Milwaukee Rapid Charger Station 48-59-1807 Review

Milwaukee Rapid Charger Station 48-59-1807 Review

The Milwaukee Rapid Charger (MR) is a fast charging technology used in electric vehicles. MR is similar to a Supercharger except it uses electricity instead of gasoline. These chargers are located at gas stations, grocery stores, airports and other locations where there is power available. There are two types of MR:

Standard : These are the chargers found at most major gas stations and convenience stores. They use regular household electrical outlets. Standard chargers typically take between 3-5 hours to charge a full battery while a Supercharger takes up to 12 hours.

Dual Mode : These are the chargers found at many airports, grocery stores, and other locations with power availability. Dual mode chargers utilize both a Standard and a Dual Mode charger. A dual mode charger will usually have one or more Standard and/or Dual Mode ports. Most dual mode chargers will allow you to plug in either your car’s cigarette lighter adapter or a standard wall outlet into them.

When plugged into the proper port, they will charge your vehicle fully.

The majority of the time, a vehicle can only charge from one type of charger. For example your car may be able to use a standard charger but not a dual mode charger. It is important to understand which type of charger your vehicle is compatible with before attempting to use any specific charger.

How Does A Rapid Charger Work?

The charger uses a high amperage to rapidly charge the vehicle’s battery. The process is very similar to a person charging a phone or laptop, only on a much larger scale. There are three charging options for your vehicle:

Slow Charge : A slow charge will take about 3-4 hours. It uses less electricity than a standard charge and is great for extending the life of your battery. This is the recommended way to charge your vehicle if you are not in a rush.

Standard Charge : A standard charge will take between 3-12 hours depending on your vehicle. This is the recommended charge level if you need to travel in a short amount of time.

Rapid Charge : A rapid charge will only take about 30 minutes to an hour. Even though your vehicle is fully charged, we do not recommend using this setting all of the time. Doing so can shorten the life of your battery and reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This is the Recommended setting if you need to use your vehicle in an emergency situation.

The rapid charger will automatically shut off once your vehicle has reached the necessary charge level. The rapid charger is available on most gas stations, grocery stores, and other locations with power.

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The History Of The Rapid Charger

The rapid charger was first developed in 2013 by a group of scientists from the University of California, Irvine. The rapid charger has become the most popular method of charging an electric vehicle. The rapid charger was first introduced at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Since then it has been used in every major city around the world.

How To Use A Charging Station

Charging your vehicle is as easy as plugging in a phone or laptop. All you need to do is find the designated charge spot, connect the car to the charger, and turn on the switch. Please make sure to only use the designated charge spots as overuse can cause issues for other drivers.

What If I Can’t Find A Rapid Charger?

Don’t worry, we have something for you too. We have a number of long distance routes that have been marked with charge spots every 50 miles. These charge spots are standard charge spots so they will not charge your vehicle as quickly but they can be used in a pinch.

If you find yourself in an area without any charge spots, you can use the map and travel to the nearest one. If you need to, you can also turn your vehicle’s engine on instead of using the charger to power your vehicle. This is not recommended though as this can cause an increase in pollution and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Don’t Forget To Turn Off Your Charger

Once you vehicle has finished charging we ask that you please turn off the charger. A simple reminder should be written on every charger but we want to make sure our members are safe. Electric vehicles are new technology and we want everyone to stay safe while using them.

A Common Question: Can I charge my vehicle at a standard charge spot?

The answer is yes, but it will take a significantly longer time to charge your vehicle. It is recommended that if you do not own a home with a private charging station to use the rapid charge spots at gas stations, grocery stores, and other public locations.

Charging your vehicle should be a seamless process and the more people that use these spots the better.

Don’t Charge For Free At Your Home?

We completely understand that some people may not own their home and cannot charge their vehicle at their house. If this is the case please contact our customer support line (1-800-555-4445) and we can get you set up on a payment plan to get your own private charging station.

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