Paslode 900600 Cordless 16-ga Angled Finish Nailer Review

Paslode 900600 Cordless 16-ga Angled Finish Nailer Review

The Paslode 900600 is a cordless gas powered nailer with a capacity of 8,000 nails per hour (nails/hour). It comes with two batteries which are charged via USB cable. The battery life depends on the type of nailer used. For example, the battery life of the Paslode 1800 will last up to 2 hours if it is used for small jobs.

The battery life of the Paslode 900600 lasts up to 12 hours when used for large jobs.

The Paslode 900600 is a very popular nailer among homeowners and professionals alike because of its power and durability. Its price tag does not exceed $300 at present time. You can get one from Amazon or Ebay.


Powerful motor and drive system; it can easily cut through thick wood.

It uses standard household gas cylinder for powering the device. No external power source is required.

You do not need any special tools to operate the nailer. You just have to turn a handle located on top of the machine and start cutting your workpiece.

Rugged design and excellent quality of plastic. The device has a solid body which can easily survive accidental drops on the floor.

Paslode 900600 Cordless 16-ga Angled Finish Nailer Review |

Big magazine which can accommodate up to 100 nails; this allows you to work without having to reload the tool very often.

You do not have to use only Paslode branded nails; the gun can shoot all kinds of ¼” to ½” angled finish nails.

The Paslode angled finish nailer has a lightweight design which makes it very convenient when working overhead.


It is quite expensive; the gun costs more than $300 on Amazon.

Although the battery is long-lasting, it takes quite some time to fully charge it (you have to leave the battery connected to a power outlet for over 10 hours).

The tool is not very powerful; it cannot be used for heavy-duty projects.

It is not compatible with other fuel types; the device works only with Paslode gasoline cartridges.

You cannot adjust the power of the tool.

The angled finish nailer is quite noisy; it has a loud sound when in action.

The safety feature can be annoying; the tool sometimes does not fire when you pull the trigger. You have to release the trigger for a second and then continue working.

The plastic magazine can be faulty; some users have complained about it in their reviews.

The Paslode 900600 is a perfect tool for small carpentry jobs around the house. It is not very powerful so it cannot be used for heavy-duty projects. It requires no maintenance and there are no annoying gas hoses. It is easy to use and it is affordable.

It is not the best choice for professionals because it cannot keep up with more powerful nail guns but it does its job well.

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Bostitch CFRAM-20C 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ Coil Roofing Nailer Review

The Bostitch CFRAM-20C is a gas-powered coil roofing nailer which costs less than $200. It is easy and fast to reload, it can be used with one hand and it has an excellent balance.

Although it has a powerful engine, it doesn’t make much noise and it is lighter than other gas-powered nailers in its class. The rubber handle makes the tool very comfortable and easy to use even if you have to work with it for several hours a day. The warranty period is 3 years.

The CFRAM-20C model can fire up to 60 nails per minute. It can shoot 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ long coils. The drive system is capable of delivering up to 60 pounds of pressure. The oil-free design makes the tool very easy to use and maintain; there is no noisy and dirty exhaust either.

The tool has an HPA fuel port which allows you to refuel it quickly.

The Bostitch CFRAM-20C has a lightweight yet durable anodized aluminum construction. The tool is half the weight of other models in its class. It is very comfortable to hold. The rubber grip provides extra comfort and absorbs the recoil and vibration.

The tool is easy to load; you don’t have to remove the coil before loading it into the device. You simply drop the coil into the slot from below the tool. The depth of drive can be adjusted to fit your needs.

The Bostitch CFRAM-20C is easy to clean and maintain. It only requires an air hose; no extra oiling is needed. The exhaust port is at the top of the tool so you don’t have to worry about releasing dirt and debris inside the device.

This model has a durable construction; it can be used for several hours a day, everyday, for many years without major problems.

Unfortunately, the tool cannot be used while it is connected to the air compressor. This means that if you run out of air, the gun cannot be used. It also means you can’t shoot more than one coil before you have to connect it to the compressor again.

Even though the tool has an adjustable drive, the nails don’t always go in straight. Sometimes you have to hammer them in manually.

The Bostitch CFRAM-20C is a reliable tool for contractors. It is easy to use and it holds up well under heavy use. It is comfortable to handle and it doesn’t require any gas or oil; just an air hose.

The tool isn’t perfect, the cord can be a bit inconvenient at times.

Paslode 900600 Cordless 16-ga Angled Finish Nailer Review -

For $200 you get a durable coil roofing gun which is easy to maintain, simple to use and comfortable.

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Watch this video to see the Bostitch CFRAM-20C in action.

Paslode 500FS 500 Friction Stapler Review

The Paslode 500FS is a cordless tool which can be used in both commercial and residential settings. It has a battery indicator so you’ll always know when the battery needs to be charged and the battery can even be replaced so you don’t have to buy a brand new tool when the battery dies.

The tool can be used for up to 50 – 75 fastening cycles per charge which is great if you’re working on a big project. The charging time is also very short and you can always have spare batteries so you don’t have to wait too long before you can use the tool again.

The tool is very light at only 2.9 lbs and it has rubber over moldings for comfort and better grip. The battery has a long life so you can work continuously for extended periods of time without getting fatigued.

The Paslode 500FS is very fast; it can fire up to 11 nails per second. The magazine holds 100 nails which means you don’t have to stop every few minutes to reload. You can even use 2″ – 3-1/2″ plastic collated framing nails and you can adjust the depth so you don’t damage the wood.

The 500FS is very easy to reload. There’s no need to remove the magazine, just pull it down and push it back in. The tool automatically counters so you don’t have to worry about manually resetting the nail counter.

You can also adjust the depth so there’s no risk of damaging the wood which is very useful when you’re nailing trim. When you’re done, just release the trigger and slide the safety switch to the right to lock the tool.

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