles or those with tinted lenses can drastically change your appearance.

Don’t shave – If you have a beard, try going without shaving for a few days. If you don’t, try growing a beard. Be sure to trim it and keep it neat though.

Wear a costume – If you can find an old shirt with a logo on it or an old pair of pants with a memorable pattern, you can create a simple costume that changes your appearance completely.

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