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Red Wing 6″ Waterproof Men’s Boots with BOA Lace: Boa Safety Boot?

Boas are reptiles. They belong to the order Squamata (squid). There are different kinds of squamous lizards in this group, but all of them have spines or barbs at their base which they use to hold onto things like prey. Some species have venomous glands and others do not, but they all possess these structures. All squamate reptiles have some sort of defense mechanism against predators.

Some types of snakes are poisonous and will kill you if bitten, while other species may cause mild discomfort and pain when bit.

So what makes a snake dangerous?

A few factors come into play here: size, speed, strength, venom production capabilities and the ability to strike quickly without being seen.

Size is probably the most important factor. The larger the reptile, the greater its chance of killing you.

For example, a python is very large and could easily bite someone even if it were not poisonous. A brown tree snake might be small and harmless, but still dangerous because it has enough power to strike and kill someone within seconds if provoked.

Speed is another factor that comes into play when deciding whether or not something is dangerous or not. The faster the speed of whatever reptile, the higher likelihood of it killing you.

Some snakes can move so quickly that they could wrap you up and kill you before you even knew what was happening.

The strength of a snake is also an important factor. This includes how much pressure it can exert when squeezing prey as well as the how strong its venom is.

The more powerful the venom, the more likely it is to kill you.

When any of these factors are combined, the reptile in question becomes a very real danger to you. Each of these factors also relates to other animals that may be considered dangerous in their own right.

All things are dangerous in some way if you take a specific viewpoint, but some are certainly more dangerous than others.

Snakes, for example, have a bad reputation of being extremely dangerous, but in reality, very few of the thousands of species are actually life-threatening.

The boa on the other hand is definitely life-threatening and should be respected as such. The smaller ones may not be able to kill you, but they can certainly do enough damage that it might as well have been a giant anaconda!

The boa constrictor is a very interesting reptile. Also known as the red on yellow snake (its other common name), it lives in the jungles of South America.

It grows quite large and eats mainly large mammals that live in the same habitat such as deer and capybaras. The boa mostly hunts at night, but on some occasions it has been known to be active during the day as well.

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The boa can range in size from 3 to 6 feet long when it is born and will grow to be roughly 20 feet long as an adult. It has a durable skin that is scaly and dry to the touch.

The boa also has small teeth that are used to grip onto prey as it kills it, but it fails to chew. The boa swallows its food whole and later digests it internally.

Without a doubt, the most recognizable feature of this reptile is the pattern of red rings that covers its body. It has another type of pattern on its skin that is dark blotches.

The boa can alter its color to match the environment in order to make itself less conspicuous.

Snakes are commonly feared by humans, but the boa is considered to be one of the more friendly types and is not known to attack unless provoked. It is a very graceful animal and is referred to as a gentle master.

The boa does not have dangerous venom, but it kills by wrapping itself around its prey and suffocating it. It will also crush the life out of small prey such as rabbits. The boa constrictor can survive for long periods without food, but it can often be found near areas where food is easily accessible.

While the boa is not the biggest snake in the world, it certainly has more than enough size and power to kill an adult human being.

Snakes are often feared for their reputation more than anything else, but in reality they are very beneficial to the eco-system. The boa is an important part of its natural habitat and has no real natural enemies.

It lives a long life in comparison to other animals, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible.

While it is true that the boa constrictor kills by crushing its prey, it’s scales can sometimes become dislodged when doing this. It also is not immune to larger animals such as jaguars that may view it as potential prey.

The anaconda is another reptile that is known to predate upon the boa, but it too has its own natural enemies. It sometimes suffers from a number of diseases and parasites as well as losing battles against other snakes.

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Man is the boa’s biggest threat and through hunting and deforestation has decimated the boa population in some areas. The boa is often killed when mistaken for its close relative the coral snake which is a venomous snake that deserves respect as well.

Due to these factors the boa is listed as an endangered species and protected by law in many parts of the world. It is illegal to hunt, kill or capture a boa constrictor in these areas.


The snake slithers towards you, but it isn’t quick. You watch as its scales change color to match your tile floor and it blends in almost perfectly.

A shiver runs up your spine as you are reminded of a horror movie where a killer lurks in the shadows. You reach back and close the bathroom door, hoping to prevent it from escaping while you grab your items.

You pick up your bath bomb and tuck it under your arm. Then you go back to get your robe, which is difficult since you have to stand between it and the wall so that it doesn’t attack you.

Finally, you get it and tuck it under your other arm. Then you walk quickly to the door without looking down.

You take a deep breath before opening the door again.

You breathe a sigh of relief when you see that the snake is gone. You hurry over to the counter to set down your items and then call animal control.

You explain your problem to them and they assure you that someone will be there shortly.

You hang up and go get dressed. After that you pace around your room, wondering if it’s still down there.

Maybe it left through the pipes, or maybe it’s hiding somewhere in the walls. You hope animal control gets here soon.

You don’t have to wait long. You hear a knock at the door not long after you finish getting dressed.

You open it to find a short man wearing a cowboy hat. “Howdy,” he says with a nod. “

I understand you got a snake problem?”

You nod eagerly and motion for him to follow you. You show him the bathroom and point out the hole. He looks down and whistles softly. “Those are some big pipes,” he says, shaking his head. “I ain’t never seen one that big before. Guess this wasn’t a waste of time after all.”

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He pulls out a long rope from his pocket and throws one end into the hole. He pulls something out of his pocket and you see that it’s a cigar, which he lights before dropping it into the hole.

You hear a shrieking cry from within and jump back. The man stands at the side of the tub and then jumps into the air, landing on the snake with both feet.

You hear a loud snap as the man lands and then laughs. He pulls himself up using the rope and then begins pulling on it, bringing the snake up slowly.

You watch in amazement as you see more and more of it appear in the hole. The man keeps pulling and pulling until finally the head of a dead green mamba appears. It’s at this point you back away very slowly.

“That’s a big one,” the man says, pulling it out completely. “Should be enough for everyone in the village.” He looks over at you and smiles.

“I guess this’ll do.”

You stare at the dead snake in awe. “

You’re not going to take it?”

you ask in surprise.

“Naw, I brought another one just like it,” the man says, heaving it over his shoulders. “Won’t miss a few scales.” He looks around and spots your bath bomb and robe on the floor.

“I guess you don’t need these anymore.” He picks them up and puts them in his bag. “Thanks for your help.”

Before you can say anything else he turns and heads out the door, leaving you alone with the dead snake.

The next day you get a call that your ride is here. You quickly pack up and head down to the lobby, where a large bus awaits.

The other winners are milling about, waiting for everyone to arrive before heading out.

When you step inside the bus you are greeted by more personnel. “Hello, and welcome to the reality show Dreams Live Here,” the woman begins, smiling.

“My name is Heather, and I will be your chaperone for the duration of the show.” She pauses as the bus takes off. “Now, we’re going to do a quick introduction so that you can all get to know each other. I’ll start. I’m Heather.”

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The woman walks along the aisle as she speaks. “I’m twenty-six years old and I’m from Colorado.

I love hiking and anything outdoors. My goal in life is to see as much of this great nation as I can.

Now, who would like to go next?”

A hand immediately goes up, of course it’s Brandi’s.

“I’m Brandi and I’m twenty-five and from Los Angeles,” she says, smiling at Heather. “I love doing hair and makeup, I can do a different look for every day of the week!” Brandi pauses before adding “Plus I’m a lesbian, hehe.”

Heather nods and moves onto the next person.

“I’m Tom,” a large man with a deep voice says. “I’m twenty-two and I love hunting, my favorite animal is the mountain lion.” He lets out a roar to prove his point.

“I’m from Oregon.”

Heather keeps going, asking everyone some questions about themselves. You go next, introducing yourself as Matt.

You don’t say anything about the show you’re competing on, instead just saying you came here straight from New York. After everyone is done Heather delivers a bit of a speech.

“Okay everyone, now that we’ve all met each other it’s time to get down to business.” The bus pulls into a gas station and she turns off the main light, turning on a small terminal in the front of the bus that’s hooked up to a large screen on the wall.

The screen lights up, displaying her immediately. “This is Chris McCaleb, one of the head producers of the show.” A man in a suit that’s too fancy for the likes of you pops up on the screen.

He has a fake smile plastered on his face. “He’s going to tell you all about the show.”

“Thank you Heather, now listen up contestants, I’m only going to tell you this once.” The man on the screen, Chris, says.

“You are not to tell anyone what the show’s about. You are not to reveal any aspects of the show, or the other contestants. If you break this rule you will be disqualified and immediately removed from the show.” He seems pleasant.

He continues his rant. “You are also not allowed to leave the hotel except when accompanied by a member of production.

Red Wing 6″ Waterproof Men’s Boots with BOA Lace from our website

Cameras will be in all rooms, so do not try anything.”

The man on the screen seems to get darker, like he’s about to drop a bombshell. “One of you…won’t make it past this first night.” He pauses to let that sink in, watching your reactions.

“Two of you will become heroes, and the other two…” He lets the sentence drift off, leaving the horror to your imagination.

“That’s all for now. I wish you good luck, and hope you survive.” The screen goes black as Chris disappears from your screens.

You’re then left in silence for the rest of the bus ride, which ends after about five minutes.

You pull up to the hotel, a large skyscraper in the center of a bustling district. The bus opens and you’re immediately hit with camera flashes, followed by people screaming at you from behind a security fence.

You look up and see your faces on several large screens, blowing your cover before you’ve even entered the building.

The group of you are taken inside and put into an elevator, which takes you up to the 70th floor, where the hotel ends. You enter a hallway with 80 door, all with key cards available.

“There are two types of rooms here, the ones with two beds and the ones with one king size bed. There are ten king rooms and twenty with two beds. You’ll be assigned randomly, but if you’d like one specific room then speak up now.”

“I’ll take one of the king beds.” Tom says immediately.

“I want a single bed,” Brandi says.

You think about it for a minute.

Do you want a single or double bed?

] Single Bed

] Double Bed

Red Wing 6″ Waterproof Men’s Boots with BOA Lace - Picture

] You wait to see if anyone else speaks up.

Single Bed

“I’ll take the single bed,” you say, raising your hand slightly, and looking toward Heather for approval. She gives you a quick smile and nod of approval.

“Great, one single and one king,” Heather says, writing something down on her clipboard. “I’ll go ahead and assign you your rooms.”

You stand, awaiting your fate as she goes to the first door and tries the handle. Finding it unlocked, she opens the door and walks inside.

The rest of you wait patiently, and she soon re-emerges. “Okay, in here we have…”

She finishes going through all the rooms, until you’re left wondering if yours is one of the ones with two beds or one of the ones with a king bed. You cross your fingers and toes in hopes you got lucky.

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