New Ryobi Tools Coming To Home Depot – Fall/Winter 2019 Update

New Ryobi Tools Coming To Home Depot – Fall/Winter 2019 Update

Home Depot will soon have two new products coming to their stores: New Ryobi Tools and Ryobi Cordless Tools. Both of these items are expected to be available in the fall or winter of 2018.

These products will replace the current Ryobi brand which was discontinued in June 2017 due to low sales numbers.

Ryobi Tools are designed to make your home more energy efficient. They include various types of dusters, vacuums, and other tools that help with cleaning up clutter and debris from around the house.

The most popular type of tool is the Dustbuster, which uses compressed air to blow away dust particles from hard surfaces such as walls and floors. Other types of tools include dusting mats (to remove dirt) and mop heads (for sweeping).

The Ryobi brand is owned by RYO Industries Inc., a company based out of Texas.

They manufacture all of their own tools including the Dustbusters and other household cleaners. The company was founded in 2001 and they currently sell their products through over 5,000 Home Depots across North America.

Ryu’s Dustbuster is one of the best selling dusters on the market today. It has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, TV shows and even commercials!

The dustbuster was first sold in North America in September of 2001. Since then it has become a staple item in many homes and businesses across the continent.

There are several other companies that also offer similar products but they don’t come close to the quality or price offered by RYO.

So what makes this dustbuster better than the ones you can get at your local discount store?

Compared to the competition, RYO offers a wider range of dustbuster models. They come in different colors (blue, green, black, purple, orange, yellow, red and pink), have extra long cables and even an XL version for those hard to reach places. The price is also lower when compared to similar products from other manufacturers.

There are several online forums where users discuss Ryobi tools and dustbusters in particular. The average user rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5!

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Here are some quotes from online reviews:

“I bought this for my mother a few years ago and it still works great! The long power cord is perfect for cleaning the top of her refrigerator.” – N.


“We use these at work and they work great for getting rid of the dust that piles up over months in our warehouse. The filters are also really easy to clean and last about 6 months before you need to replace them.” – J.


“This is my second dustbuster. My other one lasted ten years before the battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore.” – K.


As you can see, the Ryobi dustbuster has many features that are not offered by other brands. It’s easy to use, affordable and comes in a range of colors!

The only complaint from users is the battery won’t last as long as some other brands but there are models that have XL batteries that last 2x longer.

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We encourage you to try a Ryobi Dustbuster today! They are available at your local Home Depot.



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