Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels

Milwaukee Slavelike Scaling Chisels

The Milwaukee Scale Modeling Chisel (or Bosch) was developed in Germany during the late 19th century. It was used mainly for making architectural models and other similar purposes.

However, it could also be used for small scale work such as building blocks or even simple woodworking tasks. The Bosch modeler would use one of these chisels to cut out a block of wood, then they’d place it into another piece of wood with a hole in the center. They’d repeat this until they had something resembling a house or some other structure.

These chisels were made from various types of hardwoods including ash, maple, walnut and cherry. Some examples include:

Bosch Modeling Chisel – $75.00

Bosch Modeling Chisel – $100.00

Bosch Modeling Chisel – $125.00

The Bosch Modeling Chisel is a large chisel designed to make very accurate 3D models of buildings, furniture and other objects. These chisels are usually found with two handles which allow them to be held at different angles so that the user can get a better grip on the object being modeled.

The tools shown above were made by the John B. Sparks company of Baltimore, which was one of the most popular manufacturers of these chisels.

The flat side of each chisel is sharpened to allow for fine detail work, while the other sides are left dull so that they can easily remove large portions of material without damaging the fragile edge.

Good Quality Scaling Chisels

These older chisels are in good condition, with only minor signs of wear and tear. The tools have been cleaned and oiled to ensure proper function and prevent further damage.

Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels -

These chisels could be used for a variety of applications, from cutting wood and stone to forming metal and other materials. This tool is very versatile and will likely outlast its owner.

These are some of the most popular chisels for modelers, as they can be used for fine detail and flattening large areas. These tools were made in Germany by one of the most respected manufacturers.

All of the tools are shown below:

Bosch Chisels (4) – $40.00

Bosch Chisel – $30.00

Sparks Chisels (4) – $45.00

Sparks Chisel – $35.00

Sparks Chisel – $30.00

Sparks Chisels (4) – $40.00

Sparks Chisels (4) – $50.00

Sparks Chisel – $40.00

Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels -

These chisels are all in good shape and have been used very little. They’re mainly tool marks on the flat parts of the blades, which could likely be remedied with some fine sandpaper and elbow grease.

When they were made, the Sparks company was one of the most popular manufacturers of these scaling chisels. The two different styles are identical in terms of quality, the only difference is their appearance. The tools are fairly inexpensive and would be a welcome addition to any tool belt.

Sparks 2 – $35.00

Sparks 3 – $40.00

Sparks 3 – $40.00

Sparks 4 – $40.00

Sparks 5 – $40.00

Sparks 6 – $40.00

Sparks 7 – $40.00

Sparks 8 – $40.00

Sparks 9 – $40.00

Sparks 10 – $40.00

These chisels are fairly old and show definite signs of heavy wear and tear, with the tips being the worst part. These tools have been used a great deal, but they’re still perfectly usable and would be a welcome addition to any tool belt.

The manufacturing company, the J.B. Jonval Company, made many different types of tools and is generally well regarded in the field of model making. The Jonval company is no longer in operation today.

Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels at

Jonval (4) – $30.00

Jonval (

5) – $35.


Jonval (

6) – $35.


Jonval (

7) – $35.


Jonval (

8) – $35.


Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels -

Jonval (

9) – $35.


These chisels are in poor condition, with their edges being flattened from overuse. While they could probably be used as is, they would benefit greatly from some heavy grinding and sharpening to be used effectively.

These tools were made by the Jonval Company, which is no longer in operation today.

Cracked Handle – $5.00

These chisels were made by one of the leading manufacturers in this field and are of the highest quality. The tips on these tools are not damaged in any way and are still very sharp.

The only reason these tools are being sold is because they do not fit the set desired by their owner.

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