PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit Hands-On Review

The world of lasers is full of wonders. There are laser weapons that can destroy targets at long range with pinpoint precision, or there are lasers that can vaporize a target from afar without even having to look at it.

But what if you could combine both? What if you could have the power of a laser weapon, but the speed and accuracy of a missile launcher?

That’s exactly what the PLS HV2R rotary laser combo kit does!

Possibly one of the most interesting features of this system is its ability to launch missiles from your own ship. You don’t need to worry about getting shot down while trying to take out a target; instead, you can just fire when ready.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you might even try firing them directly into enemy ships – though I wouldn’t recommend it. While they’ll certainly die instantly, you run the risk of damaging your ship in the process.

Of course, if you want to use these things offensively against other players, then you can do so too. Just remember that if someone else is using them first, they will likely shoot back at you before yours ever gets off a shot.

If you want to use them against another player, try luring them out with your rotary cannon and then getting in close, or even better, firing both at once for a quick double kill.

As far as support weaponry goes, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better than this option.

This thing is the mightiest of mighty lasers and just about the most powerful weapon in your ship. The lasers, which are launched at such a speed that they can go through multiple ships before losing momentum are able to be toggled between rapid fire and charged shots, each with their own benefits.

The rapid-fire mode allows you to take down ships a lot faster and is better at clearing out nearby fighters. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try to hit individual parts of larger ships, like you would with a rotary cannon.

Charged shots do a lot more damage, and allow you to take down ships a lot quicker, especially if you focus on one part. At worst, you’ll blow off a chunk of their hull, at best, you’ll directly hit their reactor and set if off! Either way, they’re going down.

This is an interesting laser that will fire medium-speed missiles at enemies. While it doesn’t do quite as much damage as the other two weapon choices, the trade-off is that these missiles are a lot faster, making them significantly easier to use.

It’s important to note that you can fire these things quickly, but not all of them will hit the target. Instead of having a 100% chance to hit like the rotary cannons do, these guys have a 60% to hit.

That might sound bad, but considering that when they do hit they do about as much damage as the rotary and cannon combined, you won’t be complaining. In fact, with enough practice, you might very well two-shot kill most frigates and destroyers you happen upon!

This laser is great for fighting off other players, but its true strength lies in destroying drones, taking out groups of fighters, or finishing off a weakened ship.

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If you’re going up against another player and decide to use this with the fast missiles upgrade, be aware that you might need a little bit of skill as well. While these are easy to use, it takes some practice and judgment to get them at their peak potential.

Still, if you want the easiest kill possible, you can’t go wrong with this laser. Just try not to use it on frigates; the missiles will do a lot less damage than your other options.

So those are your laser weapon options. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be playing with fire!


So that’s about it for weapons. Just remember, no matter what you choose, you’re in charge of it.

These are powerful weapons that can easily destroy enemies and allies alike. Be careful out there, Pilot!

“Commander O’Neill, we’ve arrived at the Munarshu system. The URC Simon Bolivar is awaiting our arrival.” Your pilot, Mathewson, lets you know.

“Understood. Let’s get to it.” You say.

The Bolivar is a heavy cruiser, the same class as your ship. That means it has a lot of firepower and endurance, matched by few.

It also means that like your ship it is very slow. While you have been to the Munarshu system several times, it hasn’t been since the Gahl’vuhr Sehn launched their first attack against the Nation. You know that it is a crucial system due to the fact that it holds the Nation’s third largest population center: New Dessel. It also happens to be the closest major system to the current border, making it a prime target for the Gahl’vuhr Sehn to invade from.

As you look through the window of your ship to see the Bolivar, you can’t help but think about everything that lead up to this point. You helped to build the very system that the Gahl’vuhr Sehn are now trying to take.

Even though you know it was just part of your job, you can’t help but feel personally responsible every time you think about how many lives were lost due to your actions. You wipe your eyes and shake your head as the transport shuttle docks with the Bolivar. Captain Danneel is waiting for you as you exit the shuttle.

“Always a pleasure to see you, sir.” She says.

“Good to see you too, Karoff.

This is a big ship, mind giving me a tour?”

You joke, trying to shake off your moment of sentimentality.

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His face reddening slightly, Karoff leads you on a brief tour of the ship, highlighting all the new features and improvements that have been made since your last ship. You nod and pretend to pay attention, but you can’t get the thought of so many lost lives out of your mind.

Something wrong?”

Karoff asks, noticing your silence.

“Just thinking about how many people have died because of this war.” You answer.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, most of those people were trying to kill us.”

“I suppose that is something of a consolation. Just wish there was a better way…”

You and Karoff speak for a little longer about inconsequential things, and then you excuse yourself, claiming fatigue from your travels. As you walk back towards your shuttle to return to the transport, you think about what you’ll say at the New Dessel Military Base.

You’re determined to give a rousing speech that will reinvigorate the spirits of the military there, as well as hopefully encourage civilians to enlist as well. You don’t get far down the hall before Captain Karoff catches up to you.

Where are you going?”

He asks.

“Back to the transport. I have business to attend to on New Dessel.

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You don’t need me for this shindig after all.”

“Oh no, you’re not skipping this, even if I have to drag you by the collar. We worked too hard to set this up, and I won’t allow you to be a hermit again.”

“I’m not a hermit. I like my own company.”

“If you liked your own company, you wouldn’t keep popping up on our ship every few months just to “check in” on us.”

You don’t argue. He’s right about that at least.

You’ve developed something of a friendship with the crew of the Bogovadno, as insane as that may seem.

“I just don’t see why I have to be there. Most of those people don’t even know who I am.

You and Captain Zale have done all the real work.”

“That’s why we need you there. To give them a proper motivation to keep on fighting.”

You shake your head. “

Can’t you do that, or Zale?

I’m not a leader. Never was, never will be. Find someone else for the job.”

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit Hands-On Review at

“There is no one else, dammit! Stop thinking about yourself for one second and think about all those people who look to us for leadership!

Even if you don’t want the responsibility, you’ve at least got the talent. Just give a damned speech for once in your life!”

Your anger flares. “

Why don’t you do it then?

Seems to me you’re the leader here.”

“Because I know my limitations! I’m a soldier, not a people person.

Zale’s the leader, but he has to be pulled out of his depression every time something big happens. He needs you there as a catalyst. So get your butt on that shuttle before I have it thrown off!”

You give in with a sigh and board the shuttle for the New Dessel Military Base. You manage to sleep through most of the trip, waking just as the shuttle is docking.

As you disembark, you see several soldiers waiting for you. While they’re certainly dressed in military uniform and bearing weapons, their stance and demeanor remind you more of reporters or autograph seekers than warriors. Karoff was right; they’re all here to see you. You instinctively start pushing through them towards the door, but they don’t budge and you find yourself surrounded.

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