Milwaukee Voltage Detector w/LED (2202-20) Review

Milwaukee Voltage Detector 2202-20 Manual:

The Milwaukeean Electric Company (MEC) was founded in 1877 when two brothers, George and Charles Eberhard opened a small shop in Milwaukee’s downtown district. They sold their first electric light at the age of twenty-one. By 1880 they had expanded into manufacturing electric lights, street lighting, and other electrical products such as transformers, relays, switches and meters. In 1884 MEC became one of the first companies to install its own power plant, which provided electricity for the city.

Over time MEC grew into a large corporation with many subsidiaries. Today, MEC still operates as a privately held company based in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

In 1888, Charles Eberhard died suddenly and left all his assets to his brother George Eberhard. George Eberhard continued operating the business until his death in 1900. His son Charles Eberhard II took over the business and it was under his ownership that MEC began producing its first commercial electric light.

In 1903, MEC changed its name to Milwaukee Electric Light & Power Company (MELCO). In 1910, MELCO acquired the Chicago Electric Illuminating Company (Cleveland Edison Co.) and merged them together with Milwaukee Gas Lighting Company. The new combined company was called the Wisconsin Electric Company.

In 1954, WECo acquired the Madison Electric Company and the remaining shares of Wisconsin Power & Light Company. In 1955, WECo changed its name to Wisconsin Electric Corporation (WEC). In 1961, WEC merged with Illinois Power and Light Company, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Edison, and became a publicly held corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At the same time, it changed its name to Wisconsin Electric Power Company (WEPCO).

In 1964, WEPCO merged with Madison Gas & Electric to form Wisconsin Electric Power Company. WECo acquired Kansas City Power and Light in 1966.

By the 1980s, WEPCO was determined to be the most profitable electric company in the United States. It earned roughly $200 million a year but only had around 1,500 miles of power lines. In 1985, WEPCO was acquired by British Gas PLC for $5.3 billion, which was the largest acquisition in United Kansas Gas’s history at the time.

WEPCO continues to operate as a subsidiary of BGP and is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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