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The stinger cn100b is one of the most popular cap nails in the market. Its price range from $40-$80 depending upon the model. It is manufactured by National Nail Corporation (NNC). The stinger cn100b is available in two models – a small and large size. The stinger cn100b comes with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes.

The cap nailer is made up of three main components: the head, the body and the base plate. These are connected together by connecting rods or pins which allow it to move freely inside its housing. The stinger cn100b contain springs which provide the energy required for the nailer to fire. A firing mechanism is attached to a metal rod which, when it is pulled back, locks the connecting rod in place, allows a single cap nail to be positioned into position and then propels it forward.

The stinger cn100b features an adjustable exhaust port which releases air pressure so that jams do not occur. The exhaust port is helpful in clearing jammed nails or other debris. A jam button helps to clear the jammed nails. The exhaust vents can be adjusted in such a way that you can redirect the exhaust air flow. It also contains a belt clip for easy and quick access.

The stinger cn100b has a rubber grip which provides for a non-slip, comfortable handling during use. It also features an ergonomic design which makes it easier to use for longer periods of time. The stinger cn100b is a lightweight tool. Even though it is light weight it provides the user with enough power to drive the nails into hardwood, plywood, and some types of hard plastics.

The stinger cn100b features an adjustable belt clip which allows you to custom fit the nailer to your waist size. This feature can be adjusted or removed by the user if desired. The belt clip can be moved up or down on the nailer to accommodate different waist sizes. With practice, the stinger cn100b can be operated with one hand.

The stinger cn100b can drive up to 100 nails per load depending upon the type of material and length of the nail.

The stinger cn100b is an air-powered tool which uses regular hoses and connections. Alternatively it can be connected to a compressor.

There are other types of stinger cn100b such as:

The Stinger CN100B (Common: 1-1/4 in; Heavy Duty: 1 in)

The Stinger CN100BHD (Common: 1-1/2 in; Heavy Duty: 2 in)

The Stinger CN115B (Common: 2-1/4 in; Heavy Duty: 2 in)

National Nail Corp Stinger CN100 Cap Nailer Review from our website

The Stinger CN115BHD (Common: 2-1/2 in; Heavy Duty: 2-1/2 in)

The Stinger CN120B (Common: 2-5/8 in; Heavy Duty: 3 in)

The Stinger CN120BHD (Common: 3-1/2 in; Heavy Duty: 3-1/2 in)

The stinger cn100b is an excellent tool for the price. The tool is very easy to load and comfortable to handle. The belt clip is a great feature as well. The tool can be used for smaller household projects or professional business use. The stinger cn100b is great for people who are just starting out or have been in the industry a long time.

In addition, it can drive a wide range of different size nails from small to large quickly and easily. In all, the stinger cn100b is a durable, user-friendly tool which should last quite a long time with proper maintenance and care.

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