Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

Milwaukee SDS Plus Bit Set:

The Milwaukee SDS Plus (Single Digit Detector) Drill Bit Set consists of two different sizes of drill bits, which are designed to detect the presence or absence of a wire inside a circuit. These drills have been developed with the purpose of helping you identify wires inside your circuits without having to open up your case and physically remove them from their place in the circuit board.

Milwaukee SDS Plus Drill Bits:

These drill bits are made of high quality steel and feature a hardened stainless steel tip. They come in three sizes, 1/2″, 3/8″ and 9/16″. The size of the drill bit determines how many turns it will make when drilling into a wire. For example, if you want to check for one wire in a circuit, use the 3/8″ diameter drill bit.

If you want to check for multiple wires in a circuit, use the larger drill bits. The drill bits are available in black or silver finish.

Best Used With

These drill bits work best with the Milwaukee SDS Plus Rotary Hammer.

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