Ridgid 18V Sub-Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo R9780


The Ridgid 18V Sub-Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo R9780 is a high quality combination tool with all features that are required for every day use. You will enjoy using it.

It is a good choice if you want to have a compact drill and driver set at your disposal. You can easily carry it around with you wherever you go.

You can use it for drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic or other materials. It is suitable for home repair work and maintenance tasks too. It’s small size makes it easy to handle even when working with large amounts of material.

Its powerful motor ensures fast drilling speed and accurate results. Its large chuck allows you to easily handle heavy pieces of material. The sturdy steel construction helps prevent damage during use. And finally, its convenient carrying case makes it easier to take along anywhere.

Whether you own a business or do some home repair work on the side, this tool will prove to be a great investment for you.

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– Lightweight (only 2.2 lb) yet durable design.

Ridgid 18V Sub-Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo R9780 - realmanguide.net

– Powerful motor for fast drilling and long life.

– Large handle for better grip and control.

– Comes with 2 batteries, 1 quick charger and a carrying case.

– Very compact and easy to handle.

– Approved by ACMA.


Very good quality and cheap, excellent for home use or small business. Good power and battery life. Well balanced in my hand as I am a woman with smaller hands. DeWalt has great stuff, but I like this better.

— Rebecca R.

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