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Milwaukee One-Key Factory Reset

The Milwaukee One-Key Factory Reset is a security feature implemented at some factories which allows their employees to enter only with authorization from the company’s management. The system was designed so that unauthorized workers could not gain entry into the factory without being caught or having someone else do it for them.

It is believed that the first factory to implement this feature was a manufacturer called MCA. They were later bought out by IBM, but continued using the same technology.

When they started implementing it at other companies, they began selling them to consumers for $1 each. These tags are now used throughout many industries including retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

In the past, there have been reports of these tags being stolen from factories. There have even been cases where thieves had managed to steal them while the factory was closed down!

So if you ever work at a factory that uses this feature, make sure your factory door is locked when you leave!

One-Key Setup

The One-Key system is pre-installed on all new security cards you buy. In order to access your factory with the card, you need to activate it, which sets up an encryption key in the card that will allow you to enter.

The first thing you need to do is put the battery in the card, and then press the “Activate” button on the panel display.

Then you need to enter your master PIN in order to confirm the activation. If someone else tries to access the panel when they’re not supposed to, the system will automatically shut down for a few hours before allowing them in again.

This is a security feature designed to prevent factory shutdowns from “inside jobs.” After that, the card will be activated for 30 days. After those 30 days are over, you need to reactivate it again to remain in the system.

One-key Setup Steps

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know -

1. Put the battery in your card and wait for it to beep.

2. At the panel, enter your master password and press “Activate.

3. Enter your master password again to confirm and access the system.

One-Key Access Stickers

Sometimes you may need visitors or delivery people to have temporary access to a certain area of the factory. For these situations, you can use One-Key Access Stickers.

These stickers can be programmed to allow anyone access to the factory when the sticker is placed on any door. In order for the sticker to work, the person placing it needs to have a security card already activated on the system.

If you are using both stickers and cards, you can set up separate time limits for each type of entry permission. For example, you can give your delivery people access for only one hour after placing the sticker, but you can set your employees’ access to remain active until they manually deactivate it.

How to Place the Sticker

1. Open the door and remove the existing factory key from the lock.

2. Close the door and open it again to confirm that it was successful.

3. Press down on the panel to remove the sticky part of the sticker.

4. Place the sticker on the inside of the door, on the edge closest to the hinges.

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5. Press down on the top part of the sticker to make sure it’s secure.

How to Deactivate the Sticker

1. From the inside of the door, press down on the panel.

2. Enter your master password and press “Deactivate Access.

3. Press “Yes” to confirm.

Stickers can be placed on any flat, non-metallic surface, such as glass or wood. If you need to place it on metal or brick, use the Industrial Strength Adhesive Tape.

In some cases, you may want to give people access through the back door of your factory. If this is the case you can use a Passcard to give them access to the back door lock.

The passcard operates just like a security card, except you can set up an infinite number of them and they only last for one use. For best security you should keep the passcards in your possession until they are used.

You can set up permissions for the back door the same way you would with standard cards or stickers. If the passcard is lost, stolen, or damaged you can remove access permissions for that card using a console.

If you need to get into a door with a lost or stolen passcard, you can also enter a universal override code to open it. This code will be revealed to you when you attempt to open the door.

How to Place a Passcard

1. Place the passcard against the door where the card reader is located.

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2. The door will open.

3. If the door is opened successfully, the passcard will be used up and you will need to get a new one.

You can use the Sticker Tabs to label different types of stickers. This is mostly used for organization, but it can also help others know what type of stickers are on the door.

For example, you can label one tab “Office,” and then place office security stickers all over the door.

When you place a new tab it will automatically be given a default name such as “Tab 1.” You can rename the tabs at any time.

It’s important to keep the names clear and descriptive to make sure others know what you’re labeling.

How to Rename a Tab

1. Place your cursor over the tab you want to rename.

2. Select “Rename Tab” from the menu that appears.

3. Type in the new name you want and press enter.

Passcards are used for a few different things in factories, most commonly giving third parties limited access. The passcard works the same way as a security card, except they only work once and then they are permanently deleted.

This makes them very secure since there is no way to cancel or override the access, and since only you have the ability to make them they can’t be copied.

How to Make a Passcard

1. Press “Add Access Card” on the console.

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2. Place your own Security Card into the slot.

It will be erased after it has been used. Only the owner’s card can authorize more of itself!

3. Press “Make.

4. The passcard is created and your regular card is erased.

5. Press “Add Access Permissions” to set who can use the passcard and where they can go.

You can also make new cards to give to others! These cards will allow them into the factory, but you still need to set perms for everything inside.

The passcards they use up will NOT be able to be reused, so keep these secure!

How to Give a Passcard

1. Press “Passcards” on the console.

2. Select who you want to give a passcard to from the menu.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know -

3. You can also choose to make a new passcard for yourself at the top.

4. Select who to give a new passcard to by placing your cursor over their name and pressing “Give Passcard.

” The passcard will be placed into your Security Card’s slot.

5. You can also select “Make New Passcard” to make one for yourself.

It will be placed into your Security Card’s slot.

The passcards you give out can be used up to open doors that you have set permissions for. They can also be used for more than one door, however each time it is used the card is permanently erased.

This means the person who used it can no longer enter, even if they have a regular factory security card. If you want to give out multiple cards to a person, you will have to make new cards for them.

You can’t get passcards back that have been used. Make sure you really want to give one out before doing so!

Once a passcard has been used by the last person it was given to it will be permanently deleted from the system, along with all others of that type. This means that if you have made multiple passcards for a person and they have used them all, then if they get into trouble and you take their passcard away it can’t be used on its own to let them back in.

How to Set Permissions

1. Press “People” on the console.

2. Place your cursor on the name of the person you want to give access and press “Choose Person.

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3. Place your cursor on the name of the door you want to add permissions for and press “Choose Door.

4. You can now select who is allowed to pass and who isn’t by placing your cursor on the names and pressing “Allow” or “Deny.

5. Once you are finished setting permissions press “Done.

You can allow and deny anyone in the factory access. People with higher levels can override people with lower levels.

This means that even if someone higher up has denied someone lower access, if the higher up person allows them access it will still be allowed.

You can also allow and deny people access to areas outside the factory, although this is limited since there is no map outside of the factory. This means that someone with higher access can allow or deny people from other places access to the factory or even just certain rooms.

These permissions will be displayed on your console when you click on a person or door. If someone isn’t allowed through a door and they have been granted factory access you can override the denial by pressing the yellow button next to the name.

A message will pop up saying who has allowed this person access and at what time.

You can also allow or deny factory workers access to the tram at any of the boarding stations by interacting with the computer there.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know -

There are also three monitors on the console that will show you a picture of any place in the factory. These can be moved with the arrow keys and zoomed in and out with the plus and minus buttons.

There is a map on your PDA that corresponds with these monitors and shows your current location.

Your current location will be marked with a flashing “V,” and people you have given access will be marked with an O.

In the top right corner is your battery life, it starts at 100 and will decrease as you use the cameras or monitors. When it gets low the power will flicker briefly, and when it goes to 0 the power will go out completely and you will no longer be able to view any of the cameras or monitors until the power is restored.

The power is located in a room in the basement of the factory, just down the hall from your office.

Go into the room behind the office to turn on the power. (This will be on the left once you enter the room)

There are large wooden barricades leading up to the door that need to be removed before you can open it. (These may have already been moved for you)

There is a keypad and camera by the door.

You can view the keypad by pressing “View Keypad” on your console or looking at your PDA.

The current code is 0451.

There is a panel next to the door that shows the status of the door, how many people are inside, their heartbeats if they are alive, etc. There are also two buttons on it.

One is red and will permanently seal the door, this cannot be undone and you will not be able to enter the power room ever again. The other button is green and will open the door.

An awful screeching sound comes from the other side of the barricade, when you turn your attention towards it you see that two of the wooden planks are being pulled slowly apart from each other. A single pale tentacle as white as the snow outsides slips through the crack and waves about, feeling the air.

Then, more tentacles appear, followed by an elongated, slender head. The creature is mostly white with a few odd black spots here and there. It has a huge fanged mouth that takes up nearly it’s entire head. The creature moans slowly, seemingly content on just feeling the air in the room with it’s tentacles. It pays no attention to you at all.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know |

This is a Blob, an amorphous creature that is barely sentient and relies on smell and sound to find its pray. If you can make enough noise to attract it elsewhere, you might be able to slip by it.

Then again, if you’re really unlucky, it might find you intriguing and catch your scent, in which case there’s no way you’ll get out of this room alive.

The door to the power room has a window in it. If you’re quick and careful enough, you can probably just slip inside before the Blob gets a good scent of your smell and comes after you.

There is also a large crate in the center of the room. It’s hard to move quietly with it, but if you drag it against the door, you could easily block any intruders- including the Blob- from getting in.

Finally, you could just attack the Blob. It may smell you and come after you regardless of what you do, but it’s worth a shot if you’re feeling courageous.

Blobs are barely sentient, but in their own way quite dangerous. They rely almost entirely on smell and sound, so you should be safe as long as you stay quiet.

The monitors, on the other hand, give off a fair amount of heat. If you turn them off and stay away from the door and windows, you could probably stay safe. The computer is another matter. Not only does it give off heat, but the Blob will also be able to track its scent to you if you’re the one who has been using it.


If the Blob catches your scent, or you turn on a monitor or use the computer, you will be attacked by the Blob.

If the Blob catches you, it will kill and devour you.

You have five minutes before the barricade is finished and they come inside to investigate.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know |

25% chance of death.

The Blob slowly makes its way into the room, it’s elongated mouth opening and closing as it feels the air for your scent.

You open the door to the power room ever so slightly and squeeze through it, keeping yourself low to the ground. You slowly stand up and take cover behind one of the large computer towers.

The Blob is still slowly moving about, feeling the air with is tentacles. You slowly make your way over to the slider, which leads outside. You have to time this perfectly.

You slide the door open just a crack, just enough for you to slip through. You quickly, but quietly rush towards the opening, when suddenly you hear the window shatter behind you, and feel the hot breath of the Blob on your neck.

You dive through the opening and feel a long tentacle snag on your foot as you go. You quickly pull your foot back, feeling a slight pain, but nothing serious. You turn around to see the Blob in the opening of the door, slowly shambling forward. It suddenly stops and coils itself back inside, and you hear the shattering of glass.

You’ve probably only got a few minutes before the creature finds you again, so you turn away from the facility and begin to make your way towards the road. As you’re walking you take a look at your foot, which is covered in a thick layer of goo.

Great, that’s going to be really easy to identify.

You continue on for a bit, before coming across another building. It’s smaller than the one you just left, but still quite large.

It’s metal roof is partially caved in, and the only entrance is through a single door with no windows on it. The building itself is surrounded by short chain link fence, also partially down.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know from our website

You decide to get closer before investigating. You find that the fence is much worse off nearer to the building, with many sections being spread across the ground.

Once you get past this barrier you realize that the ground is fairly level with the roof of the building, and that you have a clear view in through most of the windows. You can see boxes and other storage materials inside, and a few of the larger ones might be able to provide you shelter for the night. Suddenly you spot motion in one of the windows. It’s a Blob, and it’s crawling among the boxes. It hasn’t seen you yet, but you need to get into that building now.

There is an opening in the fence, right next to where you are. You could slip in there, grab the Blob, and then get into the building through the door.

You could also climb up onto the roof of the building, sneak along the roof to the corner of the fence, and then jump down inside. Or you could simply just force open the door and run inside, grabbing the Blob on the way past and gambling on being able to outrun any more that are inside.

]Another Blob Encounter (It’s worth it to add some more variety)

You spot another of the creatures approaching from the direction of the road, this one is alone. You have no idea if the gas killed the others or they’re simply out of sight, but for now you only have one to deal with.

It looks much the same as the others, a shambling form slowly moving in your direction. This one is much closer however, only about 30 yards away.

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