Paslode F325R Compact Framing Nailer Review

Paslode F325R Compact Framing Nailer Review: Pros & Cons


It’s easy to use. You don’t need any special tools or experience.

You just have to put your nails into the right place with minimum effort. There are no extra parts needed like screws, nuts, bolts etc which makes it easier to clean up afterwards.

You can easily install multiple panels at once. You don’t need to worry about damaging the wall when installing a panel.

The nailers are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. They’re durable enough to last for years without breaking down.

(Note: Some of them do break down)

They come with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship.


There aren’t many reviews available on this product. Most of the online stores only sell one model.

If you want to buy a different model, then you’ll have to pay extra money for shipping costs. Also, there isn’t much information about how long these nailers will last if used regularly. So, if you plan to use them frequently, then they might not be worth it!

These nail guns are pretty expensive. Most of them are in the $200 range, which is a pretty penny to shell out for something that you’re not entirely sure how well they work.

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If you do decide to buy one of these, it might be a good idea to get extra fuel cells for it. They aren’t too expensive, but they can run you around the same price as the actual nailer.

What is the best F325R model?

The F325R is one of the best models that are currently on sale. It’s an excellent choice for a framing nailer that has a lot of power and it’s very easy to use. You can also use it for multiple jobs. If you want to get some other types of framing nails, then you can easily switch them out without having to mess around with different tools and parts. This tool is so popular; there are plenty of after market options that you can choose from. Some of the main features include:

It has a rubber coating to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. Its grip is really comfortable and it’s not too big or too small for people with smaller hands.

In fact, most women can use this tool with no problem.

It has an easy to see fuel gauge so you’ll always know when it’s time to refill.

It only weighs 4.5 pounds so it’s easy to carry around all day without tiring your arms out.

Its nose is designed in a way so that you can easily reach difficult places and have the right angle when installing the nails.

It has an adjustable exhaust so you can direct the range where you want the air to go.

Its depth of drive mechanism is really simple and easy to use.

What is a framing nail gun?

These are industrial tools that have been around for a while. They’re specifically designed to drive nails into pieces of wood, metal, or drywall. They’re different from other types of nail guns in that they use more forceful impacts to drive the nails in as opposed to using a regular hammer. While they do come in multiple different sizes and shapes, their functions are relatively the same thing. They all use a piston to drive a coil against a hardened nail that then strikes it with enough force so that it embeds itself into whatever surface you’re working on.

How do I choose the best framing nailer for the money?

Finding the best framing nailer is a matter of identifying the specific tasks that you’re going to be using it for. For example, if you’re only going to be using it once in awhile, then you can get away with buying a less expensive one. However, if you’re going to be using it on a regular basis for multiple different projects, then you should probably save up and buy a more expensive model.

For most people, it just makes more sense to buy the best one that they can afford because it will end up saving you more money in the long run. Framing nailers are generally pretty durable, but they do have a tendency to break or malfunction if you use them for multiple different types of jobs.

So, it just makes more sense to buy the tool that’s designed specifically for the type of work that you’re doing.

Are framing nailers dangerous?

Framing nailers have an excellent safety record and they are much safer to use than regular nail guns. However, they can cause serious injury if you don’t use them properly or if you’re not using them for the right job. You should always wear safety goggles and other protective equipment to prevent serious eye damage or injuries.

You should also never point a framing nailer at yourself or anyone else and you should definitely not use it in an area that has a bunch of bystanders. These are loud and powerful tools that use sharp objects to drive nails into wood.

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They can easily cause severe injury or death if you don’t use them properly.

You should also never try to alter this tool or use aftermarket parts with it. This could cause a malfunction and you could end up hurting yourself badly.

Always use the exact same make and model of framing nailer for your specific job.

What are the different types of framing nailers?

Framing nailers use coils or pins. These are long strips of metal that are bent into a “C” shape. The tip is exposed and this is where the nail comes out. It’s usually placed with the flat part against the surface that you’re working on so that the nails point towards the surface that you’re attaching the material to.

Framing nailers that use pins are generally cheaper, but they also tend to jam more and aren’t as easy to reload. They’re slightly lighter, making them a better choice if you have to do a lot of overhead work.

Framing nailers that use coils are more expensive and don’t jam as often. They also hold more nails so you don’t have to reload them as often.

They are slightly heavier and most aren’t designed to be used if you’re doing a lot of overhead work.

There are also combination coil and pin framing nailers that try to combine the best features of both types of tools. The more specialized finishing and trim nailers use smaller gauge nails and are generally much lighter than framing nailers.

They’re not really powerful enough to be used with hardwoods or larger pieces of wood.

How to reload a framing nailer

Before you start reloading your framing nailer, you need to make sure that it’s not plugged in.

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