Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Accessories

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Bits Set: 142-Piece Bit Set With Drill Bit Size Options And More!

The Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set (142 pieces) is one of the most popular tool sets in the industry. The set includes a variety of different sizes of drill bits with various drill bit styles. These bits are designed to perform multiple tasks including drilling holes, cutting through materials, and even chipping away at metal surfaces.

The Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set comes in a handy carrying case that holds all the bits and their accessories. The set includes two types of drills; a standard 1/2″ drill bit and a 3/8″ drill bit. Both drills have a 1/4″ drive. A Phillips screwdriver is included in the kit along with three hex keys.

There are also several other bits such as sanding pads, small screws, and more.

There are some additional features in the kit that make it stand out from others. First of all, there is a wrench included in the kit which makes it easier to tighten down any loose parts. Secondly, there is a drill guide included in the package which helps users to get started quickly when they need to do so. Finally, there is a protective sleeve that protects each bit while transporting them around.


The kit comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport

The bits are made from durable materials that are long-lasting

There are several different bits and drill sizes in the package

There is a protective sleeve to keep the bits inside the kit safe during transport

The bits come organized in their own spot to prevent any unnecessary searching for them

The set includes a few screwdrivers and an impact driver as well as sanding pads, drill bits, and more

The bits have a good weight to them and they are easy to handle

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The set comes with a lifetime warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects

The bits are easy to use and easy to control for any user


The package does not come with a chuck key and it is not compatible with every drill or bit case on the market

The bits may wear out quicker if they are used on softer materials such as wood, plastic, or drywall

The bit case does not have a convenient spot to hold the drill driver

Cannot purchase replacement bits for the set if any are lost or damaged

The bits do not come in a convenient carrying case of their own; they are only organized in the kit’s case

Tips for Using the Kit

Since there is no chuck key included in the kit, be sure to hold on to any that you currently have before using this set. If you do lose or misplace the key, it can be replaced by using a standard 1/4″ hex head bit or a 3/8″ square drive one instead.

These bits can come in handy when you have to drill into certain materials, but they aren’t the best for every job. Be sure to check the labels on the bits before using them and refer to the instructions included in the kit. Only use these on metal and other hard materials; they aren’t meant for drilling into soft materials such as drywall, wood, or plastic.

Occasionally check each of the bits included in the kit. If you notice any chips or cracks developing in the surface of the bits, do not use them. These can lead to accidents or malfunctions that can cause damage or injury to your drill and other people or objects around you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between this kit and the other one you have listed?

A. This kit has a carrying case that allows you to easily transport all of the bits, sanding pads, screws, and other pieces to the job site. The other features everything else this one does but does not come in a carrying case. You must supply your own box or bag for transporting that kit around if you need to do so.


Will this product come with a carrying case?

A. Yes, the kit will come in a black case that is designed to hold all of its contents. It has several compartments for all of the bits, sanding pads, and other pieces.


Can I buy replacement bits for this set if needed?

A. Replacement bits are not available for sale individually. If you do need to replace anything, the entire kit must be repurchased.


The Craftsman 230 Piece Drill and Drive Set provides you with a wide range of bits, sanding pads, and other tools to tackle any job. The bits are labeled and organized so that you can easily grab the ones you need for your next project. The pieces come in a convenient case that makes transporting everything easy.

The set is ideal for the home owner who wants to have the necessary tools on hand for any minor repairs that need to be made around the house. It is also a good option for a beginner who is interested in doing some work on cars, woodworking, building models, or other hobbies that require some handyman skills.

People who are professionals in this field may find that they already have many of these bits and pieces. However, there are always going to be times where you need an extra hex key or a specialty drill bit that you don’t have on hand. This Craftsman kit provides you with those pieces and more at a very reasonable price.

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