Pyramex Safety Leather and Dipped Gloves

Pyramex Safety Leather and Dipped Glove Description:

The safety of your hands are very important when working with machinery. You need to protect yourself from mechanical hazards such as fire, electrical shock or impact damage. Mechanic’s gloves are designed to prevent these dangers, but they do not provide complete protection against all types of harm. Pyramex Safety Leather and Dipped Gloves offer the best combination of protection while still being comfortable enough for daily use. These gloves are made of high quality, water resistant leather which provides maximum comfort and breathability.

They have a rubberized coating on the fingers and thumb tips to reduce friction and keep them flexible. The fingertips are covered with a soft, non-slip material that prevents cuts, scrapes or other injuries during handling of tools or machinery. The fingers feature two finger holes so you can easily reach the inside of your pockets without having to remove your glove. The palms are lined with a soft, non-slip material that protects your hands from abrasions and cuts.

In addition to protecting your hands, the gloves are equipped with special features to make it easier for you to perform tasks like opening cans or bottles. There is a zipper pocket on each side of the palm so you can easily access items stored there. A small pouch at the top of each hand holds a pen knife and screwdriver. These can be used without having to remove the gloves. Three silicon dots inside the palms provide a strong grip when handling tools or machinery.

The gloves are available in four sizes and come in several different colors. Whether you need protection from heat, cuts or abrasions, only top quality safety gloves should be used for task like these.

As an expert on gloves, you know that it is important to pick the right ones for your job. You are in charge of making sure your employees have the right equipment for their tasks, and you do not want to send someone out with the wrong gloves. They won’t be able to perform their work effectively if they are wearing the wrong glove. To make sure your employees have the right safety equipment for their job, you can offer a free employer’s guide on ‘How to choose the right safety gloves’. This guide features detailed information on different types of safety gloves as well as a step by step guide on how to choose the right pair for different working conditions.

Pyramex Safety Glove and Dipped Leather are among the best when it comes to protecting your hands while working with machinery. These gloves are designed to keep your hands safe from heat, cuts and abrasions while still being flexible enough for comfortable daily wear. These gloves are especially popular among mechanics, electricians and construction workers.

In addition to the free guide on choosing safety gloves, you can also offer a free ‘Personal Safety Guide’. This guide contains detailed information on different types of personal protective equipment as well as how to use them effectively. This guide is a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about safety equipment.

You place your order and soon your branded gloves start arriving at your store. Your customers love the stylish new gloves and they don’t even realize they’re learning safety tips every time they use them!

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