Porter-Cable PC70THD 1/2-inch Hammerdrill Preview

Porter Cable PC70THD 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill Preview Description:

The Porter Cable PC70THD 1/2-inch Hammerdrill is a very popular product among professional users. It’s price range makes it suitable for many home users. The PC70THD is one of the most powerful drills available in its class and delivers excellent performance at an affordable price point.


• Compact design with compact size

• Powerful motor and precision bearings make it extremely quiet when running

• High speed motors are used to produce high torque and speed while minimizing vibration noise and power consumption. The drill is equipped with a 3mm bore for fast drilling speeds and a 6mm bore for longer drilling times. A 0.020″ thick hardened steel die helps reduce the risk of overstress cracks during use.

• Power indicator lights let you know if the drill is working properly or not. You will also see a red light flash when the drill overheats.

• Includes a 1/4″-20 drive adapter to easily attach it to your favorite screwdriver or other accessories such as wrenches and pliers.

• The handle has a sure-grip surface that provides a secure grip when working. It also comes with an inbuilt keyless chuck made of high-strength carbon steel for fast and easy bit changes during use.

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• A built-in L.E.D work light illuminates the work surface for easier visibility during use.

The PC70THD is a very popular item and has received positive reviews from customers. One customer said the product is definitely worth the money and that he has been able to use it at work on a daily basis with excellent results. Other users have also said they were able to use this tool at work on a daily basis and it delivers excellent performance.

The main complaints are from people who have received products which were damaged or defective on arrival. These complaints are not just about this product but also other products that are available through the site. The site has a good returns policy and it seems to honour it when customers contact them to make a claim. The site also stocks a wide variety of items so it’s possible to find what you’re looking for with a little extra searching.

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Porter-Cable PC70THD 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill Preview:

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Porter-Cable PC70THD 1/2-inch Hammerdrill Preview - realmanguide.net

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Porter-Cable PC70THD 1/2-inch Hammerdrill Preview at realmanguide.net

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