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RevMark White Ink Industrial Marker (RMI) is a brand name of RevMark Pencil Co., Ltd. It was introduced in 2000 and became one of the most popular brands among Japanese artists. RMI’s logo consists of two white lines crossing each other at the top left corner, which are connected with a red line at the bottom right corner. The color scheme includes blue, green, yellow and orange colors.

The company was founded in 1990 by Mr. Shigeyuki Oda, a former employee of the famous Japanese manufacturer Fujikura, Inc. In 1992, it moved its headquarters from Tokyo to Osaka where it opened a new factory. Since then, RMI has been producing high quality pens and pencils under the same brand name since 2000.

In the beginning, RMI produced only mechanical pencils and fountain pens, but later started making some plastic products such as ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. Today, RMI produces various types of writing instruments including pencils, markers, inkjet printers and many others. The company has expanded into different industries such as electronics manufacturing.

As a brand name of RevMark Pencil Co., Ltd., RMI is known worldwide through advertising campaigns. The company has launched some television adverts in the past, which were very popular during that time. Currently, the brand name is recognized as a leader in the writing industry due to the success and expansion of its production lines through its continuous research and development.

The Japanese brand is also supported by a well-organized distribution system that reaches out to customers on time.

The company has manufacturing plants in Kure, Japan and a few other places. It is currently managed by Mr. Hayato Oda, who is also the founder of Primula Industies. He holds a degree in business administration at the University of Pennsylvania.

RMI was established as “Primula Industries” in 1990 by businessman Mr. Shigeyuki Oda. The company began by manufacturing high-end writing instruments, particularly fountain pens. It soon became popular among artists and calligraphers for its high quality products. The company began establishing its distribution and advertising channels in the late 90s, and was renamed “RevMark Pencil Company” in 2000.

By that time, RMI had started manufacturing other writing instruments such as mechanical pencils, markers and ballpoint pens. The brand soon became popular among students for its reasonable price and high quality. Since then, RMI has expanded into other business areas such as electronics manufacturing and has become a brand leader in the writing industry.

The brand name RMI consists of two white lines crossing each other at the top left corner, which are connected with a red line at the bottom right corner. The four colors of the brand name represent the following:

Hayato Oda is the current president and CEO of RMI, which is managed by Primula Industries. Its headquarters is located in the Japanese city Osaka. The brand has been expanding its business areas to include electronics manufacturing. Primula is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of writing instruments.

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The RMI brand covers the following product lines:

The RMI Emperor is a high-end fountain pen manufactured by RMI. It is a piston filler made of high quality brass and suitable for calligraphy as well as everyday use. The pen has a large ink capacity and is available in different nib sizes. It was designed to celebrate the company’s ten year anniversary in 2000. The Emperor can be personalized with specific patterns on the barrel and the clip.

The RMI Classic is an entry-level fountain pen designed for school students and beginners. It is made of plastic and has a large ink capacity. The brand is widely available at affordable prices and offers a good introduction into the world of fountain pens.

The RMI Pen-A is an entry-level ballpoint pen targeted towards school students. It is designed to be robust and reliable. The brand writes smoothly without any ghosting or marking of the page.

The RMI D-Knock is a mid-level ballpoint pen with a modern design. The stainless steel clip stands out from the rest of the barrel, which is made of high-quality plastic. It is available in different bright colors.

The RMI V-Knock is a high-end metal ballpoint pen with a modern design.

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