Portamate Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station

Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station Review

The PortaCubes are one of the most popular work stations available today. They have been around since 2001 and they have won many awards from consumers and professionals alike. These portable work stations come in various sizes and configurations, but all of them feature a sturdy aluminum frame with a sliding door that allows for easy access to the tools inside.

PortaCubes are designed to allow users to easily move between different parts of their shop or home without having to take off the whole unit. With the addition of a table top, these units can even serve as a full-fledged workshop. The PortaCube is a great way for DIYers and small business owners alike to get organized and save money while still getting the benefit of being able to use your favorite tools at any time.

PortaCubes are built like tanks. The first thing you notice when opening up the box is how heavy it is. You don’t need to lift anything out of the box because there’s no weight limit. There’s not much room inside either; everything fits into a single compartment that opens up to reveal a large work surface that measures 18″ x 16″ (46cm x 40cm). This is large enough to fit a sheet of plywood or particle board and still have room to spare.

The sliding door is on the front, where it slides in and out on a pair of tracks that keep it from falling forward. On the inside, these doors are fitted with magnets so that they can be used as portable tool boards. There are two holes near the top of the door so that you can hang drills, wrenches and other accessories that you might need quick access to. At the very top of the door is a small shelf that is perfect for holding your tape measure or other long tools.

The back of the PortaCube has a set of caster wheels, two handles for lifting and a hole for anchoring the unit to the floor if you need to. The sides of the PortaCube are solid, with panels on the inside to give it strength while still maintaining a relatively lightweight frame.

The PortaCube is available in three different sizes. The STR (Special Task Resources) models feature an open front, with no door at all. These are designed for specific tasks, such as the STR Utility which is equipped with a pegboard panel on the front for organizing hand tools and other accessories. The STR Carpentry, on the other hand, features a hinged panel that can be propped up to create an extra work surface when needed.

The STR Mobile is the base model, with a door on the front.

All of the models are made from heavy-duty aluminum which is powder coated to resist scratches and dents. They are available in silver or orange, with the larger models (STR Work Station and up) also available in black. They all have the capacity to hold thousands of pounds of tools, as their internal frames are made with heavy-duty steel.

The STR Work Station has the added benefit of two doors that open in the middle, allowing you to keep frequently used tools on either side.

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All the PortaCubes work on the same premise: each one is a rolling cabinet that allows you to keep your tools close at hand. They can be used in garages, workshops or even offices, as a convenient way to organize and store all your tools so that you can find them easily.

Each one comes with a full set of shelves and other fittings that can be configured to suit your specific storage needs. These cabinets are available in four different sizes: STC-16, STC-25, STC-32 and STC-40, depending on the size of cabinet you need. Each one is fitted with a full set of shelves, as well as a selection of hangers, hooks, benches and other fittings to help you keep all your equipment close at hand.

The STC-40 comes with five different sliding doors on the front, so that you can pick the option that suits your storage needs. The STC-32 is fitted with four double doors that open to the sides, making it easier to access all your equipment.

All the cabinets can be locked with a padlock, so that you can keep your gear secure when you are away from your workplace. Each one has durable wheels at the bottom, so that you can move them around as needed.

These cabinets are also designed to be stackable, so that you can save space and create an efficient work environment. The STC-25 and STC-32 come in pairs that can be stacked on top of each other. The STC-40 can be stacked on its own two tiers of two cabinets each.

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