Paslode F350-21 Framing Nailer Review

Paslode F350-21 Framing Nailer Review

The Paslode F350-21 is a high quality air frame nailer. Its features are good enough to make it one of the best air framed nailers available. There are many reasons why people buy these types of air frames.

One reason is because they save time and money when building their homes or businesses. Another reason is because they want to build a home or business with the latest technology. Finally, there are those who just like to have something new and different.

The Paslode F350-21 Air Frame Nailer is manufactured by a company called Hasegawa Corporation. They manufacture several other products such as air compressors, electric fans, water heaters and much more. However, their primary focus is on manufacturing air frame nailers.

Their air frame nailers are known for being durable, reliable and easy to use.

Features of the Paslode F350-21 Air Frame Nailer:

It comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. The manufacturer guarantees that if anything goes wrong with your air frame nailer, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

The Air Framing Nailer is capable of driving either a round head or a flat head 16 degree framing nail at a speed of up to 500 nails per minute.

The magazine holds up to 100 framing nails. You can easily release the empty magazine and replace it with a full one.

If your Paslode F350-21 runs out of power during use, you can easily plug it into a 120 volt outlet and continue working.

It comes with a rubberized handle that reduces vibration and increases comfort.

It weighs 6.3 pounds which is very good considering that it’s a powerful air framing nailer

It measures 16 inches long and 7.5 inches high. This makes it compact enough to hold onto without the risk of getting hand cramps.

The manufacturer guarantees a 1 year limited warranty on the product. They also offer an extended 3 year limited warranty for only $39.

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The F350-21 is well-built and designed to last a very long time. Its head and body are made of magnesium which is both strong and lightweight. The magnesium parts are covered with a rubber sleeve that provides cushioning and shock protection.

The outer casing of the air framing nailer is plastic. It won’t rust or decay even if you use it outside in the rain.

The F350-21 has a very simple design that makes it easy and quick to reload. It holds up to 100 framing nails which is more than enough for most framing jobs.

There is an adjustable exhaust that you can use to direct the flow of air and noise away from the operator. However, even with the adjustable exhaust, this tool is still relatively loud when in use.

The F350-21 is relatively light, weighing in at 6.3 pounds. This is a good thing since less weight means less hand cramping and fatigue.

It comes with an adjustable air regulator so you can set the tool to run at different PSI settings. This allows you to match the nailer’s power to the different types of nails you’ll be using.

The F350-21 comes equipped with an oil-free design. This design eliminates the need to apply any oil to the tool. It also eliminates the need to worry about cleaning oil residue off of parts and preparing the tool for long term storage.

While this tool is very durable and well-constructed, it does have a few issues that may be deal breakers for some people. After all, no product is perfect for everyone. These issues are explained in more detail below.

This framing nailer doesn’t accept any other type of nails other than framing or finish nails. Attempting to use it with any other type of nail can cause damage to the tool. This may be an issue for people who want the versatility of being able to use a variety of different types of nails with one tool.

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The F350-21 requires a fairly high air compressor PSI setting in order to work properly. If you don’t have an air compressor that’s set to at least 135 PSI, you’re going to experience a lot of issues with jamming and other problems. Because of this, it’s not really a good choice for people who don’t have their own compressed air system.

Like most framing nailers, the F350-21 is fairly loud. There’s really nothing that can be done to reduce the noise level of this particular tool. Ear protection is a must if you’re going to be using it all day long.

Most people consider the F350-21 to be a professional-grade framing nailer. This means that it is very expensive and not really suited for the average do-it-yourselfer. If you only use a framing nailer once in a while, there are less expensive options available that will probably meet your needs.

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