New Makita Cordless Dust Extractors are Here

Makita Cordless Dust Extractors are Here!

The New Makita Cordless Dust Extractors are here! They have been designed with safety first.

These new models feature a built-in battery charger which will charge your batteries while you work. You can even use them as a portable power source when needed. There is no need to carry around extra batteries or charging cables anymore. All you need is one of these powerful machines and you’ll never run out of juice again!

There are two types of Makita Dust Extractors:

1) The “Dust Collector” model.

This machine works like a traditional dust collector except it uses compressed air instead of the usual dry sand. When you open up the top cover, you get a blast of fresh clean air right into your lungs.

(You may want to wear a mask if you’re sensitive to dust. )

2) The “Gravity Feed” model.

This machine is very similar to the Dust Collector model except it uses a small motorized mechanism to suck in dirt and debris from outside the house. You simply push down on a button located at the bottom of the machine and it sucks everything inside.

Both types of Makita Dust Collectors come with a number of features such as:

New Makita Cordless Dust Extractors are Here -

• Built-in Battery Charger.

• No need for external bulky tanks and hoses.

• Powerful motorized fans.

• 2 speeds: a lower speed for regular clean up and a higher speed for the worst of the jobs.

The 2nd Model is especially helpful if you’re one of those people that are always late when it comes to cleaning your house. It allows you to suck everything from outside right into the dust bin in a matter of minutes!

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