Powermatic PM2014 Lathe with 115V to 230V Inverter

Powermatic PM2014 Lathe with 115V to 230V Inverter:

The Powermatic PM2014 is a powerful 3 phase 12 Volt DC motorized lathe. The machine features a large working area, which allows it to handle larger pieces than other machines.

It’s easy to operate thanks to its compact design and smooth running mechanism. Its high quality construction makes it suitable for use in any workshop or home workshop. The PM2014 is equipped with a number of useful features such as a safety switch, adjustable speed control, automatic feeder, built-in dust collection system and much more.

It comes with a variety of accessories including a dust cover, stand and dust bag. It’s available in various finishes and colors to suit your needs.

You will be able to get the PM2014 lathe at a reasonable price when you buy from our website.

Laguna Lathe:

The Laguna is a small portable lathe that can easily fit into tight spaces. It offers the user quick and simple operation with no need for complicated controls or complex mechanisms.

The unit has been designed to offer maximum versatility while remaining extremely affordable. It is the perfect entry-level lathe for anyone who wants to start working with wood and metal. The Laguna is equipped with a range of features that make it easy to use and improve the overall quality of your work. It is a high-quality machine that is built to last, making it one of the best deals on the market right now.

Laguna Lathe Accessories:

Powermatic PM2014 Lathe with 115V to 230V Inverter from our website

The Laguna lathe comes with a number of accessories to help you start working quickly and easily. In addition, all our accessories are compatible with all our different lathes, so whatever you buy you know it will be compatible with any of our products.

Some of the most popular accessories include:

• Faceplates: These are great for quickly creating pens and other small items. They offer a nice surface for gluing on decorative pieces.

• Centers: Centers are an important accessory that allow you to turn pieces that are larger or heavier than the lathe’s capacity.

• Steady Rest: This allows you to turn irregular shapes and angles with ease. It is extremely versatile, and a great addition to your collection of tools.

These are just a few of the many accessories we offer. Explore our website to find even more great deals and offers.

PM3520B Bench Top Boring Machine:

The PM3520B is a powerful and versatile tool designed for a wide range of boring jobs in wood, metal and plastic. With precise digital controls and an easy to use design, this unit makes light work of boring large and small holes.

It is fully equipped with a range of features to improve the overall quality and accuracy of the finished product. The table is spacious, allowing you to accurately and securely hold the work piece in place. The convenient hand wheel allows quick and easy depth adjustments while the spindle lock allows for fast and convenient bit changes. It has a powerful 3/4HP motor for extended periods of use. With the ability to boring holes from 3/8″ to 7-3/4″ in diameter, this machine is a great addition to any workshop. The entire machine, including the base and column are solidly constructed from metal for maximum accuracy and durability. It comes with three drill bits, a tool bit, a depth stop and a center finder. The PM3520B is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to do frequent boring jobs in any material.

PM3520B Boring Machine Specifications:

• Maximum Diameter: 7-3/4″

Powermatic PM2014 Lathe with 115V to 230V Inverter | realmanguide.net

• Maximum Depth: 6″

• Maximum Bit Size: 3/4″

• Column and base made from metal for maximum accuracy and durability.

PM3520B Boring Machine Accessories:

We also offer a great range of accessories for the PM3520B boring machine. These include:

Collets: The standard collet supplied with the unit is 1/4″, but you can purchase 3/8″ and 1/2″ collets for use with larger diameter bits.

Boring Bits: In addition to the three boring bits that come with the machine, you can also buy 1/2″ and 5/8″ straight bore, 1/2″ spiral upcut, and 1/2″ spiral down cut bits.

If you need any assistance choosing the right accessories for your unit, please call our team of experts today.

PM3520B Boring Machine Warranty:

The PM3520B is covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have any questions about our boring machine, please don’t hesitate to call.

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