Milwaukee Steel Work Cart 48-22-8590

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The Milwaukee Steel Company was founded in 1875 by William A. Milburn and John W. Milburn (John’s father) at their home in Wisconsin City, Kansas Territory. They were pioneers of the steel industry in the United States, manufacturing and selling steel products such as pipe fittings, sheet metal, cast iron and other metals.

The company eventually expanded into a large production facility with over 300 employees producing various types of steel products.

In 1889, the company began manufacturing and marketing its own line of cast iron skid steers under the name “Milwaukee Steels”. By 1900, Milwaukee Steel had become one of the largest producers of cast iron in America. In 1901, it purchased another firm called Chicago Iron Works (CWI), which manufactured and marketed steam shovels and other mining equipment. WIlson acquired the Milwaukee plant in 1903, it became known as Milwaukee Iron & Metal Company.

By 1910, Milwaukee Steel had sold its steel products to over 100 customers throughout the world. By 1915, the company employed some 6,000 workers worldwide. By 1917, there were approximately 15 plants around the globe employing over 50,000 people. In 1919, the company was incorporated as a public corporation and changed its name to Milwaukee Corporation in 1920.

The same year William A. Milburn, the last of the original founders, died leaving control of the company to his son John W. Milburn. The company continued its growth through the 1920’s and ’30’s with plants in Kansas City, Milwaukee, Texas, New York and California.

In 1959, the company name changed to “Milwaukee Steel” and then again in 1984 to “Milwaukee Corporation”. By the 1980s, the company had undergone a significant restructuring, closing some of its facilities and selling others. It currently continues to produce and market a wide range of heavy construction equipment under the brand names “Milwaukee”, “Cat”, “Komatsu” and “O&K”.

The company now known as Milwaukee, again thanks to Mr. Milburn, has seen various changes over the years. The steel division has been transferred to a new company which continues to this day. At one point the tool division and the truck division were two separate companies entirely.

Today they are all under the name of “Milwaukee Tool”.

The success of the company can be directly attributed to their wide range of tools, quality of those tools and their extremely aggressive marketing campaigns. Through changes in ownership and name changes, one thing has remained consistent and that is “The Milwaukees'” dedication to the highest quality tools.

The product you are currently holding is a perfect example of that dedication. This cart, is just one example of what the company is doing these days. It features all steel construction with a baked enamel finish for long life and durability. It has two shelves, both of which are setup at an angle to allow for easy access to the contents on them.

The shelves can be adjusted up and down to accommodate various size items. It also features heavy duty casters so that it can be easily moved. This is just one example of the innovation and dedication to quality that “The Milwaukees” bring to the market place.

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Safety First

Whenever you are using any power tool, it is important that you take all safety precautions. For your own safety and the safety of those around you, always wear safety goggles. Although this cart is sturdy and durable as well as potentially heavy objects are going to be placed on it, using it for an unintended purpose, such as holding yourself up on it or using it as a step, can cause it to fail. Again, the safety of you and those around is very important.

Be Safe and Have Fun!


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