Peragon Aluminum Tonneau Cover Review

Peragon Bed Cover Review: Peragon Bed Cover Silverado & Ram 1500

The Peragon Bed Covers are one of the most popular types of car seats. They have been around since early 2000’s.

The first model was called “Bedcovers” and it had a plastic shell with foam inside. Later they came out with different models like “Bunkcovers”, “TentCovers”, etc. These were all made from a single piece of aluminum alloy.

The Peragon Bed Covers are not cheap to buy. You will need to spend some money if you want them.

But there are many reasons why you might choose to get these beds instead of buying something else. One reason is because they offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. Another reason is that they are very easy to install and remove so you don’t have any problem doing it yourself when needed (which would be often).

There are several models of Peragon Bed Covers available. Some of them are the following:

Peragon Bed Cover Silverado (Silver) – This is the newest model which was released in 2015. It comes with a new design and better materials than its predecessors.

The bed cover is now made from a single piece of aluminum alloy. This means that it weighs less and doesn’t make your vehicle look like it’s made out of tin cans or something! The foam material inside the bed is also very strong and can withstand a lot of force. It has been made to protect your load while allowing some ventilation to keep the temperature down. You can get this model with either a black or white frame.

Peragon Bed Cover Ram 1500 (Black) – This model was also released in 2015. It doesn’t come with a silver frame like its Silverado brother, but it still looks very nice.

It has been reported to be of very high quality and the thick aluminum sheeting material can easily withstand most damage. The foam insert has also been specially designed to allow air flow inside the bed so your contents stay at a reasonable temperature at all times.

Peragon Aluminum Tonneau Cover Review -

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