Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180G Green Cross Line Laser Kit Review

Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180G Green Cross Line Laser Kit Review:

The laser kit comes with a battery powered LED light source (LED bulb) which emits red light at a wavelength of 535nm. This color is very similar to the human eye’s natural ability to see it. The LED lamp provides a warm glow when turned on and dimmed down, making it easy to read or work in darkness without disturbing others around you.

The laser beam itself is a narrow spot with a diameter of 0.5 inches (12mm). It is bright enough to illuminate small areas and its power output can easily reach up to 1 watt. The intensity of the beam depends on how close you are to the target.

If you aim at your face, for example, then you will have no problem seeing the red dot even in complete darkness.

The laser beam is not only bright, but it is also durable. It does not burn through clothing or skin and it will remain intact if struck by a bullet. The laser beam can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be aimed anywhere within a certain range of the light source.

You may use the laser to cut paper, remove dust from hard drives, et cetera. The beam is even strong enough to handle some basic carpentry jobs such as leveling appliances on a shelf or hanging a picture frame.

You can easily turn the laser on and off using the switch on the rear of the unit. A diagram is printed on the side of the box that explains what each function does, which is quite handy if you are new to this type of product. The battery compartment is located on the side of the box and it requires a Type 27 battery, which is included in your purchase.

There are many different uses for a laser beam such as this! Whether you are in construction or not, this laser kit is sure to come in handy.

What Are the Advantages of This Laser?

The laser beam is very bright and easy to see on virtually any color. It can easily be seen on a white wall from over fifty feet away, for example. The beam diameter is also very small, which prevents the occurrence of accidental burns or injuries. It can stay on for hours at a time without burning through clothing or skin.

What Are the Disadvantages of This Laser?

The main disadvantage of this laser is that it is not a rechargeable battery. It requires a special battery type that is sold separately and can only be found at certain locations. The laser’s small size makes it easy to misplace. You will also need to purchase a carrying case if you wish to take it with you on the go.

How Good Is The Customer Support?

The customer support for this product is mediocre at best. The warranty lasts for thirty days, after which you may have some issues getting a replacement should your laser malfunction. The time it takes for a new one to arrive might leave you unprotected if you need it fixed right away. You are encouraged to seek out a local service center, but there isn’t one in every major city and town in America.

Who Should Purchase This Product?

You should purchase this laser beam if you want to experience what it’s like to have a real laser pointer without paying an arm and a leg for one. It is an affordable option that will last you several years as long as you take care of it and don’t lose it.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase This Product?

You may want to look for another product if you need something now. There is a long shipping time as this laser beam has to be shipped from a different warehouse. You may also want to seek out a heavy-duty laser that can cut through material if you plan on using the laser for long periods of time.

The Verdict

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This is a great laser pointer for anyone that wants to mess around with a laser or needs one for professional reasons. As long as you don’t lose it, this laser will last you years. It provides hours upon hours of entertainment as well as provide an easy way to point at objects from afar. For less than twenty dollars, this is a great investment for anyone that wants the experience of owning a real laser without paying an arm and a leg for one.

Laser Etiquette

Lasers are not toys. Don’t aim the laser at any person or animal.

Don’t look into the beam or view it directly unless you are very far away from it. This could cause serious eye damage.

Don’t shine the laser at vehicles, planes, or boats as it can blind the driver or pilot and cause accidents.

Never scan or point the laser at helicopters, as this is a signal of distress.

Don’t attempt to look through windows or break glass with the beam.

Don’t allow children to use a laser unless you are constantly supervising them.

If you are new to using a laser, always seek out expert advice from those who are experienced with them.

Always use a laser with caution and common sense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a laser work?

A laser is made up of a tiny bit of matter, such as electrons or other particles. It emits light in one direction from one end as it passes through an object. The light then is amplified to create a narrow and intense beam of light that can travel long distances without losing its intensity.

How is a laser different from a light bulb?

A laser is able to maintain its intensity because the light it emits travels in one direction without spreading out. The light from a light bulb, on the other hand, spreads out in all directions and isn’t very efficient at long distances.

How is a laser different from a flashlight?

The beam of a flashlight is less intense and lacks the ability to travel far distances like that of a laser. A laser can also be focused to a tighter point than that of a flashlight, which makes it more efficient for long-distance viewing.

Can a green laser be seen further than one that is red?

Lasers that are red can be seen further than green lasers due to the way that our eyes receive the light. They are both visible at very long distances, however.

Is it illegal to own a laser that can be seen from space?

The only lasers that would be able to be seen from space are those that are above one megawatt, and these types of lasers are not available to the public. They are used for defense purposes on ships and satellites.

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