Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B

R84444B Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B

The Ridgid brand name was first introduced in the early 1900’s. They are one of the most popular brands among home improvement contractors due to their low price point and high quality. There are many different types of caulks available from the company. Some of them include:

1) 18V – High Viscosity (also known as “High Temp” or “Ultra-Visc”)

2) 24V – Low Viscosity (also known as “Low Temp” or “Medium Temp”)

3) 36V – Ultra-Viscosity (also known as “Extreme Temp” or “Super-Therm” or “Ultra-Tough”)

4) 48V – Super-Therm (also known as “Super Tough” or “Ultimate Therm” or “Ultralightweight”)

5) 60V – Ultimate Therm (also known as “Ultimate Toughness” or “Unbreakable” or “Unstopable”)

The R84444B is a high-quality gun, designed for Building Contractors, Homeowners and any other person who might need to use it. It can be used with rigid sealants as well as standard adhesives. The R84044B model is the most popular within this range, and is able to handle all different kinds of materials, including most common types of caulk.

The R84044B is a durable, heavy-duty tool that can make the most demanding work much easier. For example, using this gun when working with flexible sealants can make it much easier to fill small gaps and spaces. This versatility is very efficient when it comes to saving time as well as money – you won’t need to buy several different guns for different types of materials since this one can do it all. The R84444B is simple and easy to use.

There are only a few different parts to it, and changing between materials is very easy. It’s also very easy to change the cartridges since all you have to do is slide them in. The handle has a built-in level and sight so you can see exactly where you are applying the material.

The gun itself is 8 pounds, and together with the cartridges it weighs just over 10 pounds. That may seem like a lot of weight for some people to be holding up for an extended period of time, but the handle is very ergonomic making it easy to use. The adjustable flow trigger allows you to set how much material comes out, and can be turned completely off when not in use.

Caulk guns are generally very straightforward tools, so most of the downsides to this one are related to the specific cartridge it uses. The cartridges have a limited amount of material inside of them, which means after they run out you will have to replace them. Some people don’t like this because it is another consumable that will eventually need to be bought again. The other downside is that the cartridges are relatively expensive compared to similar products from other manufacturers.

The R84044B is a great gun for smaller projects around the house or workplace. It is able to handle all different types of materials so it can be used for more than just sealing cracks and filling small holes. It is a durable, heavy duty tool that is designed to last for years with proper care. This is a better investment than most other guns since it can be used with a variety of materials.

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Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B | realmanguide.net


The following guns are similar to the R84044B in some ways, but lack others:

1) CLC-VB2 – This gun is nearly identical to the R84044B, but the cartridges are cheaper.

It uses the same handle and trigger, so it is very comfortable to use. It has a clear barrel that allows you to see how much material is left in the cartridge.

2) Q-200 – This gun uses a pneumatic air cartridge rather than a glue-based one.

This allows it to apply material much faster, but the cartridges are very expensive and don’t last very long. It is only able to apply glue, and doesn’t have the versatility that the R84044B offers. The Q-200 is also very loud compared to other guns.

3) Goulco LG-35 – This is a unique gun that uses neither glue nor air pressure.

It uses a butane cartridge to heat up the glue inside the cartridge, allowing it to be applied at a very high rate of speed. This gun is great for work that requires quick and easy application of material, such as when you are filling holes or gaps between panels. The cartridges are relatively cheap, but only last about half as long as the ones for the R84044B.

4) Fermax MT-55 – This gun is very similar to the Goulco in that it heats up the glue inside of it’s cartridge.

It uses a propane cartridge to do this rather than a butane one, so it doesn’t get as hot and takes a little longer to heat up. This gun is a good option for those that require more precise application of the adhesive, such as when doing edge-sealing.

5) Makita AT420 – This is a professional grade applicator that uses an electric motor to push the material out.

Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B from our website

It doesn’t use cartridges or have any glue pre-mixed, so it can be used with other materials that aren’t in pre-packaged cartridges. This versatility comes at a price though, as this gun is expensive and requires more maintenance than the others.

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Should I get the R84220B or the R84044B?

A. It really depends on what you need the gun for. The R84044B is a great all-around gun that can be used for both large and small projects with all different types of materials. It’s great for professionals or people that want a versatile tool. The R84220B is a heavier-duty tool designed for more industrial use. It is able to be used with more types of cartridges, but only comes with the one internal cartridge.


Are glue-based cartridges safe to use indoors?

A. This really depends on how much you’re using the gun and what you’re using it for. Glue-based cartridges are very strong and water resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor projects like filling in cracks or big holes in a fence or wall. They aren’t actually bad to use indoors, but there are much better options for smaller projects.


Is it normal for the glue to get thicker over time?

A. It is very normal for glue cartridges to thicken over time, especially when they aren’t being used. This makes them more difficult to apply and requires you to shake the cartridge vigorously for several minutes before use. You should really only buy as much glue as you need for a particular job since cartridges have a limited shelf life and will become useless after a certain point.

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Pros and Cons

Option Advantages Pricing Cheaper hardware and more options Disadvantages Glue doesn’t last as long. Cartridges are perishable so you have to time your jobs around their use by dates



Are the double-cartridge guns any good?

A. The more expensive double cartridge guns are a good compromise between price and quality. They give you increased airflow and can be used with more materials. They are also easier to use since they’re less likely to clog, but of course this isn’t always the case.

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Glue Guns Buying Guide – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B from our website

These days there are so many different types of glue gun on the market that it can be hard to decide which one you need for your project. Most people only ever need the standard glue gun, but there are actually tons of different types you can buy. Even if you don’t need a specialized glue gun, you might still want one of the many different types they offer since they all have their own advantages and disadvantages just like any other product.

So what’s the difference between all of these guns? What should you look for and what should you avoid?

This guide will help you choose the right one for your project or job that needs doing.


What kinds of glue gun are there?

A. There are two main types of glue gun: the cartridge-based glue gun and the nozzle-based glue gun. The cartridge-based gun is exactly what it sounds like; it uses glue cartridges filled with hot glue to fill a small reservoir. The nozzle-based gun doesn’t need to be refilled nearly as often, but the glue cartridges themselves are more expensive and don’t always have as much glue in them.


Should I get a cartridge-based gun or a nozzle-based gun?

A. This really depends on what you’re using the gun for. Cartridge-based guns are good for small and simple jobs, but can’t do as much as nozzle-based guns. They’re also easier to use since they rarely clog. Nozzle-based guns allow you to control the glue more easily and are good for crafts or larger jobs, but the cartridges need to be changed a lot more often so it can get a little annoying after awhile.


Is there anything else I should know about glue guns?

A. There are also a few other options you might want to look into. For instance, if you’re going to be using the gun a lot or doing something where you’ll be applying a lot of force, like when gluing metal, you might want to get a heavy duty glue gun so the mechanism inside won’t malfunction as easily. There also some glue guns that have different nozzles to allow for different applications. These are really for crafts and DIY jobs where you need a little more versatility, but they’re not necessary for most projects and jobs.

Glue Gun FAQ


How do I use a glue gun?

A. First, make sure the glue gun is unplugged and that the temperature dial on the front of the gun is set on low. If you’re using a cartridge-based gun, open up the top and put a cartridge in. If you’re using a nozzle-based gun, fill it with your preferred glue from the bottle. Next, adjust the temperature dial to match the type of glue you have. You’ll have to play around with this a bit, especially if you’re using a different kind of glue or a different brand. The last step is to start gluing!


How do I know when my glue gun needs to be replaced?

A. If the trigger doesn’t want to spring back or seems stiff, this is an indication that you’ll need to get a new one soon. If you’re using a cartridge-based gun, you’ll also notice that the trigger gets harder to pull back and that the cartridge gets harder to squeeze at times.


Is it bad to leave the glue gun on after use?

A. It’s not necessary to do this and can be damaging to the glue gun, so try to avoid it. Leaving the gun on causes unnecessary and extended heating of the parts which can make them more likely to malfunction or wear out quicker.


How do I clean a glue gun?

A. If your gun has a removable tip, you should probably remove it and wash it with warm, soapy water. You can clean the main body of the gun with a paper towel or Q-tip if there’s any dried glue that caked inside. Once you’re done cleaning the gun, you should also let it dry before you plug it in and use it again or it could short out.

Glue Gun Accessories

Besides the selection of glues, you can also get a few other tools and parts to improve your glue gun’s performance.

Nozzle Cleaners: These are helpful if you’re using any kind of a cartridge-based gun since they’ll help keep the nozzle clear so the trigger can be pulled back easily. These are tiny, plastic, cone-shaped objects that you put on the tip of the nozzle before putting on a new cartridge.

Extension Cords: These are great if you’ll be using a corded glue gun a lot or in an area far away from an electrical socket. Make sure to get one that has the correct voltage, though!

Glue Gun Mats: Not all work areas are perfectly clean, and that’s where these mats come in. They help keep the work surface around your gun nice and neat.

Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B - Picture

Glue Gun Safety

Safety should always be your number one concern, so here are a few tips to help you use your glue gun safely.

Make sure the glue gun is unplugged before doing any maintenance.

Don’t leave the gun on or with the trigger pulled for more than a few seconds. Glue can quickly build up and cause a burn if the hot plate stays on for too long.

Don’t point the nozzle at your hands or other body parts while the trigger is pulled back. Hot glue can cause painful burns!

Glue Gun FAQs


What kind of glue sticks work with a hot glue gun?

A. Most standard, craft glues should work just fine. Just make sure you’re buying the right type for your gun (i.e., cartridges or tubes).

Q. My gun won’t pull the trigger back.

How can I fix it?

A. Most likely the trigger spring has come out of place. Look at your hot glue gun and you’ll see a thin metal wire. Use a toothpick or another small, slender object to bend it back into place.

Struggling To Get The Right Hot Glue?

Glue Glider puts all the best hot glue products in one easy to shop location! Whether you’re looking for the perfect glue gun, hot glue sticks, or anything else, we’ve got what you need.

Hot Glue Gun How-To’s

Hot glue gun tips and tricks.

Ridgid 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun | R84044B on realmanguide.net

Hot Glue Projects

Great ways to use hot glue in your craft and DIY projects.

Hot Glue Videos

Watch our how-to videos on using different types of hot glue.

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