PTR New Product Spotlight – Week of October 7, 2019

The following content is from the Official Website of PTR:

PTR® (Proto Universal Transceiver) is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to communicate with each other without any physical barrier such as walls or buildings. It uses radio waves instead of electromagnetic radiation and it’s very easy to use.

With PTR®, your friends can instantly connect with you anywhere in the world, no matter if they’re using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

In addition to its communications capabilities, PTR® also provides the ability to share files, photos and videos between devices. It’s all done wirelessly via WiFi™.

PTR® is currently available in two versions: PTR® G1 and PTR® G2. Both versions have different features and functions, but both versions work together seamlessly to make communication possible across great distances.

Features of PTR® G1 and PTR® G2:

• All Features of PTR® G1

• Works with Bluetooth Smart Devices (Android 4.3+) like smartphones, tablets and computers.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology developed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). It enables two devices to exchange data over short distances.

What is Bluetooth Smart?

Bluetooth Smart is a technology that enables two devices to interact with one another by using very little power. This technology is mainly used for wireless sensors, watches, fitness devices and other similar gadgets.

Also, the transfer of data can be activated or deactivated by using either a button or by using one’s voice in most cases.

Please note:

Some smartphones and computers do not have Bluetooth capabilities.

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